I'm at the stage where I would like to consider myself an aspiring poster artist, and wanted to show you guys what I have (since I visit this site every other day... )

With spare time being in short supply, and not knowing as many people in bands as I used to, a lot of this is simply for my own enjoyment. Nonetheless I'd like to build a portfolio over time.

This is the first poster I completed, sans gig info (nobody wants it). Ink on white paper.

And this is the sketch of the one I am working on at the moment:

Reversible, natch

With the sketch planned I have begun to resize it (the long way round). Again in ink, with some colour ink to follow in the remaining linework.

Once again, in need of a gig for the poster venues etc aren't forthcoming. That's where I'm hoping a portfolio will come in in time, and by that stage I intend to invest more time in learning to use photoshop and illustrator in order to tidy up and finish these the way I want them. I feel very comfortable with the mediums I am using.

Whilst I know there's not a huge amount here, I'd very much appreciate any input from a design point of view even at this stage.

Thank you!