frustrated. haven't posted here before, but have lurked often, mining the boards for info.
i'm an experienced garment printer (10+ years) with an itch to print posters. I've been working on it for around a year, and had mixed results.
just finished a four color job, thought I had nailed it, three colors went down great (using speedball inks), then overprinted with tw black for the last color, and had nothing but problems.
-not sure why I lost registration, but I guess I just need to revisit what I did and how I did it. just started using AWT registration tabs, and placed them where they suggested, but am thinking that two along the top, and one about two thirds down on the side makes sense, as opposed to right at the top corner where they suggest. bottoms seemed to be slightly out, so that might be part of it. thoughts?

-biggest question... TW Ink is maddeningly thin. I assume this is correct and every one else's experience? when printing, do you flood the screen after printing? I did so to keep from drying, but had major bleeding/smearing problems.... printing on a 230 which should have been sufficient and it was driping through the screen

any help/suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!