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Engine House 13 
Newport Music Hall
Engine House 13 
2002-03-14 12:32:57

 Poster - Newport Music Hall, Columbus - Engine House 13

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QBwaggleSend QBwaggle a message :   now this is a suitable GWAR poster:
  2002-04-05 12:43:18
supersuckerSend supersucker a message :   :lol: um yeah ok. well then your biggest fan happens to be goad biggest critic. and happens to live all near eachother. funny he wont say who he is. people here arent dumb. he makes you look bad. wonder why. :lol:   2002-04-04 14:47:01
Engine HouseSend Engine House a message :   Give it a rest already! For the record I nor the rest of the EH13 crew knows or is associated with this Geneswig guy. Im so glad that everybody is now talking about a bunch-o-hearsay that holds no validity. And Ralph you really dont know what you are talking about. mike   2002-04-04 14:20:36
kolfacekillaSend kolfacekilla a message :   i re-read my post, and i shouldn't get involved. ignore it. i jump on the bandwagon too much. peace out. :-(   2002-04-04 12:38:04
kolfacekillaSend kolfacekilla a message :   i'm not defending anyone, and shouldn't be getting involved, but i don't really consider gene's post "don't ask don't tell" joke homophobic. calling someone gay - when did that become homophobic? especially when we all know it was a joke, even if you don't think its funny. if someone says "you're gay, i hate you because of it." that's homophobic. i could have missed earlier conversations, but i just thought i'd point this out. but i do think geneswig is an asshole, albeit a likeable one. so that's just, like, my opinion, and i'll add one of these to show how harmless i am: :-D   2002-04-04 12:34:12
supersuckerSend supersucker a message :   jesus christ. why dont you just deal with this like a man. you make eh13 look bad. and if you truly like them. why not deal with a problem. pussy.   2002-04-04 12:24:32
geneswigSend geneswig a message :   First let me say if any homosexuals were offended by anything I said. I apologize in advance. Second let me say to everyone else.... Lighten up! Jesus Christ every person that tells a joke with a Homosexual reference is not "Homophobic". After years of traveling in the same box as Paul Stanley's wig I couldn't possibly more open and accepting to alternative lifestyles.   2002-04-04 12:13:44
supersuckerSend supersucker a message :   its really pathetic. come on. obviously the dude is connected with eh13. if he wasnt but they are his friends. wouldnt he want to CLEAR THEIR NAMES. and deal with this like a man. nah. he sounds like a real asshole. and a homophobic one at that. from now on gene is eh13. that simple. if not then for the sake of eh13 come clean. sad.   2002-04-04 12:08:46
Nolen StralsSend Nolen Strals a message :   yeah I was keeping out of commenting in all this crap coz honestly all the funny nicknames people post under and then the use of design groups' names and who matches what confused me and didnt' seem too important since the discussion was between a few folks, but gene, that homophobic shit was just... grow up dude.   2002-04-04 11:57:21
smileSend smile a message :   yeah. acting homophobic will really make us forget the rest of the shit you sling.
1. you said you had a beef with the dude. 2. you said you arent eh13.
well. if that is true. why not be a fucking man and address the problem instead of being a pussy and hiding like a fucking sniper. you are a complete jackass. if you have a problem address it.
if you arent eh13 then you are making them look really bad. not that their posters dont do it anyway. this is really pathetic.
