Hello everyone,
I'm a big of fan of Big Bang Theory and I noticed that in Howard Wolowitz bedroom there are lots of posters of beautiful womans that are related to sci-fi and I find it awesome, my favourites are the poster that shows a woman with short hair in a red suit with a gun and the sun behind her, a devil woman with long black hair and red background and a astronaut woman fixing a robot so I was wondering if someone could tell me where I can find this posters.
These are the images:
Devil woman with long hair:
Woman with short hair, red suit and a gun:
Astronaut woman fixing a robot:
Resultados da Pesquisa de imagens do Google para http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-nD23ytROTec/Tnx-ifrgyUI/AAAAAAAAA-4/0E0MtovSuCk/s1600/The_Big_Bang_Theory_Season_5_Episode_3_The_Pulled_ Groin_Extrapolation_12-3698_595.jpg
I would be very thankful if you could help me.
Thanks in advance,