I've scoured the forum for paper suggestions, and the only conclusive suggestion I got was Cougar Cover 100#...

So I went out and bought some of it, and have tried a variety of inks on the stuff:

- Versatex (crap from art supply store), curled everything it touched.
- Jacquard (same company as Versatex), didn't curl as much, but it did still. Unfortunately, it crawled up the squeegee and made my split fountain experiments useless
- Nazdar 5500 series, best on Cougar Cover, but expensive and the solvents broke down the Ulano QTX emulsion really quickly
- PermaPrint, curled the Cougar Cover, but didn't curl the Canson Editions...

I really want to find a straightforward combination of ink and paper that I can source locally (San Diego) and just FREAKIN' PRINT. I'm tired of these games, can ya help a brother out?

What combination of ink/paper are you using without it curling and making registration impossible (or is the real answer "Get a vacuum table")?

Cheers, -k