I am considering printing one color t shirts (also sweat shirts, totes, and lingerie) using acrylic ink, and am wondering about curing techniques.

In the community shop I work out of, people use guerilla techniques, tossing the shirts into a dryer, or using an iron.

While Iím definitely not going to be standing over an ironing board, I have given some consideration to the dryer option. People who use it swear it works. People say that theyíve washed their shirts several times without fading. Their opinion is that if the ink were to wash out, that it would do so noticeably within the first few washes

This sounds both interesting and economical, but I wouldnít want to sell anyone a t shirt that was prone to fading after repeated washing.

I have considered getting a heat press, but most of the things Iíve read suggest that this is more for transfers or flash dried plastisol, or vinyl.

What are peoplesí experiences with heat presses and air dried acrylic ink?

If it is viable, what are the best durations and temperatures to use? And if I tried to print on lingerie, would the heat affect the elasticity?

Also, Iíve read that washing shirts before you print with acrylic ink can create a better bond, since the first washing removes sizing from the shirts, which might somewhat inhibit bonds. Thoughts on that?