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Shawn Wolfe  
Tour Poster
Shawn Wolfe  
2002-09-17 00:02:41
Vines, The

Vines Poster - Tour Poster - Shawn Wolfe

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PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   Love this, they were nutz not to use it.   2006-08-02 06:27:32
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   I thought it was a line drawing of whiskeybeard   2004-07-21 19:11:10
TenebriniSend Tenebrini a message :   DejaVu :o   2004-07-21 19:00:11
Beto RamirezSend Beto Ramirez a message :   Chewbacca!!! :mrgreen:   2004-07-21 18:29:43
ToothSend Tooth a message :   :bang: :heart: :dizzy:   2004-03-05 13:29:36
SashSend Sash a message :   i like how this is just a weird moment frozen in time, and how the slick rendering underlines the weirdness.   2002-12-30 20:37:50
SteveHoganSend SteveHogan a message :   Great poster. I think Bigfoot is jumping the turnstiles because he is being chased by the Six Million Dollar Man.   2002-09-27 06:18:47
peter cardosoSend peter cardoso a message :   Great poster shawn, I love your book as well. I always browse it for insperation when I'm designing. It's nice to see another one of the best here.   2002-09-24 11:15:08
Darren GrealishSend Darren Grealish a message :   Very, very, very, very, very cool!   2002-09-23 20:28:58
JephSend Jeph a message :   Not in my town.   2002-09-23 14:40:18
FingersSend Fingers a message :   Wookies ride the subway for Free!!!   2002-09-23 14:21:46
JephSend Jeph a message :   It's scofflaw Bigfeet like this that have jacked the amount of the turnstyles from 10 cents to fifty cents.....bastid   2002-09-23 13:58:08
Tara McPhersonSend Tara McPherson a message :   i must be having delusions of grandeur...   2002-09-23 13:55:23
kozikSend kozik a message :   Chewbacca has a face like a Pekinese dog. this ones like humanoid. HHHHRRROOOONNNNKKKKK!   2002-09-23 13:35:40
standardSend standard a message :   [geek]UMMM IT'S CALLED A 'BANDOLIER'[/geek]   2002-09-23 13:31:23
robschwagerSend robschwager a message :   no ammo belt and lazer crossbow.....   2002-09-23 13:26:47
Tara McPhersonSend Tara McPherson a message :   i thought he was chewbacca!?!?!   2002-09-23 13:25:46
robschwagerSend robschwager a message :   camo fanny packs to help em blend into the forest better....   2002-09-23 13:07:14
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   Sasquatch wearing a fanny-pak. I luvit.   2002-09-23 13:07:11
standardSend standard a message :   I was always under the impression that Sasquatch wore "fanny-packs" for change, housekeys, breath mints, etc. At least that's what I learned in science class.   2002-09-23 13:04:31
kozikSend kozik a message :   or a big old honkin fibrous Sasquatch dump...22 lbs worth.   2002-09-23 13:01:14
robschwagerSend robschwager a message :   coulda left em a hairball in trade...   2002-09-23 13:00:26
kozikSend kozik a message :   fucker didnt pay the fare. no pockets for change.   2002-09-23 12:56:25
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   I hadn't thought about the fact that he's exiting the train. Hmm. Maybe he's just showing off. Or he's confused by the turnstile technology and just finds it easier to climb over. Heh.   2002-09-23 12:55:30
jasoncrossSend jasoncross a message :   yeah this is great! all of shawns work is right up my ally   2002-09-21 18:10:19
standardSend standard a message :   Everyone knows Sasquatch fear mass transportation.   2002-09-21 18:09:27
rotodesignSend rotodesign a message :   Is that a train behind him? If he's already been on the train, why is he jumping the turnstile to leave? Truly this Sasquatch is a mysterious beast. Beautiful poster, by the way.   2002-09-21 18:03:06
DeckerSend Decker a message :   This is beautiful! Anything with the Squatch is gold in my book. Speaking of gold, I love the color and the movement of space vs. object. Great concept! You should drop a flaming bag of shit on the doorstep of the braintrust that canned this. -- Captains, You're absolutely right. Some folks around her should definately thicken their skin. It's the art world for fucks sake and in you can't take a well constructed hit then get the fuck out ya fuckin unproffessional babies. This ain't your Momma's fridge! Crit is crit no matter who it my come from as long as it is honest and not just envy fueled bitch fits. Chantry has made a fine career and a stand up name in this business. Yes, his comments may carry more name weight, but if a crit is honest I'll take it from anyone.   2002-09-21 16:52:37
