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Eastgate Lounge
2005-07-26 18:33:26
Deaths, The
Battle At Sea

Deaths Poster - Eastgate Lounge, Moorhead - Punchgut

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Iron Canvas StudiosSend Iron Canvas Studios a message :   random punchy   2008-02-05 09:49:58
ImJustRickGSend ImJustRickG a message :   I commented on this a year ago. Well, a year and change. Back then it only had 318.   2007-10-09 16:58:36
MagnusSend Magnus a message :   320 comments.. poster is killer though.   2007-10-09 09:33:35
Ruthless CowSend Ruthless Cow a message :   This is the coolest thing ever!   2006-08-04 15:33:31
ImJustRickGSend ImJustRickG a message :   Love it.   2006-08-04 15:33:02
jason_killingerSend jason_killinger a message :   this poster is definitely killer, but 317 comments? how'd that happen?   2006-08-04 15:28:59
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   this rocks   2006-08-04 15:15:10
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   hardly.
try this out....
  2006-04-08 14:59:45
mulletproof...Send mulletproof... a message :   does this have the comments record?
here's one more. awesome.
  2006-04-08 14:58:05
8ballSend 8ball a message :   "..yesterday's gone..."   2006-02-08 10:19:47
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   BUMP!   2006-02-08 09:54:30
poguemahoneSend poguemahone a message :   read the whole schtick   2005-08-11 09:36:54
John ASend John A a message :   CCCXI   2005-08-01 16:03:34
John ASend John A a message :   CCCX   2005-08-01 16:03:22
poguemahoneSend poguemahone a message :   what the hell is "in person"? how do i log on?   2005-08-01 15:55:11
needlesSend needles a message :   maybe not denny. shit looks different in person some times. wait, was this question for chantry? sure don't want to rain on his charade.   2005-08-01 15:53:36
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   waitaminute! Is this to say that we couldn't completely judge a poster's entire merit and value based on a 600px image? REALLY!?   2005-08-01 15:48:45
needlesSend needles a message :   "you want a weather prediction: It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life."   2005-08-01 15:40:39
RobSend Rob a message :   it feels like 600.   2005-08-01 15:40:01
Danny F. CriminalSend Danny F. Criminal a message :   Keep comment number 666 free for me.   2005-08-01 15:39:09
bdixSend bdix a message :   way to go Rob. now we've got to go to 400.   2005-08-01 15:37:21
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   the future you see, cloudy it is   2005-08-01 15:36:32
RobSend Rob a message :   whoops...i meant three zero zero.   2005-08-01 15:35:40
RobSend Rob a message :   six zero zero   2005-08-01 15:35:14
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   oooooohhhh.
i see the fallen Ralph's sign now. NOW, this poster is PURE GENIUS. a friggin' home run.
Punchy, save me one or I'll poop in your mouth...again.
  2005-08-01 15:32:08
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   you've got my number if you need help.   2005-08-01 15:19:25
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   OH HELL! We just had beer delivered and it's all in bottles. We will drink it as fast as possible and replace it with cans.
I am sorry David.
  2005-08-01 15:18:27
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   You're drunk.
who's Neil Diamond?
  2005-08-01 15:17:31
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   that would be "FALLEN" Ralphs sign. Typing is hard.   2005-08-01 15:15:36
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Just got this in the mail. It's great. I hadn't seen the faller "Ralphs" sign in the jpg. Nice.
Again, I 'll say it. I think discussion is good. And if people don't like talking about posters....errrrr...well, I guess don't participate.
  2005-08-01 15:15:04
RobSend Rob a message :   jeph said "Dude this is AWESOME!!!!!!!"   2005-08-01 15:12:45
er code blueSend er code blue a message :   Now who said what?   2005-08-01 15:12:05
Darren GrealishSend Darren Grealish a message :   I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat now what you hear is not a test--i'm rappin to the beat and me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet see i am wonder mike and i like to say hello to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow but first i gotta bang bang the boogie to the boogie say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie let's rock, you dont stop rock the riddle that will make your body rock well so far youve heard my voice but i brought two friends along and next on the mike is my man hank come on, hank, sing that song
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its like my man captain sky whose name he earned with his super sperm we rock and we dont stop get off yall im here to give you whatcha got to the beat that it makes you freak and come alive girl get on your feet a like a perry mason without a case like farrah fawcett without her face
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like comin alive to the master gee the brother who rocks so viciously i said the age of one my life begun at the age of two i was doin the do at the age of three it was you and me rockin to the sounds of the master gee at the age of four i was on the floor givin all the freaks what they bargained for at the age of five i didnt take no jive with the master gee its all the way live at the age of six i was a pickin up sticks rappin to the beat my stick was fixed at the age of seven i was rockin in heaven dontcha know i went off i got right on down to the beat you see gettin right on down makin all the girls just take of their clothes to the beat the beat to the double beat beat that makes you freak at the age of eight i was really great cause every night you see i had a date at the age of nine i was right on time cause every night i had a party rhyme goin on n n on n on on n on the beat dont stop until the break of dawn a sayin on n n on n on on n on... like a hot buttered de pop de pop de pop a saying on n n on n on on n on cause i'm a helluva man when i'm on the mike i am the definate feast delight cause i'm a helluva man when i'm on the mike i am the definate feast delight come to the master gee you see the brother who rocks so viciously
  2005-08-01 15:06:36
DecabetSend Decabet a message :   Yep. Frosty ice-cold penguin dick.   2005-08-01 14:52:26
bdixSend bdix a message :   nostalgia can cloud your vision of the present.   2005-08-01 14:38:31
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   speak for yourself non-droid!   2005-08-01 14:38:10
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   in 60 years we will all be dead.   2005-08-01 14:36:26
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   there's something kind of addictive about nostalgia. Many of us fall victim to it's lure.
But on the other hand: Jewboy really does kill it:
  2005-08-01 14:36:11
CERNOCHSend CERNOCH a message :   holy fuck...
I read this whole thing, my eyes are now bleeding...
I do posters for bands and fans, the first three I've done have all sold out at the show. Does anything else really matter when everyone's happy?
  2005-08-01 14:33:49
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   "Right now it seems like all of Pop Culture is stuck in this rut of rehashing the Old."
Hence, Jewboy's posters are consistantly brain-busting.
  2005-08-01 14:25:24
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   :stormtrooperwithmassivepackage:   2005-08-01 14:24:14
steve wSend steve w a message :   Right now it seems like all of Pop Culture is stuck in this rut of rehashing the Old.   2005-08-01 14:22:32
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   :playedoutraisin:   2005-08-01 14:21:57
RobSend Rob a message :   nate's dead.   2005-08-01 14:02:00
SalcanzonieriSend Salcanzonieri a message :   Who cares what you guys think about a poster, posters aren't made for other artists.
Same as my opinion doesn't count about music, cause records around made for other musicians. If you ask me I think loads of bands suck, but they sure are successful, judging by their packed shows and sales.
After market discussion about a poster's "validity" is arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
How well it fits what the band, club, or fans wanted; how well exectuted the techniques are; how well done the typography or the illustration are done, etc, etc are all discussable since it provides some tangible benefit to the person that made the poster.
  2005-08-01 13:59:06
bdixSend bdix a message :   Good points Rene, and like I said, I'm not saying "time" and "history" are unimportant. It's just that "time" means something different to everyone. To a 12 year old seeing the new Willy Wonka, "time" is a lot different than it is to a 30 year old. Nostalgia just isn't something that makes me notice or adore something. History is just a condiment.
If Kozik did some of his "old" stuff now, I'd judge by how it looks, not by the year he made it. Putting "time" before the actual work makes it more about a period that only "you" have experienced (which ain't a bad thing), but it completely ignores the artist's intentions.
  2005-08-01 13:58:01
John ASend John A a message :   Does anybody really know what time it is.   2005-08-01 13:52:33
piemelSend piemel a message :   bdix:
but you can put the two together... I think its valid to keep time/place as part of a discussion on art... if you would do a perfect black flag style B&W flyer I would see that its perfect but I (personally) put it context with the time/place and it WILL influence my rection towards that piece.
It would be the same if Kozik for example does a great Manson or Hitler cartoonish style poster in 4 neon colors... it would tecnically and artistically be on par with his early 90's stuff but to ME it would not be as 'good' (or whatever term you want to use) because he and the whole scen already has done that.
As a collector time is important and I guess for an artist as well because Kozik wanted to do new things as well no? He went from offset to cartoonish silkscreen to photshopped mansruin stuff... he sure did not become stale. If he were to have done the same thing for 15 years he would have made 15 years of great hitleresque bunnies but it somehow would not have the same impact to me
  2005-08-01 13:47:38
piemelSend piemel a message :   "0nly thing that matters in rock is ENERGY"
fair enuff... but again, to me (just me), it seems that over time I need chance to continue getting that energy... now you are 100% correct that if the band and the fans of that band like the poster then its a perfectly executed poster and a job well done.
