At the community print shop I work at, we have used Ulano QLT for the two years I have been there. The new manager just ordered a different brand of emulsion Lawson SBQ 501.

She says that she understands that it is essentially the same product with a different label. In my one experience usuing it, it seemed to have a much different exposure rate. ( There were two different factors in my one experience with this emulsion. One was the emulsion itself; the other was the distance that I was placing the work light from the screen.)

I’d like to get others’ perspective’s on these two emulsions, and if there is what advantages one might have over the other.

By the way, the formula for changing the exposure time as you change the distance is the square of the distance, right? As in 1.4 times the distance, twice the time, 2 times the distance 4x the time

Thanks for your help.

Jim Benson