So I've been using 23x31 screens for a while and I'm sick of not being able to make larger prints with them. I've been digging around for larger screens and Victory Factory seems like the best deal since they have 30x40's for around $70. But that doesn't include shipping... any idea how much they would charge me to ship two of those to Oklahoma? I'd call but I have a feeling I'd just get griped at. has some 38x40 screens for $93, but their shipping is free, which seems like a better deal, plus the added width of the screen would give me some more flexibility with the size of prints I can make. I guess this might seem like an obvious choice but any input would be nice since I'm a little hesitant to pull the trigger on two huge screens since I don't know how cumbersome they will be to handle, clean, etc. I'm also wondering how difficult it is to manually print on a screen this large (I'm adding a 22" 80 duro squeegee... should I go bigger or smaller?), any thoughts?