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   BTW -- my concept for this came from the band names, obviously -- but also, The Vines have some song titles that suggested it also: "Highly Evolved", "Outtathaway!", "Get Free", "In The Jungle" and OK GO too: "Get Over It"   2002-09-19 14:38:03
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   Thanks for the kind words. For the record, I think I was brought in as like the 2nd or 3rd or 4th person to take a shot at this poster. I think there was just too much riding on the tour, the band being pumped up and touted at the next big thing (ok Go, too - i like 'em both) that you had the management of BOTH "about to break big time" bands sitting there with the president(s) of Capitol unable to reach a consensus. I was the last artist to give it a try, then time came to hit the road and as far as I know they just decided to go with out an "art poster" and just went out with their sheefs marketing materials. -- Maybe since then there has been a successful design by some other artist that got approved and has been put into production. I sorta doubt it. Who knows. I got paid anyhow. :)   2002-09-19 14:35:40
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   "Get Free" is a great single with a great video. Heard a bit of the rest of the album, and I can't say that I'd like to pick it up.
Hoppin' the turnstiles is timeless. "Good on ya", Shawn!
  2002-09-18 17:04:59
HamptonSend Hampton a message :   Cool poster Shawn. I dig the sparseness. Too bad they killed it, man.   2002-09-18 11:39:41
standardSend standard a message :   i wish you would all go look at my stuff and say negative stuff about all of it. i will then follow up with my own equally negative comments, in full agreement with yours. don't think of it as critique, think of it as a teardown and rebuild.   2002-09-18 10:19:43
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   i agree with that.   2002-09-18 10:15:51
Nolen StralsSend Nolen Strals a message :   yeah i feel the same as teh duster... i love when people really talk about a piece on here, but it's hard to without gettig torn up by people who are afraid of opinions. also I agree that negative comments help a lot more than positive.   2002-09-18 10:10:55
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   bwwhahahahaha   2002-09-18 09:23:43
philaarts.comSend a message :   i think your phantom planet poster sucks dusty. looks terrible in person :P   2002-09-18 09:20:18
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   art - its good, hell i wish you and everyone else would be more criticle of the work on here but everytime someones tries to bring out the critisism they get berrated by a million and one other artists. people need to have thicker skin... its just someones opinion, its not the word of god. hell, i dont think any of our posters have gotten one "negative" comment, i want negative comments, positive comments although flatering arent helping us push our work any further.
or maybe im wrong.
  2002-09-18 09:16:13
philaarts.comSend a message :   i think art people look at your comments and others a little closer, with a more visible name, people take notice.
you just say what you think, and others sometimes will hold back worrying that it might offend or cause waves..
im an idiot i just say shit.. but there are some that wanna be politically correct etc..
plus art, if you were like 20, you wouldnt be as vocal prehaps... cause you wouldnt want to shoot yerself in the foot.
your old and crabby... and successful. on the phone you are a great dude.
i think that since you speak your mind uncensored, it rubs some people the wrong way..
to me, any typed word on a chatboard can be interperted the wrong way...
i alway see fights here, and really i dont think anyone wins or loses, its a pissing match..
the real thing that matters is in the real world.. do good work, get projects done on time, etc.. thats going to be anyones legacy. what they produce and the jobs they get or the jobs they blow etc...
this is virtual bedlam! and its fun too..