This is a cool poster... I can totally understand why somebody would LOVE this poster and be stoked to have it hanging on the wall
and obviously there is a difference between an artist evolving and a scene in general evolving...
  2005-08-01 13:41:37
bdixSend bdix a message :   to discredit a work because of when it was made, or because it's "been done before" just seems shallow to me from a discussion standpoint. That's more of a discussion on history or a "period". I'm not saying "time" is not important, just that perception can also influence time.
Movies get remade. Songs get sampled. Styles come and go and come back again. Money still gets printed from an etched plate. Time becomes irrelevant.
"Been there. Done that" can be argued back to the first Chinesse man that put ink through silk.
  2005-08-01 13:41:12
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   HEY. Stay out of this.   2005-08-01 13:39:28
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   guys, we never talk anymore.   2005-08-01 13:31:49
John ASend John A a message :   Raisinettes please.   2005-08-01 13:27:00
bdixSend bdix a message :   I got C's in art history.   2005-08-01 13:23:04
kozikSend kozik a message :   0nly thing that matters in rock is ENERGY.   2005-08-01 13:15:42
piemelSend piemel a message :   "take "time" out of the equation, and then we can have a real discussion on art."
Mmmm... why? Art is about perception no? And 'time' influences perception
To me its interesting to see changes within an art movement or design... I can 'see' the various changes from the psych stuff to punk flyers to multi color silkscreens to hotrod style stuff to designer stuff and all that... I just don't know or sometimes don't see if anything 'new' is happening... some might say "who the fuck cares" but to me personally it is cool or important or whatever you want to call it... I base my collection to some extent on that and basically 'time' is part of the 'draw' towards collecting these posters.
  2005-08-01 13:11:46
poguemahoneSend poguemahone a message :   i think i just pissed my pants   2005-08-01 13:08:28
kozikSend kozik a message :   A-well-a everybody's heard about the bird B-b-b-bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, well the bird is the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, well the bird is the word A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, well the bird is the word A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a don't you know about the bird? Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word! A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a...
A-well-a everybody's heard about the bird Bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a don't you know about the bird? Well, everybody's talking about the bird! A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird's the word A-well-a bird...
Surfin' bird Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb... [retching noises]... aaah!
Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa- Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow
Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Oom-oom-oom-oom-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-oom-oom-oom Oom-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-a-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow Papa-oom-oom-oom-oom-ooma-mow-mow Oom-oom-oom-oom-ooma-mow-mow Ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow Well don't you know about the bird? Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word! A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird's the word
Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow [repeat to fade]
  2005-08-01 13:07:15
bdixSend bdix a message :   take "time" out of the equation, and then we can have a real discussion on art.   2005-08-01 13:03:03
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   I just bought the whole whoopass collection. It rocks.!   2005-08-01 13:00:00
piemelSend piemel a message :   I don't disagree
If someone does a GREAT, PERFECTLY executed Devil Chick or HotRod poster I am going to shrug my shoulders and basically look at it as something that has been done sooo many times that it doesnt make as much impact on me as it would do (say) 10 years ago
I guess Art has the same thing with these type of posters.
I mean its logical innit? The dude has seen a few hundred of these 'inside joke' posters (if not thousands) and at some point you just dont get excited anymore.
I made a somehwat similar remark when I had that thread where I wondered out loud if "do posters suck these days or is it just me?"
That thread started with a post that lacked finesse and was intended to get a reaction. I think Art did the same thing here... get a reaction
IMO, its actually a cool debate but we all need to make it so fucking personal for some reason.
I get tired of devil chicks. I get tired of 60's hippie type on posters, or hotrods.... I guess Art is tired of gags. That doesnt mean that the poster is 'bad' or lacks skills or whatever.
Its more a reflection on where Art is or I am...
or is it... I figure a more interesting question for me is to wonder if this scene is moving at all. At some points I have thought that people just repeat the same stuff over and over.... but then I run into a Jay Ryan, a Burlesque, a MMM poster and get my world rocked. Those moments I love.
Problem is that I am impatient and want to see more of that growth or change... I want to see bigger shifts or turns... and I dont know if thats my stupidity and that I cant 'see' the changes that are happening or if its actually true that things are slowing down
  2005-08-01 12:57:34
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   really? that's an actual commercially available typeface? there are so many errors in it's design, that i had to assume it was hand-drawn by an amatuer. i mean, just look at that "s".
i stand corrected. strange world these days.
  2005-08-01 12:50:24
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   art wrote - "by the way, i really love the hand-rendered type "the deaths" on this poster. i think that looks really great." the type is 'whoopass' with a modified T   2005-08-01 12:37:06
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   i stuck a skull on a kickball. i contest that it effectivly rules.   2005-08-01 10:29:55
morstSend morst a message :   Rock on Art. Call 'em as ya see em!!   2005-08-01 10:07:06
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   scab picker? jeph says something like that and i defend myself, so i'm a scab picker?
man, you guys are like working in a swarm of hornets.
  2005-08-01 09:34:56
ryanaugustSend ryanaugust a message :   Whatever... this poster rules.   2005-08-01 09:34:40
RobSend Rob a message :   according to, this poster is at $32.16 today.   2005-08-01 09:17:25
philaarts.comSend a message :   bump   2005-08-01 09:13:19
surrenderSend surrender a message :   i hope these posters sell out.   2005-08-01 08:41:03
perkinsSend perkins a message :   scab picker   2005-08-01 08:37:18
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   by the way, i really love the hand-rendered type "the deaths" on this poster. i think that looks really great.   2005-08-01 07:52:06
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   jeph -
two things:
i like you and respect your work and opinions, however, you are not really thinking here before you talk. there is a difference between perception and reality, and the reality of what i do and who i am here on gp is rather different than the perception. for instance, a while back someone noted that i had sued paul grushkin for slander. everybody seemed to think that was true. however, it was a threat made by paul grushkin against gp about something he claimed i said (which i didn't) that started the slander talk. the perception vs. the reality.
2) i learned a long time ago to not comment on posters on gp directly at all. i think you'd have to go back a long way to find any serious commentary of a negative critical sort on an individual poster by me. i occaisionally make small remarks about historical information to, mostly to correct a mis-statement by somebody else. but, an actual slam of a poster on this sight from the year or so would take some research, i think. the critical attempt to discuss this individual poster here was only an attempt to test the waters to see if we were ready for that sort of thing. apparently we are not.
just because (as an easy example) frank kozik calls me a hack and fraud and a has been and a small dick doesn't necessarily mean that i have a small dick. ok?
now, back to the poster and enough about me.
  2005-08-01 07:48:03
DecabetSend Decabet a message :   Its been so hot outside around here lately, that some penguin dick is actually startin to sound kinda good. Frosty penguin dick.   2005-07-31 21:06:05
slidingpastSend slidingpast a message :   249 posts.
what's all the hubbub, bub??
  2005-07-31 21:05:37
JephSend Jeph a message :   2003...heh.
Look, we could sit here forever and a day going back and forth. Let me put this simply.
I like and respect Art Chantry's work, as well as Art himself. Like with any artist some of it is shit and some of it is sheer brilliance.
I just think Art spends his time here slagging most of the posters and artists. There are TONS upon TONS of posters here that I think suck major penguin i comment on them? no. Constructive critisism is fine, but Art bashed this poster 9 ways til Sunday, completely unecessary.
If you don't like it, make you're comment and move on. Art is what I like to call a "scab picker" someone who won't just leave something alone...he likes to call it "debate" or "discussion".. I call it "bullshit". Talking just to hear oneself talk.
If the rest of you enjoy it...knock yourself's a fuckin' rock poster people...not the cure for cancer.
  2005-07-31 21:02:15
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   on this poster: Art AND punchgut gave me positive comments.
it's some sort of vortex!
  2005-07-31 20:44:44
JephSend Jeph a message :   2002...heh   2005-07-31 20:43:35
RobSend Rob a message :   hey jeph...., but what's not to love about that poster.   2005-07-31 20:39:32
JephSend Jeph a message :   If someone could post a link to the last time Art had something positive to say about a poster he didn't do, or post here, I'd love to see it. Y'know, where he didn't pick it apart or strangle the ever loving life out of something as simple as a rock poster... ...g'head...shoot.   2005-07-31 20:28:29
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   "i would love to get some honest criticism from someone i respect, who's work i respect ." Same here. My crap resides here:   2005-07-31 20:12:23
seripopSend seripop a message :   art- we could use some crits. feel free to as blunt as you wish. i would love to get some honest criticism from someone i respect, who's work i respect .   2005-07-31 20:08:45
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   'Tender Moments'
*nuzzle nuzzle*
  2005-07-31 20:05:41
Dance PartySend Dance Party a message :   after all he controversy of this poster, i whipped out 'the jazz singer' yesterday and it was great.   2005-07-31 20:04:02
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   "Actually what I want is for Art to be less of a wet blanket, doucherocket type."
