I was looking at my work schedule for the week and for the first time in months it's pretty bare. Usually when this happens I'm like 'Cool, beer and naps!' but I'm actually feeling proactive for once.

So here's what I'm offering. I typically bill upwards of $80 an hour for the more high end shit, but this week and this week only, since I have the time, I'm willing to cut that in half. So whatever you've got, I'll take it. Is there an art print or something you want to do but haven't been sure how to pull it off? I bet you I can. Do you have some bullshit print job from a client that you just don't want to deal with? Send it to me. I'll separate the fuck out of that shit.

I got references. They're all over this site. Email me at richiegoodtimes@gmail.com and let's rock some shit.