I'm trying to get a couple of designs for a small fashion item for girls purses. Realistically, I'm looking for a couple of cute designs - each should be simple for an artist to make.

I have a set of colors I would like used.
The visible space of the design will be about 1.1 tall x 1.0 wide, with a total space of about 1.3 tall x 1.2 wide.

I'm thinking that a couple simple patterns would be good, with one design pretty artsy where you can have full creativity.

I see something like this image and feel like it would be a great fit - PopTech : Blog : This week in PopTech: Bubbles to pop and events to attend
I would need to fully own the designs once they are delivered and have a small budget. Please respond to me by emailing me at trfilmographer@gmail.com for a quick turn-around. Please include some of your sample work, and what you would like to charge. Ideally I would like to do this cheaply, which is why I'm asking for simple designs.