Maybe he's not seeing anything he likes lately.
  2005-07-31 19:59:28
JephSend Jeph a message :   Actually what I want is for Art to be less of a wet blanket, doucherocket type.   2005-07-31 19:44:02
RADARSend RADAR a message :   i likes, art, stop being honest, thats what we really want.   2005-07-31 19:12:28
steve wSend steve w a message :   In the real paper, the photo is the source of this poster. Very timely, Mr. punchgut.   2005-07-31 18:17:34
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   "At 64, he is still packing heat"
haw haw.
  2005-07-31 18:11:24
steve wSend steve w a message :   2005-07-31 17:28:59
deforgeoSend deforgeo a message :   I like this poster, and I'm not even old enough to get the reference.
The Deaths are great, too.
  2005-07-31 17:25:43
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   that was another parody....i got a bag full of them.   2005-07-31 17:19:26
goad74Send goad74 a message :   Growing up we had a car dealer in Dayton who also had that Coming to America song on all his ads....he ended up getting busted for cocaine and lost pretty much everything..can't remember his name though..
Anyway, I love Neil Diamond. That soundtrack rules.
  2005-07-31 17:17:34
Michael M. MotorcycleSend Michael M. Motorcycle a message :   Was he in a closet?   2005-07-31 17:15:38
Michael M. MotorcycleSend Michael M. Motorcycle a message :   Do you mean art out of the closet or Art out of the closet?   2005-07-31 17:15:23
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   I agree with MMM I am also taking credit for dragging art out of the closet...   2005-07-31 17:10:44
Michael M. MotorcycleSend Michael M. Motorcycle a message :   If it makes you feel better I'll comment. It is Sunday.   2005-07-31 16:51:46
John ASend John A a message :   ummm... only one person has commented on this poster in the last 24 hours... just saying.
the hits just keep on comin'
  2005-07-31 16:45:07
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   another 24 hours later and my fan club is STILL trashing me. amazing. why bother, you guys? look, if you want to rant and rave about what a small dick i have or what an evil dick i am or whatever, PLEASE do it in a seperate thread. it's only fair.
by the way, a lot (a lot) of people privately approach me to give crits of their work. you might notice that this is the first attempt by me at a crit of any work posted here in over 1 1/2 years. now, you can see why i say no to those requests.
frankly, there is too much insecure ego (my fan club, for instance) here to be able to deal with critique. this site is a booster site, not a critical site.
  2005-07-31 16:02:59
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   i thought that was why they call you needles ;-)   2005-07-30 12:23:26
needlesSend needles a message :   chantry wants us to stay on topic, yet his earlier posts were rather myopic. i believe his opinions are just like his dick, staunchly brown and microscopic.   2005-07-30 11:44:41
ROTATORSend ROTATOR a message :   ...and it aint no stick figure....   2005-07-30 11:34:23
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   aw cmon guys, ur not STILL duscussing this are you?! how long does it take to figure out the concept? its a parody which on the one hand is out-dated and on the other hand, still raises a chuckle...the gig was last week to one's gonna like it if they think its an over played concept, and the people who like it will like it..its always gonna be the case, do urself a favour art and leave people to themselves, ur not gonna change anyone and its not worth the effort   2005-07-30 11:04:47
TenebriniSend Tenebrini a message :   This is no chicken poster.   2005-07-30 10:44:00
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   after all this time (another 24 hours), my fan club can't stop trashing me. that's not really fair to this poster. it was supposed to be about it, not me. i suggest all you guys (and gals) who want to discuss me just start a threat in the other section and leave this comment space for the poster. that would be much more fair.
i'm glad i spotted the michael jackson thing. i wonder if you would have noticed it otherwise. perhaps that joke might have been played up a little larger somehow and then maybe the neil diamond joke wouldn't be so dominant? it seems that maybe the combination of those two pop culture jokes conspire to give more depth to the piece. somehow it becomes a deeper commentary on ourselves and the way we emulate pop icons to give us some sense of a life beyond death? i dunno. that's pushing it. but you know that both diamond and jackson and their perversity will survive their deaths. and THAT's both scary and funny.
  2005-07-30 10:25:07
ROTATORSend ROTATOR a message :   ...all this talk, and still, the only thing I can see is Michael Jackson's hair....   2005-07-30 09:21:12
johnnySend johnny a message :   Skulls will always be cool, and forever linked to rock and roll. Sticking one on a recognizable image may be an easy way out for some (Art), or an effective parody to others (pretty much everyone else including me). Drawing a moustache on a photograpgh or on the Mona Lisa is nothing new, but it appeals to people on a base level. It's tried and true just like the skulls; it's a formula that works. Art's got a formula that he uses over and over: find a some grainy images from a pulpy magazine or just lift a page completely and insert band name with a retro font. Presto you've got a Chantry. Yes, it's effective. Yes, it's cool. God damn, it's even "art". Now, I don't want Art to stop making his posters, I happen to like them. But, for Christ's sake, do something new already! The retro collage thing is a bit overdone, don't you think? This is so the pot calling the kettle black.   2005-07-30 08:46:06
SashSend Sash a message :   i disagree w/ what frank said. I think both he and art did VERY novel things.   2005-07-30 08:38:13
8ballSend 8ball a message :   kozik said: "Chantry is a 1 trick pony and a lot of gullible fools think he's something special.
he didnt do anything 'novel' either, even at the peak of of his career.
I never ever once claimed 'novelty'...I just churned out garish crap people liked."
This is one of the reasons why Frank is pretty much my favorite artist of all time...
  2005-07-30 04:57:24
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Move along. Nothing to see here.   2005-07-29 14:04:48
AndymacSend Andymac a message :   One colour.
Eye grabber.
Has a story/twist behind the image for people who know the band.
Brilliant design because it's a printer's dream.
  2005-07-29 13:55:55
philaarts.comSend a message :   printing on paper is soooooo 2003.   2005-07-29 13:55:30
steve wSend steve w a message :   I love lamp   2005-07-29 13:47:55
RobSend Rob a message :   i like this poster cuz it looks cool.   2005-07-29 13:47:35
TenebriniSend Tenebrini a message :   I don't hate Art I don't like this poster.   2005-07-29 13:46:56
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   wow! feel the hatred!!
ok, why don't you fellas quit talking about me and start talking about the poster. instead of listing all the reasons you hate me, list all the reasons why you like the poster.
  2005-07-29 13:42:16
TenebriniSend Tenebrini a message :   now?
  2005-07-29 13:39:20
HollySend Holly a message :   Kozik rocks as usual.   2005-07-29 13:32:54
John ASend John A a message :   Giddyup.   2005-07-29 13:17:38
kozikSend kozik a message :   Chantry is a 1 trick pony and a lot of gullible fools think he's something special.
he didnt do anything 'novel' either, even at the peak of of his career.
I never ever once claimed 'novelty'...I just churned out garish crap people liked.
What Chantry is really saying to you is 'I XANTRY am the ONLY one allowed to do this style and I did it long ago thereby invalidating YOU'.
fucking go suck a big old dick.
if this poster made the designer, band and fans happy thats 100% success.
take all your 'lets discuss this into the realm of wankery' and shove it.
its fucking ROCK AND ROLL.
  2005-07-29 13:03:06
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   yeah, but Art, you ARE old.
so's Kozik.
what that means though is you've been around this block. you've seen it all. you've got a crapload of experience under your belt.
but little is more tiring than that old guy that keeps saying "been there, done that."
i think this poster could fit into one of your "had to be there" seattle stories. the kind that only people "in the know" would get. people who know the deaths get this poster, appreciate this poster for what it is. not a complete inside joke, but close--and it totally works. it's a fargo thing.
and it's not a band of "kids" poking fun at the irony of neil diamond.
ps: i don't mind the discussion, and i love the fact that Art and Frank are both active in this forum. wouldn't be the same without them.
  2005-07-29 12:29:29
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   case CLOSED.   2005-07-29 12:13:23
John ASend John A a message :   One more box of Raisinettes please.   2005-07-29 12:13:04
RobSend Rob a message :   200 bitches.   2005-07-29 12:10:41
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   the jury finds Fyrg:
GUILTY of first degree hilarity.
