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Garrett Karol  
GarrettKSend GarrettK a message
2007-08-22 22:25:29
Ben Kweller
Ingrid Michaelson

Ben Kweller Poster - Mojos, Columbia - Garrett Karol

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kozikSend kozik a message :   muthafuckin NERDS   2007-08-24 15:52:45
Hero Design StudioSend Hero Design Studio a message :   weeeeee   2007-08-24 15:49:59
twoducksdiscoSend twoducksdisco a message :   Brilliant.   2007-08-24 11:14:02
bencSend benc a message :   this is fucking great, and the halftone is sexy. posters are really fun sometimes...when they start e-riots.   2007-08-24 10:18:44
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   john a wins. and for the record, i like regular ol' halftones. also, i like moire. what's the bfd?   2007-08-24 07:09:15
John ASend John A a message :   dude should be on the packaging of some frozen ice cream treat on a stick.   2007-08-24 07:06:34
frostbiteSend frostbite a message :   but i like the poster   2007-08-24 07:01:58
frostbiteSend frostbite a message :   this thread is a riot   2007-08-24 07:01:33
Iron Canvas StudiosSend Iron Canvas Studios a message :   I just draw each dot by hand, p.s.- I like everything on this including the halftone   2007-08-24 06:54:06
connor13Send connor13 a message :   OMG my halftones arent janky enough! quick distress them! wait that distress looks too uniform! AAAAAGGGHH THE HUGE MANATEE!!!   2007-08-24 06:30:18
uglybogusSend uglybogus a message :   Vondada, if your halftones are coming out too pixelated out of the bitmap your not working at a high enough resolution or your setting your dots too small.
Honestly, Ive used the bitmap halftone many times, but the I run it through livetrace in illustartor, it takes out the "perfections" adds some uneaveness, same as a crappy old photcopier would.
With this poster, its obvious hes just gone throguh the first part of the equation, the halftone LOOKS photoshopped. For some people, thats fine, for others, it looks lazy and un-legit. Just my opinion, viva la halftone nazis.
  2007-08-24 01:08:58
braksandwichSend braksandwich a message :   despite all the bla bla bla bla from everybody, if I saw this hanging up in a club, I'd notice it   2007-08-24 01:07:20
VonDadaSend VonDada a message :   I grayscale and then just apply the color halftone, ends up with black dots. I've tried it grayscale>bitmap but the dots never come out circular, they're always pixelated or fuxxored. I like the letter and illo on this, but I was expecting it to say Zach Hobbs.   2007-08-24 00:29:03
Mark McCormickSend Mark McCormick a message :   damn, i meant... HALFTONE FILTER! yeah that's the one you want!   2007-08-23 22:58:58
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   gawsh. giving away the farm again!!! LOL.   2007-08-23 22:56:54
Mark McCormickSend Mark McCormick a message :   convert image mode to grayscale, adjust contrast as necessary, convert image mode to bitmap, set your resolution, and choose halftone screen as the method, then set frequency and angle as desired. done. it's a trial-n-error process to get what you want.   2007-08-23 22:55:05
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   Yes, very wrong. Thats what had me confused.. Halftone Filter Bad. Bitmap Good.   2007-08-23 22:54:56
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   that's the wrong way but yeah, it will give dot too.   2007-08-23 22:40:07
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   Oh, faux halftone = halftone filter... right?
Dots are fun.