  2002-04-04 11:54:23
geneswigSend geneswig a message :   Decker Wrote:["Meow..Meow, spending four years serving my country as a Marine."] Lucky for you the Don't Ask/Don't Tell rule is in effect.   2002-04-04 11:10:38
MNTLBLCSend MNTLBLC a message :   Gee Mikey Gene, judging from the Engine 13 post, I'd actually assume Mr. Martin's manager wrote it. You have a bad habit of shit talking people to their friends, which frankly doesn't display a lot of common sense. I would also assume anybody who wants to send someone to frighten Decker and Dave from the Promo West gigs wouldn't have written the Engine 13 post and couldn't possibly be all that well respected. Whenever your whining about our attitude towards you, remember that you started this. You threw the gauntlet. We're just waiting for you to take off your glasses.   2002-04-04 10:46:45
DeckerSend Decker a message :   In response to this post by Geneswig: "I agree with bopst and X. Maybe its not the absolute greatest poster ever but it's certainly not the worst. And it definitely does not deserve to be ripped apart by a couple of art school hacks. Especially the new boy Decker who swings from Goads nutsack. Decker have your parents even paid your tuition yet? How dare you attack Engine House 13??? Have you seen the portfolio. EH13 is very legitimate and respected, In the region second only to the great Derek Hess. Take a look at all the great posters Engine House 13 has made. Maybe you might learn something. Have some respect!"
Respect is something that you know nothing about Geneswig and that is painfully obvious by your comments on this site. You have yet to say anything constructive about the art and everything personal. How dare I attack Enginehouse 13? I did no such thing. I posted my opinion of a GWAR poster based on my prefference for illustration heavy posters. I wanted to see something more visually stimulating than pink blood splattered type. I did not say that Enginehouse 13 sucks rotting rhino cocks. I said nothing of a personal nature towards the studio or those who work with Enginehouse 13. I have no beef with them, but reserve the right, as do all of us to voice my opinion. If you don't like my opinion take it like a man, an adult and a profesional. I have looked at the Enginehouse 13 portfolio and can say with honest objectivity that I don't like most of it. Like I said I like illustration heavy posters. The examples posted here don't reflect that. The Crystal Method, Rocket from the Crypt and Thrill Kill Kult I like. The System of a Down I don't. Again, this is my opinion and should be taken however you choose, but not as a personal attack. We both reside and do business in Ohio and there is plenty to go around for all of us. Despite our love for the art and music it is still a business and should be treated as such without the effect of personal differences. You, however chose to personally attack myself and Goad. Yes, Goad is a friend of mine and as a friend I will back him up if someone is taking unwarrented and completely unprofessional shots at him as you have. Professional seems to be another word missing from your vocabulary. Please look them up and adhere to their definitions in the future so you won't look like such and ass. By the way, I paid for art school by spending four years serving my country as a Marine. I'm not going to ask how your education was paid for because your comments reflect that you lack a great deal of it.
  2002-04-04 07:35:25
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   i'm gonna have to send you some blank tapes max!   2002-04-03 15:45:16
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Goatwhore is one of the most amazing bands around. I like God Forbid a lot also. Gwar is cool. I never got really into them but I do artwork for the Bass players side band the Hellions. The Hellions kick ass!   2002-04-03 14:52:34
supersuckerSend supersucker a message :   fucking classic. the dude has a beef but for some reason doesnt know how to step up. go get em goad!   2002-04-03 14:40:10
smileSend smile a message :   :lol: um yah whatever. well since you want to be a "sniper" a real man/woman would address a problem instead of hiding. step up or shut up   2002-04-03 13:31:43
geneswigSend geneswig a message :   Listen you nitwits!! I have nothing at all to do with Engine House 13. Just a fan of the posters. From his posts he sounds like a nice guy too.   2002-04-03 11:44:11
bopstSend bopst a message :   Goad's work is beyond reproach. His style suits the groups his work is promoting and there isn't anything slip shot about the execution of his designs. It comes down to a matter of taste, I guess, but the guy's work, weather you like the final product or not, is rendered with a skilled hand & he nails his graphics with percision. He is no slouch, that's for sure.   2002-04-03 11:43:26