  2005-07-29 11:41:40
scrojoSend scrojo a message :   ...what flipperfins said.   2005-07-29 11:39:14
bdixSend bdix a message :   Ferg wins.   2005-07-29 11:36:13
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   urine contept!!!   2005-07-29 11:34:43
ShinyBlueRobotSend ShinyBlueRobot a message :   Art has every right to state his opinion. Art even says stuff I agree with (here and there). Normally I don't speak out against people in anger, but the reason I spouted off earlier is because Art has such a smug tone. He talks down to all of us. That pisses me off. I find him pretentious whether his opinions make sense or not. I don't wish any ill on the man... I just wanted to point out to him that he thinks he's better than he is. I have to agree with Kozik and Richie... Art, make a poster that isn't tired. Lead the way with something new and profound since you (and only you) understand the righteous path.   2005-07-29 11:34:25
bdixSend bdix a message :   jury "pool".   2005-07-29 11:30:46
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   ...something about "briefs"!   2005-07-29 11:28:47
steve wSend steve w a message :   piss fight!!!   2005-07-29 11:23:08
bdixSend bdix a message :   Law & Odor   2005-07-29 11:21:57
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   partly moist Perry Mason   2005-07-29 11:19:34
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   I'd like to pee on Flipperfins.   2005-07-29 11:18:26
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   kind of a... mushy Matlock.   2005-07-29 11:18:11
bdixSend bdix a message :   well, he's more of a soggy paralegal now.   2005-07-29 11:16:27
FLIPPERFINSSend FLIPPERFINS a message :   Whew. I just spent a half hour reading all of these comments. I respect Art and his opinions. I think he's earned my respect. He's seen many designs come and go over the years and he does know what he is talking about. There is logic and reason in all of his statements, just as there is in everyone elses. I see all the points in this poster. There is no real black and white here. It's about the greys in life. We have to see all sides. Unitus Man's comments were more on the mark for me as it relates to a concert poster. I think that Art has such pride and respect for this artform and doesn't want it to be just as an advertisement. But honestly that's what it is. it's not a fine art piece. It's meant to sell tickets and be a souvenier for the fans. It doesn't need to be a Peter Maxx, Warhol, Lichtenstein or Kozik. It just needs to gets peoples attention enough to want to say "cool". That's it. It's that simple. It doesn't need to be insightful or thought-provoking, it just needs to be appealing. Yes it's been done before. Yes it was "easy" and didn't take too much individual thought, but we've all done this. We've all "borrowed" ideas, concepts and imagery from other sources. I think that why a poster can be "relevent" to so many of us. We're all in on the gag. It's a common part of our collective history and we understand that is a mockery and therefore works to serve it's purpose. One of my favorite poster of all is Kozik's Green Day poster with the Banana Splits. It's a favorite of mine, because I have an affinity for my past and this poster celebrates it. Sure Frank didn't "create" the Banana Splist character, but so what. Really. It serves the purpose of getting the band's name out there and looking cool on someone's wall. It's not "high art". It's not for art gallery snobbery critic types. It's just for fun. it's all about fun. Music is fun. Art is fun. Put 'em both together and you have a party. One notion that crossed my mind, was what if this "discussion" was done for these two albums featuring a "parody" of a photograph?
Just a thought and I think this whole discussion can be carefully summed up by El Negro's first comment of "AWESOME! Gold Ink?" That's all most people care about. Is it cool? It doesn't need to stand up to such scrutiny, it just needs to sell tickets to the show and be enjoyed by the band and it's fans.
ahhhh... too much drama. Who's got the hooch?
  2005-07-29 11:16:21
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Then who'd Bobby pee on?   2005-07-29 11:15:46
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   Hey Bobby...
I don't even have a lawyer!
  2005-07-29 11:14:50
bdixSend bdix a message :   I peed on denny's lawyer.   2005-07-29 11:10:59
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   What if I did a parody of THIS poster? I don't think we're ready for that, as a community. Thanks Bobby. You'll be hearing from my lawyers. Slander is no joke.   2005-07-29 11:10:05
steve wSend steve w a message :'m allergic to broccoli. Thanks, anyway, denny...   2005-07-29 11:08:42
bdixSend bdix a message :   I peed in denny's garden.   2005-07-29 11:05:36
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   I have a garden. Broccoli is in it.   2005-07-29 11:04:46
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Is brocoli a vegetable?
People shouldn't eat that shit.
  2005-07-29 11:04:09
JephSend Jeph a message :   Will this beef come with any side dishes? Cuz I'm a big fan of brocoli... with melted butter. Hook it up.   2005-07-29 11:02:33
bdixSend bdix a message :   it's a little conceited to have a self-proclaimed fan club.   2005-07-29 11:01:49
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   I would like some delicious beef as well.   2005-07-29 10:59:00
kozikSend kozik a message :   show me the beef   2005-07-29 10:53:22
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   wow! 24 hours later, my fan club is still here hacking away. the president himself even showed up to toss in a few potshots. good stuff, guys. i love you all.
so, after thinking this over, i think my initial critical remark might have been a little harsh (sorta like my usual fan club snipers), but i think it's still accurate. during the course of the discussion, i softened my initial reaction to this poster to recognize that it, indeed, was an excellent piece of advertsing parody (however simplistic) and extremely effective impact in public - it would win attention posted anywhere.
however, i still feel that it is a weak effort conceptually. it's full of tired old stuff. still works good, but it's not a great poster. it's about as inspired as drawing another picture of a monster driving a hot rod.
unitus had several points that i thought were pretty interesting. he talked about the band and how approriate he thought this poster was for that band. i suppose that means that this band is a buncha little inexperienced snide kids who don't like neil diamond, because that is what this poster says . now, i hate to think that is all this band is about. but, maybe it is. or, maybe it's a little more interesting conceptually than that and it hasn't been conveyed in this poster.
also, unitus sorta ruined his otherwise excellent contribution to the discussion by ending his remarks by calling me old. now, all that anybody remembers is that stupid smartass remark (instead of his great input). too bad.
so, in conclusion: good poster, not great.
fire away, fans. but let's try to talk about the poster rather than me for a while. it's much better for the discussion of this poster. it's not about me, honest. it's supposed to be about the poster.
  2005-07-29 08:03:01
kozikSend kozik a message :   this is better than anything Chantry has done in the last 10 years.
show me otherwise.
  2005-07-29 03:35:27
8ballSend 8ball a message :   And I quote:
"ahhhh.... no.
seen it, been there, done it. so has everybody else.
nothing special here once you get past the gag.
There is nothing objective or even constructive with this criticism AT ALL. To even hint at the idea that people are attacking someone over this statement, is juvenile at most.
  2005-07-29 03:12:31
8ballSend 8ball a message :   Who cares what Art has to say? It boils down to who likes this poster and who doesn't. I mean, it boils down to that with every piece of 'art' that has ever been viewed ofr ALL TIME. You can explain it 50 times to Sunday, regardless of what is kitsch, what is 'cool', what fucking art school the artist went to, or the experience of the critics.
Who gives a shit, either way? Art is trying to initiate an art discussion over something that can't be debated...which is personal"what is the greatest rock 'n' roll band of all time?"
This poster rocks, plain and simple. If you can't dig that opinion, well, keep talking to yourself in the mirror...
  2005-07-29 03:06:20
Dance PartySend Dance Party a message :   on the boats and on the planes... we're coming to america TODAY!!!!! love this record.!   2005-07-29 01:49:22
Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   I don't think I get exactly why this is one of the best posters of all time, I can think of about 2 or 3 thousand I'd prefer. Not dissing Punchgut at all, It's nice...I think it's a really clever idea, but to have everybody pissing their pants over it and then arguing about it 167 comments deep is a little much.
my opinion..if you wanna argue with me go ahead and waste your breath.
  2005-07-29 00:44:59
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   I'll elaborate on my opinion of this poster. The Jazz Singer came out in 1980, right? So I was actually 5 then. I remember hearing "Love on the Rocks" back then, and seeing ads on TV and in the paper for the film. So on one part, I feel a bit of nostalgia. Now, seeing this here poster with the skull visage and assorted buildings in tatters subverts that image in a way I find humourous. And thinking of how this poster looks in person, with its gold metallic ink on black paper, I keep visualizing how this would look incredibly dope on my wall.
THAT'S why I like this poster.
I still stand by my original exclamation of "AWESOME!"
  2005-07-29 00:20:28
VegetableLasagnaSend VegetableLasagna a message :   This could really end up being a landmark poster. Well if some folks are influenced by Art's view and get away from doing "tired" shit. I too have a bunch of "tired" shit I still want to try but Art has a valid point in wanting to see progression in this art form. Seems like there's some drama of people "hating" Art, I'm pretty green so I'm not privy to this but I just like the fact that we're actually talking about something substantial other than 50 "This Rocks!" I mean everyone deserves their praise . . . I guess this whole issue is like music you need your Dylan's, Floyd's and Bowies to move things forward but you also need your Petty's, CCR's and Eagles(that's right the Eagles;) to keep things fun. If that makes any sense. . . .   2005-07-28 23:09:39
ZELIGSend ZELIG a message :   Well it certainly takes longer to get around.   2005-07-28 14:06:34
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   Dry land sucks. Take my word for it.   2005-07-28 13:58:09
ZELIGSend ZELIG a message :   Art's the frog trying to tell us tadpoles about what dry land is like.
I understand his frustration in trying to get people to explore new avenues when coming up with a solution, but a lot of us tadpoles still enjoy swimming around putting skulls on shit (God knows I do).
