How awful are Blick inks?
Are we talking "Do Not Use," "OK For A Noob Like You", or "Solid Stuff?"

I'm finding not much in the way of reviews online, and what I do find seems to be inconsistent.

I'm a newbie here and to screen printing in general, using a makeshift set up in my garage.

I've been getting the process down for that past few months and now want to try a print that will actually be used and handed out... I don't need amazing inks for this, since I'm still on a tight budget and won't be paid for these prints, but I also don't want to waste my time and the money I do spend making 50 prints that will turn out like crap because I used bad inks. I've got my three containers of Blicks ink in-hand, ready to go... now just to decide if I'm using them or returning them.