Each year, HIGH TIMES commissions a different artist to create the official art for our flagship event, the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. This art, which typically reflects that year's Cup theme, then becomes the centerpiece of the entire event – gracing every poster, tee shirt, judge's pass and guidebook.

For our milestone 25th Anniversary this November, that theme will be the Founders Cup: we’ll be honoring the founders of the Dutch cannabis movement, as well as the founder of the Cup itself – HIGH TIMES creative director Steven Hager, who we’ll be inducting into the very Counterculture Hall of Fame that he himself created over a decade ago. But this time, instead of finding an artist, we had a better idea: why not let the artist find us?

If you’re a graphic or fine artist and would like the chance to have your creation become the official art of the 25th Annual Cannabis Cup, just go to HIGHTIMES.COM > 25th HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Art Contest – Submission Guidelines and follow the directions. Finalists' artwork will be featured in next year’s Cannabis Cup collector’s issue, and one lucky winner will win a free trip for them and a guest to Amsterdam this November to be a celebrity judge at the 25th Cannabis Cup.

All entries must be received no later than 4:20 pm on July 20, 2012. Winner will be revealed in our Cannabis Cup Preview (Nov 2012 Issue). Good luck everyone!