  2005-07-28 13:55:38
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   in which case, if this poster marks the death of a trope... how apt   2005-07-28 13:53:20
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   are still   2005-07-28 13:52:24
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   are   2005-07-28 13:51:51
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   Art was merely saying that this parody/neil diamond/skull/jacko thing is a trope - that in his assesment is tired and played out. The life of a trope is... to be metabolized by the culture of artists, tasted, converted to fuel, worked, then, eventually.... eliminated. Some enjoying it and using it (the trope), some are smelling the noxious exhaust fules emanating from the tail end of this thing.
Or am I reading too much into it?
  2005-07-28 13:51:03
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   Don't ever tell me that I can never win. I will win, someday. Maybe not be today or tomorrow, but my day is coming, I can feel it. You'll see.......!   2005-07-28 13:48:08
ZELIGSend ZELIG a message :   We'll test that theory when I post my Burt Reynolds with tits Turbonegro poster.   2005-07-28 13:46:00
8ballSend 8ball a message :   Throw some boobs on this poster and we can make this poster loved and accepted by 98% of the viewing public.   2005-07-28 13:44:25
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   Whatever it is, I'm against it.   2005-07-28 13:38:47
ZELIGSend ZELIG a message :   I dunno what the Deaths are about. I thought the point of the poster was a comment on on how people percieve America as a dealer of death and destruction, and how eventually these policies have come back to bite us on the ass (hence what looks like the White House up in Flames).
The main song people remember The Jazz Singer for is "America" (Don't fool yourself, you're not going to find Love on the Rocks or The Robert E Lee on a karaoke machine). The song America is all about how America is a new and shiny place with "Freedom's light burning warm". That freedom, this poster seems to imply, is as dead as the bone-faced cantor in the poster.
If anything it seems like something Emek would do.
Please understand this is not my view of things, but just what I thought the point of the parody was.
In the end, and I know people hate hearing this, it works because it looks cool. 80% of the people who see your work will never get the joke, what you're trying to say, understand or identify the reference, or bother thinking about it beyond band-date-venue (if you're lucky). Another 18% will think they get it, but are totally wrong and way off in grasping what you intended to communicate (a good chance I'm in that category with this particular poster). The remaining 2% will get it fully, and either be happy because they understand the reference and thus like the poster (the same people who nudge you during MST 3K to make sure you know they get all the jokes)
THey get and don't care.
The point is, you can never win.
  2005-07-28 13:38:07
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Errrrrrrrr. Did Chantry really say anything all that horrible? Doesn't seem like it.   2005-07-28 13:34:42
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   theres ALWAYS one isnt there?   2005-07-28 13:07:16
RobSend Rob a message :   i'll have to agree with john and disagree with ferg.   2005-07-28 13:05:32
philaarts.comSend a message :   i agree.   2005-07-28 13:05:04
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   might aswell round it up to 150   2005-07-28 13:04:25
John ASend John A a message :   I agree with art but disagree with mayer.   2005-07-28 13:02:34
philaarts.comSend a message :   i agree with art.   2005-07-28 12:57:29
jkellySend jkelly a message :   I think I agree with Shawn and I'm going to go buy a pair of Hi-Fi Pizza Shoes. I just think if the Deaths are so sweet (I dunno, never heard 'em) they'd deserve something unique and original and something that might become a "signature" of their band (that will be parodied on gigposters.comoftheyear2099...) Why not just do something fresh?   2005-07-28 12:48:30
8ballSend 8ball a message :   I see John A has moved up from Junior Mints to Raisinettes...
good call man!
  2005-07-28 12:42:12
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   Which is better, the 50s rock revival of the 60s (Sha Na Na), the 50s rock revival of the 70s (Grease, Happy Days), the 50s rock revival of the 80s (Stray Cats), the 50s rock revival of the 90s (insert your favorite recent rockabilly retread here), or, or..... waitaminit... why... youth culture = bubblegum... nothing but an overly-masticated and regurgitated series of near-sighted remakes and rehashes, with intermittent flashes of brilliance, or, at least, facile command of proven modes of expression!!   2005-07-28 11:58:54
philaarts.comSend a message :   alot of times you guys take an ad too far and look too close.
ask the band if they like it and the promoter. isnt that the real goal? not impressing other designers?
  2005-07-28 11:56:48
FLIPPERFINSSend FLIPPERFINS a message :   Wow. 142 comments. This is a hotly debated poster. I guess that it has served it's purpose get noticed and to draw attention to itself. Success!   2005-07-28 11:54:20
philaarts.comSend a message :   stop yelling.   2005-07-28 11:43:02
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   i am going to do a parody of the Xanadau poster next......i call it....leg warmers are dope and olivia newton john is is great as a simpleton....baconfart   2005-07-28 11:42:41
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   I spelled Neal Dimund "Neil Diamond" and he liked it and kept it as the spelling.   2005-07-28 11:42:28
Casey BurnsSend Casey Burns a message :   i think this is a very successful parody. it takes "cliche" elements and puts them together in a fresh new way. at first glance, i didn't even see the skull. i thought it was just neil diamond. then the jackson hair and everything else became clear, and i thought it was smart, subtle, and well done.
how can you say parody is dead? parody is all about cliches, and this one approached it smartly.
and really, just how "overdone" are neil diamond refernces? especially to the general public (and not just hipsters who play in bands and watch ironic documentaries). i dare to say neil has not been over-parodied.
  2005-07-28 11:37:43
ShinyBlueRobotSend ShinyBlueRobot a message :   Art, you bore the hell out of me. Do you not hear yourself? Do you not see how pretentious you are with the way you look down on everyone? Please add me to your fanclub. I find it hard to believe that you are trying to discuss and learn... you think you know it all... so there is nothing left for you to learn.
Face it Art, you've over analyzed poster art. You've gone too far and killed it for yourself. You can't see that this poster is decent because you have no sense of humour left. Many fans of this band will proudly hang it on their wall. They will love the skull and the Niel Diamond gag... Regardless of process, and credit to who designed the original image, it is visually strong. I imagine the gold ink gives it a nice shimmer. It's a rock poster. It's not old and tired because today is the first time I've seen it. I'm with Lonny... there's still plenty of ground for us to cover even if others have been there before us. It's all part of the growing process. Let people grow in peace and stop trying to bring us "up to your level" of understanding. Just because you're miserable, doesn't mean we should be as well.
  2005-07-28 11:24:59
steve wSend steve w a message :   Being over 40, I see Art's point, but I'll be damned if I don't want to give Lonny a big, wet, sloppy kiss on the mouth. Never having taken an art class, this is exactly how I taught (teach) myself anything about design.   2005-07-28 11:16:19
JephSend Jeph a message :   Actually Art, I ike you a great deal. I respect your talent.
I like this poster cuz it looks cool, it has a skull on it and it's making fun of the Jazz Singer poster. I'm a bit of a simpleton.
  2005-07-28 11:06:20
perkinsSend perkins a message :   I'm still gonna do a devil girl poster.   2005-07-28 10:40:30
connor13Send connor13 a message :   people from north dakota are wrong, because i've been there before.   2005-07-28 10:39:45
bdixSend bdix a message :   we're trying to have a discussion, Dale. Jeez.   2005-07-28 10:38:40
ToothSend Tooth a message :   can we start making fun of north dakotans now?   2005-07-28 10:36:56
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   honestly, anyone who saw this poster (aside from anyone who saw it, probably thought that Punchgut "nailed it."
and that age crack i made, i mean it. i'm still "young" in this poster world, and there are a lot of "old tricks" i still want to try out. i don't care if they've been done a thousand times, I'VE never done them, and it would be a way for me to explore and see why this was done so much, etc... does that make sense?
like, i DID my hotrod monster. but my checklist of "old ideas" i want to try out is long. and i'm gonna do 'em. it's called learning.
  2005-07-28 10:34:09
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Damn Lonny, that is brilliant.   2005-07-28 10:22:27
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Art, I don't understand why any points you make always seem to trump everyone else's. You asked for reasons as to why people like this & they gave you reasons. Those reasons seem to be good enough for some, but they'll never be good enough to shake your preconceived opinions about this poster. So in the end (if this IS the end), all you've proven is MY point: You either like it or you don't...for your own individual reasons.
Great discussion. Pick another poster & let's do it again. There's not much more to say about this one without picking the meat off its bones.
  2005-07-28 10:20:34
philaarts.comSend a message :   i love how some "opinions" are ok to be at gut level, but at the same time people make them sound academic.
  2005-07-28 10:20:27
connor13Send connor13 a message :   and its connOr, with an O. get it right   2005-07-28 10:12:26
TenebriniSend Tenebrini a message :   face?   2005-07-28 10:12:14
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   why this poster succeeds, and why the use of the parody is excellent in this case:
- the deaths are a cheeky band. they write lyrics of drinking wine and sing in fake british accents. while not a joke band for sure, they use humor in their lyrics and delivery, albeit subtle. so, the cheeky-ness of using "the jazz singer" artwork, or just the cheeky Neil Diamond reference works on that level.
