I've got to hand it to Daniel Danger- he put together a great brief for this Devil Town show he has curated for Gallery 1988 in LA. It inspired me to hunker down do something I've wanted to do for a couple of years now, i.e., this print.

The process was long and I didn't always have the presence of mind to grab the camera, so there are some major gaps. Bear with me.

The first color is a very heavy coverage of very light blue. Basically it covers the whole print area except for some areas in the center which will be printed over later, and some highlights and wispy clouds in the lower left corner of the sky.

This color, and the next three, are mainly transparent base adding incremental amounts of RS and GS blue. The first one is more than 99% clear base.

Second color printing:

The ink looks dark on the screen, but it still prints light because it's mostly clear base.

Cleaning up 2nd color. Squeegee is removed but the floodbar is still on there.

First two colors down. Fifteen to go.