Ello All,
I've just finished renovating a couple of letterpress'. They dont have plugs on them and are hand or foot operated. Although one has an option of attaching a steam engine.

One of the press' I've brought back to life was originally from Manchester Magistrates Court. I like to imagine it was used to churn out hundreds of 'wanted' posters of Salford Scuttlers (Victorian Hooligans). The reality is probably notices to proceed to demolish a bit of our architectural past nailed to signposts. Either way the function is the same. It was a way of getting a message out there. The bed size is 3ft x 2ft. So its capable of some large prints. The other is a treadle operated platen / clam press. 14"x9" platen area.

Anyway, I'm producing my own prints but am also interested in collaborating with other artists, so drop me a pm if you're interested.

I'm in Manchester, UK.