- the obvious skull=death refrence further ties the poster to the band.
- the deaths have some very neil diamond sounding songs, so this succeeds on that level as well.
- the deaths are from fargo/moorhead but now live in the twin cities. what that means is a majority of the people attending this show and seeing the advertising for it are familiar with the band on both a "i know your band" level, and possibly an "i know you guys, personally" level. that means this parody and will not go unappreciated.
it's a perfect poster for that band, in that town, for that crowd.
and remember, not everyone is old enough to be a grandpa yet. we still have time to fuck around and play with ideas WE'VE never used before, although all of our SENIOR contemporaries have explored them. especially when they're so on-point for the poster.
  2005-07-28 10:10:59
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   conner -
my dogs are insisting i walk them, now. i've put it too long and i'm afraind i'll have to clean up after them if i don't leave.
so, whatever you say will stand unless it's challeneged by somebody else who sees it differently. basically, you'll get that last word (for what that's worth).
  2005-07-28 10:10:16
connor13Send connor13 a message :   its great because i like it. the end   2005-07-28 10:09:34
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   conner -
ok. so, in MY opinion (backed with detailed reasons) it falls apart.
so, why don't you go ahead and talk to it's strengths (instead of MY weaknesses)? tells us all why this is a great poster. here's your big chance.
oh, and don't talk about the strengths of the original diamond ad (which is very good to the point that we all know it), but to what the psrodyist brought to the piece.
  2005-07-28 10:06:39
longtoothSend longtooth a message :   jesus christ I go away for a week and there's 113 comments on this one, I just had fun printing this one   2005-07-28 10:03:44
connor13Send connor13 a message :   in YOUR opinion it falls apart.
your discussion seems more like a debate to me.
  2005-07-28 10:00:35
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   connor -
it's how discussion works. point/counter point. i'm not shooting down, i'm sharing what i think. if i think i have a point, i make it. if you have a point , you make it. that's how it works.
if you think it's shooting down, then i think you need to think a little harder and try to see beyond your competive anger. this isn't a competition, i sincerely want to hear someone tell me why this is such a great poster without tripping on all of the points i've made. i would love to love this poster, because it looks good. but, when you think about it, it falls apart.
that's the whole point of the discussion. figuring it out.
  2005-07-28 09:58:14
connor13Send connor13 a message :   why are you asking for discussion then shooting everyones point down?   2005-07-28 09:54:44
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   sash -
i mean, even neil diamond himself makes fun of his work, for chrissakes. know what i mean?
  2005-07-28 09:54:01
SashSend Sash a message :   d-oh!   2005-07-28 09:53:52
SashSend Sash a message :   well, I think this discussion has run its course. "Esta vaca ya no da mas leche."   2005-07-28 09:53:30
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   sash -
good point, but again. it's a tired parody. making fun of neil diamond is like tripped a blind man. it's easy and been done to the point where it's almost offensive. i mean, there are bands with long careers parodying his music and movies that ridicule his legacy to pop culture. what is so special about this parody that hasn't been pounded into our heads by now?
  2005-07-28 09:52:49
SashSend Sash a message :   As a parody I think it's good b/c it twists a serious, conventional, and conservative image (Neil Diamond) and makes it outré and perverse in a funny way.   2005-07-28 09:50:36
SashSend Sash a message :   I meant "if a parody DOESN'T use a PREVIOUS image, it FAILS."   2005-07-28 09:49:36
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   sash -
so, discuss it as a parody. it is a great parody? or a weak one? why or why not?
i've already discussed why i think it's a weak parody. can you discouss the other side?
  2005-07-28 09:49:35
SashSend Sash a message :   what I mean is that parodies have to be judged within the qualities of the parody form. otherwise, it's like judging a piece of music by the qualities of, say, painting. A GREAT parody MUST use a previous image. if a parody DOESN'T use an original image, it FAILS. As a kid, I loved Wacky Packages, MAD, and Sat. Night Live, etc. Twisting an original thing is kewl in its own right.   2005-07-28 09:47:35
steve wSend steve w a message :   orgasm means "little death" I would've gone that route   2005-07-28 09:46:25
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   perkins -
i'm going to take the liberty of commenting on your points one by one. noty a fair way to discuss, but some of what you say i agree with and other things i want to discuss further.
10 as you know, i don't think this clever, and i dislike the use of the fam,iliar image as a crutch when there is no good idea. i DO agree with the one-color punch, but tha idea was delivered by the original designer of the diamond advert, not the parodyist.
2) again, that was not delivered by the parodyist, but by the original designer of the diamond ad.
3) again, that was delivered by the original design of the diamond ad.
4) i don't think i can totally speak tho this point, because i don't know the band, it's music, it's image. i do now the word death and all of it's implications on many many levels. however, i don't see that word as being very cleverly used here, other than a skull. the rest of it says neail diamond and a touch of michael jackson. remove the skull and you have a confusing mess.
now, we as a species try to impose meaning where there is none (it's the basis of a lot of great art, especially surrealism), but the word death has soooooo many meanings and implications that we can read meaning into just about any image it sits in juxtaposition with. so, that's sort of a gimmee.
  2005-07-28 09:43:09
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   subsitute neil diamond with darth vader and the exploding deathstar should be in the background.
  2005-07-28 09:40:43
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   I guess it was more of a rhetorical question. Or not. I don't know. But after posting it I considered how Punchguy might feel, reading it, and thinking,"Oh great. Let's all brainstorm about how this could have been better." And that sucks. Sorry dude. I didn't mean for that to be the case. So, nevermind that question.
But the point is still about pushing stuff further. And that's ok. this poster is ok. I'm ok. You're ok.
  2005-07-28 09:36:59
perkinsSend perkins a message :   I think we would all learn more from this discussion if someone would stop saying "Let's have a discussion" during it.
I like this poster because of reasons that have nothing to do with whether or not it sold a single ticket: * It's clever conceptually, and does so with a short, 1-color punch line using a familiar image. * It's interesting compositionally & makes decent use of neg space. * I like the color choices. * It appears to fit the band, or at least the band name.
With this particular poster, I don't feel compelled to dig any deeper than that. I'm off to discuss another one now.
  2005-07-28 09:35:11
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   It's because all inflection is lost in typing a message instead of saying it.
Everything comes across as a threat, an insult, or otherwise negative comment. From almost anyone. I guess we're conditioned to expect the worst. I hate it, but that's totally how I read the comments on this site. It's not necessarily the fault of anyone, but that seems to me how it is.
  2005-07-28 09:33:59
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   denny -
off hand (since you asked) i don't know. to begin with, i would not have done a parody of an old ad. in my history, i did that to death (again, the joke). maybe i could done a bad wisecrack parody of my own work? a lot of you would have enjoyed that, but would not have been a good poster beyond this tiny group here.
i would have to think about it and study the problem and come up with my solution over time. it's how i approach all my work. when i whip out a quickie idea, it often is a weak effort (but not always. i can work very fats). but, this one would take some thought.
does that answer your qyestion? any comment?
  2005-07-28 09:33:43
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   needs a stormtrooper.   2005-07-28 09:32:56
bdixSend bdix a message :   ...were "only" supposed...   2005-07-28 09:32:54
steve wSend steve w a message :   who's upset? sounds (reads) like a good discussion to me...   2005-07-28 09:32:24
bdixSend bdix a message :   who's upset? I thought my point was relevant to a "discussion". Unless we were one supposed to discuss one person's viewpoint.   2005-07-28 09:32:21
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   why do so many folks get so upset when we discuss something? what is everybody so afraid of? making waves? upsetting the applecart? what?   2005-07-28 09:30:43
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   Furthermore, like Punchgut and other have said, the Neil Diamond reference was appropriate. So how would one make that reference without it appearing as washed-up? Or in Art's terms, how would it be done with more "good thinking?"
  2005-07-28 09:30:12
John ASend John A a message :   Tooth: you want your hash browns scattered?   2005-07-28 09:30:10
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   lil' hitler said "stop fighting". that's crazy.   2005-07-28 09:29:03
bdixSend bdix a message :   So let's pretend WE all think the idea is played out (which WE all don't), how about discuss the other merits (or lack there of) of this design. I'm sure in our "discussion" the artist would like to learn something other than "this has been done before".   2005-07-28 09:27:09
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   sash -
the problem with parody is that the impact and inherant power of the parody plays off of the efforts of the original artist/designer that you are parodying. basically, you are taking his thinking and echoing it. it's really not YOUR thinking, it's just your 'wisecrack". now, that's fine, but the wisecrack better be damned fine or it just becomes weak. i think this fails as a wisecrack. it;'s not good enough thinking. see my point?
so, then should we all call the parody a great piece, when it just echoes the 'great' work that created it in the first place?
it's a problem.