Engine HouseSend Engine House a message :   Wow! This much attention over one of our prints! Thanks for the praise and the criticism, that's why we put them on this site is for both. As far as you guys confusing one of us (Engine House) as someone else busting chops then you are wrong. All the slagging and what not that goes on here is why we/I don't post that much. And yea we do get a little jealous sometimes 'cause some of the stuff that Goad and the rest of the DC crew is pulling off is great work and that just makes this big bowl of concert posters a hell of a lot tastier. Anywho Geneswig, X, bopst thanks for the good words and Decker ,Ralph ,friend and smile thanks for the criticism, it helps us to strive for better art and posters next time.   2002-04-03 11:40:51
spaceladySend spacelady a message :   :lol: i just sounds like engine house 13 is jealous. if you are better. then make better posters. its that simple. :roll:   2002-04-03 11:12:29
philaarts.comSend a message :   you know, i specifically REQUEST goad as i like his work. hey he can get slagged all you want.. and i thank you. will make him do even better.. but if you have a beef why not address it INSTEAD of acting like a sniper u know? and if you are mad that he gets gigs etc.. then be mad at me, as i WANT HIM TO DO GIGS. if that takes away from you... then its my fault.   2002-04-03 11:10:32
goad74Send goad74 a message :   You know Geneswig, the more you talk the more you give clues to your identity, and keep reinforcing our suspicion of who you are.....and you're timing is perfectly predictable. It's very simple,if you'd try to do better work and quit acting like a dick to people when you meet them then everything would be fine. It's about pushing yourself like each poster is your last, rather than shit-talking people in hopes that they will fall and you can climb over them to the top. Stuff like this has a habit of setting little fires under me and only makes me want to do better work, if anything to piss you off, and although I agree that's not how competition should be, my art is the one thing in my life that I have a lot of pride in and try my best to preserve, and when someone who doesn't know how much time and work I've invested in it, attacks it like a little bitch, then I can't help but defend it.
I'm very new to this business, but am already seeing the shitty side to it......
  2002-04-03 10:45:01
smileSend smile a message :   it was a crit. not everyone is going to like all posters. as for eh13. i saw the portfolio some is great some sucks in my opinion. thats all that is being stated here. you cant dictate taste.   2002-04-03 09:55:53
geneswigSend geneswig a message :   I agree with bopst and X. Maybe its not the absolute greatest poster ever but it's certainly not the worst. And it definitely does not deserve to be ripped apart by a couple of art school hacks. Especially the new boy Decker who swings from Goads nutsack. Decker have your parents even paid your tuition yet? How dare you attack Engine House 13??? Have you seen the portfolio. EH13 is very legitimate and respected, In the region second only to the great Derek Hess. Take a look at all the great posters Engine House 13 has made. Maybe you might learn something. Have some respect!   2002-04-03 09:45:10
bopstSend bopst a message :   Doing a Gwar poster is a hard gig given the fact that they have firmly established visuals that limit the scope of fresh interpertation. How do you come up with a new take on blood, guts & anarchy that hasn't been done a thousand and one times before? Overall, the poster more than suits the band though it's more of a rehash of their own work than anything else. Still, given the subject matter, I think the poster does it's job successfully.   2002-04-03 09:10:42
MNTLBLCSend MNTLBLC a message :   It's a real shame this is all they could come up with for GWAR - I mean, if this artist is 9, kudos on the work, otherwise they should enlist in some of those art schools they advertise on the backs of matchbook covers. Christ, Gene, are you blind?   2002-04-02 19:11:49
geneswigSend geneswig a message :   This is a fine poster. Colors and image work very well for a Gwar show. Much better than any of Decker's submissions.   2002-04-02 09:27:16
DeckerSend Decker a message :   I went to this show and I regret to say that it wasn't one of their best shows. Speaking of sub-par; this poster, while getting the way too easy gore splatter design element it lacks visual punch. The colors are rather weak and the illustration should really shine for a aband that is as artistic as GWAR. You would expect something that says GWAR in more ways than just the pink splattered type. I don't like to bash on anyone and I don't mean to here but this is dissappointing to me as a GWAR fan. The demon should be the focus and screaming evil like any well drawn and respectable death metal poster should. I would like to ad this to my collection of GWAR posters but I really don't want this on my wall. I loved the work Derek Hess did for the band that was at least inspired.   2002-04-02 00:05:59
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