  2002-09-18 09:09:03
standardSend standard a message :   opinions are too controversial. try witty limericks.   2002-09-18 08:54:33
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   good and bad, no?   2002-09-18 08:44:08
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   art - i think its because you say what you think instead of keeping your mouth shut like most people do on this site.   2002-09-18 08:40:55
Stainboy ReinelSend Stainboy Reinel a message :   Standard, same goes for the American music press, but at least they give a good hummer.
This is still a real nice work!
  2002-09-18 08:38:19
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   all kidding aside - why do people take what i say so seriously? i'm just a schmuck doing posters and shit like you or anybody. you should see me, or see my life. there's no wisdom or glamour at all. why do people care what i say so much?   2002-09-18 08:36:47
standardSend standard a message :   well i hope you're satisfied. i've been weeping for the last 10 minutes and i just threw Some People Can't Surf into the kitty litter box.   2002-09-18 08:34:10
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   just having some fun fine tuning yer commentary. so offense, fella. you siad sasquatch in yer post.   2002-09-18 08:30:56
standardSend standard a message :   I knew THAT, Art. It's hard to be born in '73 and make a Star Wars reference without people lookin' at you funny.
I'm saying the legal dept at capitol would get confused...
Silly skittish legal dept! them SCAMPS!
  2002-09-18 08:23:56
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   shawn's the best.   2002-09-18 08:21:32
uncle charlieSend uncle charlie a message :   yep, thats a bigfoot.. I'm liken this dudes style..   2002-09-18 08:21:01
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   that ain't no 'wookie'. that's a squatch iffen i've ever seen one. go dig out your paranormal encyclopedia.   2002-09-18 08:13:07
standardSend standard a message :   I'd hate to ask what you think of American music press...
why was this killed? legal worried about "wookie" references getting Lucasfilm Omnicorp on their asses, or they just don't like orange?
i think this is great. Saaaaaaaaasquach. we know you are Reeeeeeaaaaaaaalllll.
  2002-09-18 08:09:45
Stainboy ReinelSend Stainboy Reinel a message :   The British music press suck Satan's cock.
Nice work here, though.
  2002-09-18 08:00:29
Nolen StralsSend Nolen Strals a message :   i haven't even heard this band yet but apparently they're the return of rock (even more so than the stripes and strokes?)...oh and according to the british press they're better than Nirvana?
I read an interview with that kid, and without even hearing the music I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna dig these kids. plus dusty calls it "ska" hahahaaa
nice slick illo. to go with nice polished music
  2002-09-18 07:57:20
kolfacekillaSend kolfacekilla a message :   it does sound somewhat ska-ish. i'm constantly borrowing these new bands that are supposedly saving/revitalizing 'rock and roll', like the strokes, the hives, the vines, and its always a letdown. n'sync for the alt crowd i guess.   2002-09-18 07:55:59
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   yeah that hit sounds alot like nirvana, the rest sounds like ska   2002-09-18 07:52:22
kolfacekillaSend kolfacekilla a message :   am i the only one that thinks several vines songs sound very nirvana-esque? or is this like a common thought and i'm just out of the loop (per usual)?   2002-09-18 07:49:44
Thomas ScottSend Thomas Scott a message :   Awhile back I posted my wish list of 3 designers I wanted to see on Jay Ryan was one, Shawn Wolfe was next. I don't know if we'll ever get Bruce Licher here.
Great poster, Shawn. Nice to see a fresh, post-"Uncanny" piece. Crazy colors.
  2002-09-17 18:21:35
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   Capitol commissioned this poster, approved it, then killed at the 13th hour. Stabbed it with their steely knives, sadly.   2002-09-17 17:22:42
GIGARTSend GIGART a message :   This kicks the colors, the image...was this the official tour poster?   2002-09-17 16:37:52
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