  2005-07-28 09:26:42
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   low brow.....probably this show was suppose to be at a club that was closed the show was rescheduled. Death of a club...the deaths...blah blah. Last time i saw these guys someone said they reminded them of Neil...a child is born. Has it been done? Hell yeah. Have done the gag poster before.....yup. I am also a HUGE fan of tickle fights. Its a easy way to grab the viewer.....i think it works and the band liked it. So my goal was reached. I like the discussion   2005-07-28 09:24:30
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   that was supposed to say, "WE do".
not, "E do".
  2005-07-28 09:23:26
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   bdisx -
a good question. who DOES decide something is burned out? i think E do as a group decide that, and we ususally do it unconciously. we just sorta decide something is over and move on - like it'as all a fad.
i think we can do better than that here. it's a community (we all have agreed ont hat years ago), so, let's have community discussions and figure out how that process works.
makes sense to me.
  2005-07-28 09:22:27
SashSend Sash a message :   Parodies by definition are not original in the same way that other art forms are since they can only exist in relation to the thing parodied and explicitly build on it. It becomes a matter of how clever or creative or biting that modification of the original thing is. With this poster, I'm ambivalent. It's a cliche'd idea but yet still a striking image graphically. So go figure...   2005-07-28 09:21:07
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   don't get me wrong, there are lots and lots of posters here that i'm NOT in the nuetral zone about. there are many that i think really stink and others i think are brilliant beyond reason. i even feel strangly about entire portfolios and even my own work. i can discuss any way i want, just so i can gather other ideas and get more information.
that's the point of learning.
  2005-07-28 09:20:11
ToothSend Tooth a message :   scrambled eggs, toast and hash browns? probably, but cooked perfectly with some really good jelly.   2005-07-28 09:18:50
bdixSend bdix a message :   who decides when something is played out? and why does that discredit your opinion about something if it has been labeled "played out"?   2005-07-28 09:18:16
John ASend John A a message :   Raisinets please.   2005-07-28 09:16:15
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   Yeah, the Neil Diamond gag has been played, but with Michael Jackson's hair and those buildings... it's new.
I like it.
What's with that cuff-link? Is that a 'D'?
  2005-07-28 09:16:14
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   perkins -
i wanted to respond to you earlier, but my computer crashed and then i couldn't get back on because of the 'too many connections (tmc)" thing.
if it all boils down to "i like it" and "i don't like it", then why are we all here. that's like saying i like peter max. i don't like picasso. i like bush. i don't like christianity. that's really not enough. you really need to talk more and think more about WHY and then be open to discussin it. otherwise, we'd all be terrorists or something. we're supposedly better than that, so whay not move beyond like/dislike and get into a more neutral zone where those have no real meaning. all that matters in the larger discussion.
i don't like/dislike this poster. i see see merits and demerits. i;'ve discussed both sides. i remain in the neutral zone on this one. it works, but it's not very good.
  2005-07-28 09:15:19
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   It's not that I think that this is *just* advertising.
When I say it did its job, I mean that yes, it did advertise the show. But it ALSO made use of a couple of different cultural images mixed together and re-assigned in the context of a band called "The Deaths," which adds another layer of (I hate to say this, is there a different word I can use?) IRONY.
So it IS doing more that advertise. It's not JUST advertising.
  2005-07-28 09:14:15
philaarts.comSend a message :   stop fighting.   2005-07-28 09:14:13
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Art, we ARE discussing it. Pay attention. You're getting what you want, just not the answer you keep fishing for.   2005-07-28 09:12:27
TenebriniSend Tenebrini a message :   I saw this poster in thumbnail view at the top of the GP homepage a few days ago and didn't click on it becasue based on the thumbnail I thought "Oh Neil Diamond gag, been there, done that." I'm not familiar with the band, but think Punchgut does good work in general. This isn;t my favorite of his. What got me to click on it was the comment section on the home page Michael A saying "why not discuss this...." and the thought of "Oh... discussion?" is what got me to look at this poster.
So insightful. I know.
  2005-07-28 09:12:19
needlesSend needles a message :   what's taking jeph so long. we need that over/under........   2005-07-28 09:06:50
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   denny -
i think you're right. the objective of this poster was met beautifully. out there on the street, this will get noticed and people will remember and maybe even go to the show. it's an exteemely effective piece of advertising. no doubt.
but, is that enough? if that was all that counted, why do wwe even talk about this stuff with any interest beyond statistical results (x number of people bought tickets, therefore this approach worked and should be repeated, etc.) i thought the point of this site was to treatthis stuff as a higher artform. in fatc most of you guys call yourselves artists and think of this as arrt. yet, you only defend it as advertising (or, it's poor little sister, collectible swag). if this stuff is so important to everybody, why not discuss it with a little dpth and attempt at understanding the bigger issures in creating imagery like this?
  2005-07-28 09:05:54
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   Art, said they miss you over there. We all took a collection for your first years membership.
You hate on more people than anyone here.
  2005-07-28 09:05:22
needlesSend needles a message :   hi jethro   2005-07-28 09:05:20
John ASend John A a message :   My name is Jethro and I'm a fuckaholic.   2005-07-28 09:04:38
perkinsSend perkins a message :   The discussion of this or any other poster is stimulating, healthy for poster art in general, and may in fact turn out to be educational. After everyone discusses it to death, the conclusion might still be that you either like it or you don't. That doesn't mean poster art is "low".
There's a lot of wonderful spontaneity, & (thankfully) it's not always so cerebral. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Some jokes are simply one-liners.
  2005-07-28 09:03:43
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Oh, and hey. This band is really good. Check em' out:
  2005-07-28 09:03:39
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   I don't know the band.
I only vaguely remember walking "near" Punchgut's table at Flatstock. We may have talked, but it's all a blur.
So that's not an issue for me.
And NO, maybe this isn't the most intellectual, the most innovative, or the most ground-breaking poster. And that's ok. If Punchgut were TRYING for that, that would be one thing. But it seems to me that the objective of this poster was met. In fact, it's pretty obvious that it was met, judging by the responses in this thread.
So here's the thing: Art is right. Everyone else is right.
I guess the show's over here. Move along people.
  2005-07-28 09:01:44
needlesSend needles a message :   art, you seem to want people to hate you? we can't love you dude, until you love you. let's discuss.   2005-07-28 09:00:09
needlesSend needles a message :   i bet art hasn't even re-braided his rat tail, or brushed his tooth yet today.   2005-07-28 08:58:46
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   michael -
don't worry about those cheapshot naysayers. i only did that smack at them to get them into a sidebar of "attack art chantry" mode and stay out of the discussion. they always bog it down with wisecracks and attacks on me. i think the REAL discussion here is really good. i think your point that this stuff should get discussed simply because we all spend so much time doing it (aka - we love it) is great.
  2005-07-28 08:57:17
connor13Send connor13 a message :   bdix nails it   2005-07-28 08:55:35
bdixSend bdix a message :   Discussion is great. Your approach to discussion, not so great.   2005-07-28 08:54:58
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   But why not discuss this stuff? I mean who cares if Art doesn't like this poster right? But what is interesting is WHY he or anyone else does or doesn't like it. I mean, why not think a bit about what you spend so much of your time doing?   2005-07-28 08:54:08
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   perkins -
maybe you're right. maybe poster art is so "low" that any sense of self-expression or history of precedent is of no merit at all. maybe it is just trash, like the art world seems to think. but, it seems to me that the point of this site is to promote discussion and analysis of this stuff to attempt to get it to travel to a higher level. make it more interesting and more fun.
as an example - so many people (over the last few years) have complained about how burned-out and repetive and just plain stupid all of those "monster-driving-a-hotrod images have become. and, guess what! you hardly ever see them any more. that's the point of this site and this discussion/comment stuff.
it's an attempt at thinking beyond your own head, your own opinion. a way to progress, while still working in realitive isolation. community.
  2005-07-28 08:53:30
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Actually, I just forgot to get stoned. Be right back.   2005-07-28 08:52:48
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Well, no. For me the personal side is just a bonus.   2005-07-28 08:51:28
needlesSend needles a message :   perkins has obviously had his coffee.
i'm still waitng on mine. "make it a double"
  2005-07-28 08:51:00
perkinsSend perkins a message :   I don't think poster art is meant to be dissected and analyzed so deeply. Sure, you can subject a piece like this to a battery of "design tests"... and sometimes a poster will pass with flying colors. So what? It just doesn't seem necessary that it pass any such tests. Whether or not a poster is "good" is up to the individual tastes of the viewer. General consensus seems to be that a lot of people like this one, so there you go. Why can't it be that simple?
Art may be tired of parodies, but that doesn't mean there aren't still clever ones out there. There probably always will be. I personally don't believe that a poster has to meet any criteria whatsoever in order to be considered good. One of my favorite images- Jermaine's poster for The Darkness- might be one of the most unoriginal ideas ever....or is it instead an extremely clever take on an image made famous by someone else?
