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Derek Hess 
Peabodys Downunder
Martin Geramita  
2002-07-30 07:42:43
Fu Manchu
Brand New Sin

Fu Manchu Poster - Peabodys Downunder, Cleveland - Derek Hess

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soupsandwichSend soupsandwich a message :   oof...   2009-03-17 22:37:48
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   The emperor's old clothes.   2005-12-22 06:14:30
JephSend Jeph a message :   word   2004-06-15 11:45:23
goad74Send goad74 a message :   This is a horrible Hess piece.   2004-06-15 11:44:22
JephSend Jeph a message :   I still don't "get him", but more power to his successful ass.   2004-06-15 11:42:44
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   you're such a bitch.   2004-06-15 11:41:44
JephSend Jeph a message :   Wow, I musta been in a baaaad mood that day. See below.   2004-06-15 11:39:48
JephSend Jeph a message :   OK I'm venting, I officially DON'T GET HESS!! my sketches look better than this. Don't get me wrong i've seen some more "completed" work by him that I thought was great but this is just garbage, I do this kinda shit all day on "sticky notes" at work. Had I known you could make gigposters and cash out of it, ....I would have saved all the half assed sketches I did. Anyway Hess = lame & lazy.   2003-04-20 23:34:31
Thee AlexSend Thee Alex a message :   twice   2003-04-04 08:42:19
Thee AlexSend Thee Alex a message :   Text hurts my eyes   2003-04-04 08:41:34
Thee AlexSend Thee Alex a message :   It's like everything that could be wrong is wrong.
The text makes my eyes hurt.
  2003-04-04 08:40:35
JephSend Jeph a message :   I don't like it. Aside from the cool little tank.   2002-10-22 14:03:49
gun shoSend gun sho a message :   oh no. this came up on the randomizer. i think i was being polite the last time i commented on this poster.   2002-10-22 13:34:55
UnflownSend Unflown a message :   That's an amazing definition of Godzilla's form. Unremarkable flyer, but hellbent ability.
By the way, there's some state(s?) that 14 is age of consent. Strange but true.
  2002-08-03 05:48:45
BarrySend Barry a message :   Dam. Looks like Hess forgot to finish this one :lol:   2002-08-01 10:04:54
uncle charlieSend uncle charlie a message :   its a little sensitive   2002-07-31 15:59:36
uncle charlieSend uncle charlie a message :   what you retard??   2002-07-31 15:58:34
kozikSend kozik a message :   CLAY WHATS UP? REPLY NO WORKEE!!!   2002-07-31 15:58:31
kozikSend kozik a message :   HEY WHAT THE FUCK?DID I CRASH IT?   2002-07-31 15:57:33
uncle charlieSend uncle charlie a message :   Seripop wrote: i wear 3 strped tube socks.
  2002-07-31 15:52:36
dustin wallaceSend dustin wallace a message :   believe it or not, it's 16 in oklahoma.   2002-07-31 12:14:43
goad74Send goad74 a message :   If there's grass on the field........PLAY BALL!!!   2002-07-31 12:04:11
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   18.   2002-07-31 11:58:37
dustin wallaceSend dustin wallace a message :   is 17 legal in canada?   2002-07-31 11:56:23
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   17...not that long a wait, eh?   2002-07-31 11:50:04
dustin wallaceSend dustin wallace a message :   i think maybe a little older and a few inches taller. i wanna love 'er!   2002-07-31 11:49:28
robschwagerSend robschwager a message :   avril lavigne, she's like 12 and as tall as mini-me right?   2002-07-31 11:48:08
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   im all about the benjamins! I aint mad at ya. Im paid in full. 'G'!   2002-07-31 11:41:10
goad74Send goad74 a message :   Oh, that's what it is? Ok, that makes sense.
That thing was just one big advertisement for a bunch of different products. People were handing out those new Nitro drinks made by Mountain Dew with Ginseng and Vitamin B to every kid. Also, when you were walking around you are like totally bombarded with flyer after flyer after flyer. I did get to see Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music, and the Bosstones so I was happy, but I feel bad for the clean up crew there. Discarded flyers EVERYWHERE.
  2002-07-31 11:40:21
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   like, flowered jams, right? down, a bit past the knee...that's nice. i bet you have no problems with people jockin your style.   2002-07-31 11:39:46
dustin wallaceSend dustin wallace a message :   and avril lavigne. she's all over the mtv wearing a wifebeater and a necktie. REBELLION IS COOL!!!   2002-07-31 11:38:20
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   I wear rainbow socks and boat shoes with JAMS shorts and a tuxedo shirt. See, Im doin my OWN thing.   2002-07-31 11:38:03
robschwagerSend robschwager a message :   they think it's "punk" dude, cuz the fat Osbourn daughter does it....   2002-07-31 11:35:05
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   the new way to go-those little footie socks with the tennis balls. and courderoy OP shorts.   2002-07-31 11:35:04
goad74Send goad74 a message :   I went to Warped Tour yesterday and the girls there were all about striped tube socks. Kind of sickening in a way. It just seemed like everyone there was wearing Halloween outfits.
Plus I saw all kinds of girls wearing t-shirts and then neckties too. Can anyone clue me in what that was all about?
I'm turning into a grumpy old man.
  2002-07-31 11:33:35
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   do they match? cuz they gotta look like you care. you gotta be REALLY into 'em.   2002-07-31 11:32:05
seripopSend seripop a message :   i wear 3 strped tube socks. i'm so fashionable.   2002-07-31 11:29:37
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   Godzilla gots 'next up'   2002-07-31 11:29:28
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   especially with the 3 striped tube socks. like you could wear them any other way...   2002-07-31 11:28:28
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   I dig those old school swooshes hes wearing..   2002-07-31 11:26:53
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   i didn't even realize this was hess. i like the illustartion, a lot. notr hip on the type either, but it's different for him, and that's something to take note of.   2002-07-31 11:24:57
gun shoSend gun sho a message :   Yeah, the typography on this just doesn't work. It really does look like 2 people worked on it. I think Hess's color stuff works better.   2002-07-31 11:23:01
Platinum RichSend Platinum Rich a message :   i'm bummed hess blew in for like 30 seconds and took off. cause i got questions. does he do his own layouts? a small percentage of his posters have great hand-done type making the poster work as a whole. on others the type looks like an afterthought. i KNOW people tell him the type is better hand written. maybe he's being rebellious. what's up?   2002-07-30 19:37:41
robschwagerSend robschwager a message :   go go godzilla!   2002-07-30 18:26:36
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