  2007-08-23 22:35:53
El RatonSend El Raton a message :   This is why this site rules... where else are you gonna find people bickering about halftone angles? Great poster for sure.   2007-08-23 22:35:41
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   if what you want is dots, then yes photoshop can give you the same dots printers have been using to put ink to paper for a loooong time. There are forums about how to do it right. You can tell a bad from a good usually.   2007-08-23 22:31:48
evanmarnochSend evanmarnoch a message :   faux halftone? photocopier halftone? i'm lost... anyway, i like this.   2007-08-23 22:29:49
uglybogusSend uglybogus a message :   I just prefer my halftones to come from a photocopier thats all. I'll have to try that angle trick, maybe photochop can produce a good faux-halftone...I havent seen one yet.   2007-08-23 22:22:25
artcoticSend artcotic a message :   nice work...I dig the bleed.   2007-08-23 21:35:43
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   I learn something new today.   2007-08-23 21:19:22
Mark McCormickSend Mark McCormick a message :   richie, i could never argue with you nor am i trying. yes, 22,52,82 are the angles used to prevent moire, but i just stick with em cuz they look good. honestly, anything other than 90, 180, or 45 just looks better to me. a little less obvious, that's all.   2007-08-23 21:13:25
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Shit. I thought I was being facetious.   2007-08-23 21:05:43
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   yer being nice tonight.   2007-08-23 21:05:06
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Oh yeah. I don' know what I'm tlking about...carry on.   2007-08-23 21:02:24
Mark McCormickSend Mark McCormick a message :   45? sure... if you want your dots to sit on an obvious grid. that's cool.   2007-08-23 21:01:57
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   I use 45 for big dots. 45 is easier on the eyes. 22 52 and 82 are to eliminate moire in screen tards.   2007-08-23 21:00:07
Mark McCormickSend Mark McCormick a message :   22, 52, er 82. it's easier on the eyes that way.
this is a sweet poster, and very fitting for mr. kweller. nicely done!
  2007-08-23 20:58:39
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   why 22?   2007-08-23 20:55:37
kozikSend kozik a message :   this is a cool poster. fuck all u halftones nurdz.   2007-08-23 20:52:41
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Halftones are for losers.   2007-08-23 20:51:58
lil_tuffySend lil_tuffy a message :   22 degrees   2007-08-23 20:51:51
connor13Send connor13 a message :   fucking halftone snobs   2007-08-23 20:50:09
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   what angle then?   2007-08-23 20:46:05
lil_tuffySend lil_tuffy a message :   the half-tone would be ok if it wasn't at 45?   2007-08-23 20:40:26
uglybogusSend uglybogus a message :   Photoshop halftone = thumbs down.
Fresh type and Illo though!
  2007-08-23 20:33:26
chopeSend chope a message :   The font reminds me of the old GPz logo, but stacked. Cool poster, I like the colors.   2007-08-23 17:32:33
bob hSend bob h a message :   thanks for mine great job   2007-08-23 17:29:59
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   I seem to notice this style of type a lot lately.   2007-08-23 17:24:56
thenewyearSend thenewyear a message :   what   2007-08-23 17:22:28
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   you wouldn't know a garrett karol if it slid up your leg and bit you on the badoinger   2007-08-23 17:18:28
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   pevetohno.   2007-08-23 17:10:36
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   looks like a garrett karol to me   2007-08-23 17:10:24
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   monster face is Hobbs/Sasha. rest is Montes.   2007-08-23 17:08:38
seireyhoSend seireyho a message :   Not a big fan of the ben kweller type, but lovin the textures and illo. great job man.   2007-08-23 16:47:45
cleverkarateSend cleverkarate a message :   I definitely expected Montes from the thumb.   2007-08-23 16:46:57
Justin.RyanSend Justin.Ryan a message :   touche. i still think the lettering on this one is a little similar to a few things of yours. you would know better than i would, though haha.   2007-08-23 16:46:31
Zach HobbsSend Zach Hobbs a message :   I don't see me.   2007-08-23 15:38:23
Justin.RyanSend Justin.Ryan a message :   yeah i definitely see sasha and hobbs in this one.. but it does seriously rule.   2007-08-23 15:32:32
greg oakesSend greg oakes a message :   fun stuff!!   2007-08-23 12:42:49
JustinHeltonSend JustinHelton a message :   and sasha....but nicely done   2007-08-23 06:42:30
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   your last two posters look like you are watching Hobbs and Erick Montes a lot   2007-08-22 23:23:56
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