haha! now I'm stealing your sub-thread ideas!

things to do if you're in Baltimore this weekend...

1. avoid the inner harbor tourist trap like the plague.

2. walk 2 blocks from city hall to The Block. This strip of strip clubs and sex shops and bad food joints is the oldest business district in Baltimore.

3. Go to the American Dime Museum. Dime Museums gave birth to travelling freakshows and regular museums...visit the only place in the world devoted to researching and preserving these lost treasures (toilet monsters, real unicorns, mummies, etc.) http://www.dimemuseum.com (they close at 5 on saturday so get to town early to see this before the opening)

4. Buy zines, comix, smut, etc. at Atomic Books in the lovely Hampden neighborhood... or maybe one of those hot shirts Scott Sugiuchi designed for 'em. http://www.atomicbooks.com

5. see really old art at the Walters Art Museum (anything pre 1890 or so)

6. see more modern stuff at the Baltimore Museum of Art (warhols and all that mess)

7. Ask John Waters at the show at Ottobar that night (he came to the last locust show since they were on Cecil B. Demented soundtrack) if he can hook you up with Rikki Lake's home phone number.

gooch? got anymore for the people?

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