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2002-07-09 18:40:22

 Poster - Launchpad, Burque - Delanorock

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ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   whoa random, my fight with Dave is called off due to medical emergency on his part, get well soon   2006-09-01 09:57:53
piemelSend piemel a message :   if andrew todd pays me the money he owes me he'll be off my shit list
  2006-08-24 15:53:55
steve wSend steve w a message :   i got kennel cough   2006-08-24 15:32:47
John ASend John A a message :   ooof   2006-08-24 15:32:17
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   tour of Norway booked , Steve you got all your shots ?   2006-08-24 15:29:45
steve wSend steve w a message :   whore knee   2006-08-24 15:26:21
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   Horney ,my piss poor Jorney tribute band,Justin plays Steve Perry, Hoping Steve W does Ross Valory   2006-08-24 15:25:02
swampvikingSend swampviking a message :   joeknee?   2006-08-24 15:23:53
steve wSend steve w a message :   the system works! maybe I should try publicly complaining about that guy that never paid me.   2006-08-24 15:23:13
connor13Send connor13 a message :   jorney   2006-08-24 15:22:55
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   "Delano is off my shit list, he made good with. I am currently accepting new applicants." Well, that's good news. Cool.   2006-08-24 15:20:51
John ASend John A a message :   I forwarded the pdf to Mayer to confuse him for a couple of days.   2006-08-24 15:18:38
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   I want to fight Dave in Oaklahoma so afterwards we can go to bobos   2006-08-24 15:17:13
swampvikingSend swampviking a message :   The hair-farming mail courier is going to keep it.   2006-08-24 15:17:06
connor13Send connor13 a message :   i faxed you a pdf of my resume and application john. my resume is on the back of a jorney poster.   2006-08-24 15:15:37
John ASend John A a message :   ^ me   2006-08-24 15:10:06
John ASend John A a message :   Delano is off my shit list, he made good with. I am currently accepting new applicants.   2006-08-24 15:09:40
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   I'm totaly ready to fight Dave   2006-08-24 15:05:54
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   I was just thinking that there are a few people on this site that are like, mortal enemies. John has this dude, Rene has got a big hate-on for Andrew Todd, and I would love to shove my foot up the ass of somemotherf**kerwhoshallremainnamless.   2006-08-24 14:56:33
piemelSend piemel a message :   happy days are here again   2006-08-24 14:47:50
John ASend John A a message :   I have to give credit where credit is due. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and taking care of things Delano.   2006-08-24 14:26:33
John ASend John A a message :   random cockslap   2006-05-18 13:24:22
delanorockSend delanorock a message :   also might i add, the money i "owe" you is for posters that you never sent, for product i never received, and why didnt i receive it? because you blew TWO they were in effect why would i pay you for that?   2005-09-03 00:56:18
delanorockSend delanorock a message :   seripoop...put up any poster you printed for me, next to a poster you didnt...there's a difference a BIG difference...and again i must mention that you never ONCE met a deadline...and i did everytime mention that these posters kind of have to be printed by a certain at least before the show?!?!?! how can you expect to be paid in full if you didnt deliver in full?   2005-09-03 00:19:36
SashSend Sash a message :   purple border. I'm thinking a cool name for a band would be Purple Sabbath.   2005-07-27 20:24:48
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   Well...... we only knew him from Flatstock 1. I guess everybody was alot nicer back then.
Seems like he may have gone over to the dark side...
  2005-07-27 20:06:30
needlesSend needles a message :   dennyschmickle, i always have a hard time trying to spell that. did i nail it, or what?   2005-07-27 20:05:35
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   that's a Technical!   2005-07-27 20:05:28
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   I don't know how to say this...
but uh...
I'm Delanorock. Sorry everybody. I wish I could change things, but what's behind us is behind us. Let's all just try to move on.
Forgive and forget, RIGHT?!
  2005-07-27 20:01:48
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   Yea, Delano stuck me out on a deal back in 2003. Strike one = youre out.   2005-07-27 19:57:50
seripopSend seripop a message :   he fucking ripped us off for 400$. we did a few print jobs for him and all had been good. then he hired us to a few new jobs.every time we had been paid upfront but this time he told us his mom had died and he'd pay us latter. anyways we did all the posters and were like ok we are done we need to be paid if you want you copies. he said he's pay us for half of them now , half latter. we were annoyed but didn't really have any other option. plus we trusted him. so we send him the posters and he tells us he's super happy with them and if we bring the remaining posters to flatstock he'll pay us for em then. we tell him we CAN'T carry more than wehat we already have with us on the plane and that we even shipped our own work down. we tell him if he pays us the balance we'll ship his stuff down for him. anyway we played cat and mouse with him for close to 2 years where he kept sayin' he was sending us a check next weeek. well the check never came and he stopped responding to our emails. finally i posted about it on gp. cause well it had been 2 years and he owed us 400$. anyway when i posted about it he (using an alt) claimmed he didn't have to pay us cause our printing was garbage and that we were's funny cause he NEVER mentioned having a prob with the printing of those posters or any of the other jobs we had printed. what he DID mention was that he was happy with the job and wanted the rest first for fs1 , then for fs2. i told him i had proof of everything cause i saved all the emails so he piped down and a bunch of gp regulars called me names. i think the guy is a weasel and a crook. i also think his posters suck bigtime.   2005-07-27 19:43:45
John ASend John A a message :   yeah me too. Gut was all knotted up ... got the taste in the back of my throat ... and then ... nothing.   2005-07-27 19:27:33
needlesSend needles a message :   delano tied me off real good like money was no option.   2005-07-27 19:21:46
steve wSend steve w a message :   d'oh!   2005-07-27 19:19:13
John ASend John A a message :   I'm so glad you all enjoyed the company of Delano and his "hot" girlfriend in Seattle at FSIII seeing as how I financed their trip. In return I was to get a stack of posters which to this date nearly two years later I haven't seen dick. Kind of a punk-ass bitch move for a "great guy".   2005-07-27 19:16:54
piemelSend piemel a message :   didnt he hook up with shepard for a bit?
  2005-07-27 19:00:06
altieriSend altieri a message :   delanorock is a great guy. Partied during Flatstock 2.   2005-07-27 18:58:15
andydieselSend andydiesel a message :   delano is one of the funnest guys to hang out with. ever. also a damn good artist.   2005-07-27 18:57:35
piemelSend piemel a message :   cool... dude was funny
wouldnt stop rapping
plus his girlfriend was/is hot
  2005-07-27 18:56:08
printmafia-connieSend printmafia-connie a message :   Delano emailed us a little while ago and had alot of nice things to say. I always thought he was a good guy and super fun when we hung out at Flatstock 1. Sounded like we may see more of him soon.   2005-07-27 18:54:23
piemelSend piemel a message :   i think he is hitting the streets at night with lots of spraypaint cans
havent seen him in years
  2005-07-27 16:36:30
needlesSend needles a message :   where be delanrock? had more than one evening with that crazy fucker. that boy could party.   2005-07-27 16:29:47
John ASend John A a message :   doucherocket   2005-07-27 16:22:11
danielpwilliamsSend danielpwilliams a message :   oh   2004-02-29 20:27:47
SWAMP SLUTSend SWAMP SLUT a message :   masterpiece   2004-02-29 19:37:52
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