I used to take a lot of concert photos. After a while, I realized that I wasn't enjoying the show as much because I was watching the whole thing thru a camera lens, preoccupied with trying to catch that magic moment. If you examine poster art under a microscope, it's bound to kill the joy of looking at it.
  2005-07-28 08:48:51
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   michael -
a personal level? is it important for the viewer to know the band and the artist to enjoy a poster? is that a 'pre-requisite' these days? maybe that's why i have trouble with it. maybe to everybody out there, this IS new thinking, instead of the old thinking i see.
talk more, michael...
  2005-07-28 08:47:09
needlesSend needles a message :   i wish i could TiVo this. i know i'm gonna want to watch this later.   2005-07-28 08:46:56
steve wSend steve w a message :   I don't know the band or punchgut. As an advertisement for the show, it's great. They can't all be "high art"... (hi , Art!)   2005-07-28 08:44:31
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   tooth -
yeah, i have to agree that is well executed for it's lack of thinking. i will grant that it's a good piece of production. is that enough?
i also noticed a touch of michael jackson slipping into that image. i think that's hilarious. too subtle against the neil diamond gag, but still funny.
i never said this poster sucks. i'm just saying it ain't great.
  2005-07-28 08:44:21
needlesSend needles a message :   that's nice michael, thanks for weighing in.
i think there should be stickers too. maybe a hat also.
  2005-07-28 08:44:20
connor13Send connor13 a message :   it must be lonely being Art.
did you need a little attention today Art?
  2005-07-28 08:43:51
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   I'm just saying that there isn't really anything NEW that I haven't seen before done in this poster. But I still think it is amusing. And I'm guessing since I know both the designer and the band that it hits me a bit more on a personal level and makes it that much better.   2005-07-28 08:42:28
bdixSend bdix a message :   I'm thinking it should say at the bottom, "I'm a dumbshit because I have an opinion". Because, like, that could open the doors to a lot of QUALITY discussion.   2005-07-28 08:42:00
ToothSend Tooth a message :   perhaps this isn't a new wheel but I still laugh when the flower squirts water.
I stand by my previous statement.
  2005-07-28 08:41:20
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   I'm available for full time work if needed.   2005-07-28 08:39:46
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   michael apparatus -
i'm wondering if you expand on what you wrote. so seem to state a contradiction, but i think it was intentional. could you explain?
  2005-07-28 08:38:33
needlesSend needles a message :   fan club cards?...interesting proposal bobby. let's discuss.   2005-07-28 08:38:13
bdixSend bdix a message :   do we get fan club cards?   2005-07-28 08:37:18
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   whoops, sorry for the double dumb post.   2005-07-28 08:36:11
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   shit! i forgot richiegoodtimes!!!
how could i forget the vice president of the club!!!
i think it was teddy roosevelt that said the job of the vice-presidency isn't worth a bucket of warm spit.
  2005-07-28 08:36:08
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Oh, I love the discussion. I think it's important.
I don't think there is anything new going on in this poster. But because what I know of the band and Mister Punchgut, I love it. It's perfect. Now, if I didn't know the band it would still be amusing but wouldn't hit me on the same level.
  2005-07-28 08:35:47
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Oh, I love the discussion. I think it's important.
I don't think there is anything new going on in this poster. But because what I know of the band and Mister Punchgut, I love it. It's perfect. Now, if I didn't know the band it would still be amusing but wouldn't hit me on the same level.
  2005-07-28 08:35:47
needlesSend needles a message :   i have a feeling punchy's gonna get some "extra" comments on his poster today.
jeph, what's the over/under?
  2005-07-28 08:34:55
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   here's my fan club:
frank kozik needles bdix 8ball
phoondaddy connor13 jeph perkins
i love you guys.
  2005-07-28 08:34:34
needlesSend needles a message :   way to start the morning off with another love fest art. why does anything in art need to be discussed? who cares. it either works, ot it don't. you know that better than anyone. this works. "Is that coffee ready yet?"   2005-07-28 08:32:13
bdixSend bdix a message :   My lame opinion is totally awesome.   2005-07-28 08:30:57
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   THIS ROCKS!   2005-07-28 08:30:32
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   that was my opinion. i know a lot of you guys out there hate any opinion i have, but that never seems to stop you from dishing out any lame opinion YOU have, no matter how vicious, hateful or stupid.
my point in my negative opinion of this poster is two-fold:
1) the idea of taking an old famous ad and turning it into a joke, making it say something different and contradictory is an old old idea around here. it's been done to death (joke intended). doing again does not mean anything interesting, new or even clever.
2) sticking a skullface on a famous image is also incredibly old and burned-out and tired. virtually every portfolio on this site has one of those jokes in it somewhere. it's 'level 101' thinking of the most inexperienced sort.
so, this poster is simply nothing much. maybe the only interesting thing (and it's not much) is that it has TWO tired ideas in one image.
so, that's my opinion. please use the language to EXPLAIN your opinion and why you think that opinion is true. it's called discussion.
and i'm not talking about that lame stuff like "it's rocks" or "it don't bother me". that sort of opinion doesn't have any subsrtance at all. you might as well be saying, "i'm a dumbshit and i've got nothing to say but i wanna fit in."
  2005-07-28 08:26:03
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   Mommy, why does daddy hate everything we like?   2005-07-28 06:52:09
JephSend Jeph a message :   This rules...PERIOD. No need to defend it to anyone.
But there is a need to give me one.
  2005-07-28 05:56:21
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   I like the gag, and I was 6 when the film came out.   2005-07-27 20:44:05
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   Love on the rocks....doesn't the metallic gold help art? its shimmery....if you did it, why can't i?   2005-07-27 20:13:08
needlesSend needles a message :   there goes punchy, rehashing the same old tired schlock. oy gavult!   2005-07-27 19:37:38
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   So what its been done before...doesnt mean it dont look good. I dig it.   2005-07-27 19:27:34
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   there are layers of perfection here, if you're in on the joke.   2005-07-27 19:24:35
connor13Send connor13 a message :   :spiccoli: you dick :spiccoli:   2005-07-27 19:24:26
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   ahhhh.... no.
seen it, been there, done it. so has everybody else.
nothing special here once you get past the gag.
  2005-07-27 19:20:42
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   Just saw is. Sweet.   2005-07-27 19:09:39
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   THIS is awesome.
Please say its a metallic gold ink.
  2005-07-27 19:09:11
BradSend Brad a message :   boink
  2005-07-27 19:02:25
needlesSend needles a message :   that wasn't gravy   2005-07-27 17:00:26
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   you left a gravy stain in it   2005-07-27 16:47:04
needlesSend needles a message :   jen let me sleep in the girly bed once.   2005-07-27 16:42:16
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   So genius.
My first night seeing the Deaths ever, I thought one song was very Neil Diamondesque. Perfect poster.
(mike, the eastgate lounge is it, but it's soon to be a cactus jacks...)
  2005-07-27 16:39:49
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   thanks... 18x18 met gold on black
  2005-07-27 16:33:21
Stainboy ReinelSend Stainboy Reinel a message :   Kick ass   2005-07-27 14:38:07
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   this really is pretty amazingly good   2005-07-27 12:35:10
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   Should have been printed as a t-shirt too.   2005-07-27 12:34:15
Shawn WolfeSend Shawn Wolfe a message :   Classsic   2005-07-27 12:18:21
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Oh my. Nice work! I know the band always loves a good Neil Diamond comparison. The Eastgate Lounge? Seriously? Is that what it has come to in Fargo?   2005-07-27 10:18:31
bdixSend bdix a message :   ruling.   2005-07-27 10:01:08
j.o.s.h.u.a.Send j.o.s.h.u.a. a message :   good lord, punchy.
you threw into overdrive for this one.
this will go down as one of the greatest posters ever made. guaranteed.
  2005-07-27 09:40:07
scrojoSend scrojo a message :   nice.   2005-07-27 08:54:29
ZELIGSend ZELIG a message :   Send it to Rick Rubin, he may can use it for Neil's new record.   2005-07-27 08:12:07
chrisSend chris a message :   Neil never looked so good.   2005-07-27 08:03:22
John ASend John A a message :   Perfect.   2005-07-27 07:57:11
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   WONDERFUL, evil but great !   2005-07-27 07:28:45
ToothSend Tooth a message :   this is quite possibly the greatest thing ever created in the entire history of mankind.   2005-07-27 07:22:47
adamturmanSend adamturman a message :   Yeah Punch, this is great.   2005-07-27 07:01:06
phoondaddySend phoondaddy a message :   Great!   2005-07-27 06:35:48
MagnusSend Magnus a message :   Yes this is very cool.   2005-07-27 06:05:55
JephSend Jeph a message :   Dude this is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I want one!!!!!   2005-07-27 05:54:48
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   AWESOME! Gold ink?   2005-07-27 03:57:13
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