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Capitol Theater
Kill Rock Stars 
2002-01-31 09:56:38
Bikini Kill
Pee-chees, The
Excuse 17
Cindy Wolfe Puppet Show

Bikini Kill Poster - Capitol Theater

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UnitusSend Unitus a message :   this rules hard.   2004-08-09 00:11:58
Oi CollectiveSend Oi Collective a message :   RAAAAAWWWW.   2004-06-10 01:53:36
multiballSend multiball a message :   "man, I want fucking Holodeck technology and I want it now!"
i wonder what poor sap get's holodeck janitorial duty?
  2003-02-26 16:44:51
bopstSend bopst a message :   Another testament to the theory that you can never go wrong with a red, black & white color scheme. Who cares how you create a poster as long as the end result gets the job done as this one so well illustrates. It harks back to a simpler time in it's crudeness which suits the theory/ethics/comittment of all those involved with this show. The DYI esthetic presented visually is a harder trick to pull off than it looks and rarely as accurately as this beauty conveys, computer or otherwise. Hell, there's even a puppet show on the bill. Can't get more punk than that and all for a measly 5 bucks. This one wins my heart in theory, practice, execution & the fuck 'em all, let's do whatever the fuck we want attitude.   2002-05-07 10:50:37
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   I'm coming from a xerox paste up back ground and studio art originally, not Graphic Design. I hated computers and avoided them completely for all the reasons listed below. I was a dumb ass. The computer is a tool and once I embraced it I increased my out put ten fold. You can make a design look like anythning you want on a computer. I have a Punk Rock poster for Photo Bill Daniel I designed with Jason Austin that looks just as punk as this bikini kill and it was done 100% on a computer and then silkscreened. I'll post that sucker when I can get a good shot of it. It was screened on cardboard so the final looks much cooler than the PSD file. Point is, as Poster Mistress pointed out so well, It is a tool and should be used as such. If you are faster doing cut and paste to get your desired effect that's great but I can get it just as fast in photoshop and it took me a few years to realize that and quit bagging on people who use computers to their advantage. For me coming to grips with using a computer was the best thing I ever did. It allows me to constantly hone my design skills just like life drawing 101 did back in school. Just have must faster results now. :-p   2002-05-07 10:21:30
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   yeah, i think there'll always be that type of argument. old school vs. new school...   2002-05-07 10:19:39
JGexSend JGex a message :   :lol: You made my point for me, Rock... thanks for explaining... much the same arguments was directed at air-brushing by hands on purists, too.   2002-05-07 10:05:06
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   damn...what the hell am i prattling on about? I can't even tell...   2002-05-07 10:00:43
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   well, PM, yeah. it is created by a human. but the little things that become automated-changing color, transforming text, objects, copying and pasting objects...these things are NOT done by man. not that the computer does it on it's own, but it's definitely not the same. but then again, xeroxing isn't exactly done by man, according to the above logic, so...i contradict myself once again. i use computers because i have to, not because i want to. so maybe that's why i seem to have a little attitude about them.   2002-05-07 09:49:32
JGexSend JGex a message :   :lol: I just want my Decoder Ring.....   2002-05-07 09:41:34
kozikSend kozik a message :   Do it both combos...have a good hardy....rokkin with Dokken..............what you goona do when holograms start happening? Start whining about the good old days of 2-D?, I want fucking Holodeck technology and I want it now!   2002-05-07 09:39:40
JGexSend JGex a message :   But Rockologist, work done on a computer IS created by a human. Computers cannot design.
I've always viewed computers as just another art tool, not as a replacement for the designer. I was an ad designer who was lucky enough to be a part of the transition from manual paste-up to computer layout.... maybe that's why I look at the computer as a tool and not a crutch.
  2002-05-07 09:27:06
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   same here. for me, it's becoming more and more important to show that the work was, in fact, created by a human, not a system of algorithms. a friend of mine told me that my view reminds her of navajo blanket makers, who purposefully make one slight 'mistake' in the patterns they weave, to show the imperfection of man, i guess as oppsed to the perfection of higher spririts...i dunno, but that sounds pretty good to me. especially since some people say technology has replaced god.   2002-05-07 09:22:09
JGexSend JGex a message :   I think it's hilarious... prior to the computer, ad designers spent a great deal of time and effort to clean up their layouts so they didn't look like they were xeroxed... now that the computer makes it easy, seems like everyone want to make their stuff look like it was xeroxed.
  2002-05-07 09:20:30
uncle charlieSend uncle charlie a message :   i got to admit, even though I use the computer a lot, I hate the clean look. This poster looks great. i spend a lot of my time on the computer trying to make my shit look like its NOT from the computer. i don't know why..   2002-05-07 09:12:29
JGexSend JGex a message :   Could somebody please explain why some of you guys detest a computer so much?   2002-05-07 08:58:14
HankTrotterSend HankTrotter a message :   This is a way cool poster. I wonder who did it. And did they use a color copy machine? The fewer posters created on the computer the better!   2002-05-07 08:52:05
JGexSend JGex a message :   I dig this for the same reasons, Stainboy. Flashbacks to my youth....   2002-02-01 18:09:54
Stainboy ReinelSend Stainboy Reinel a message :   Yup. I love this. I never get tired of seeing well-done, paste-up punkola!   2002-02-01 15:27:11
philaarts.comSend a message :   ooooooh sweet show!! good old school flyer!   2002-01-31 14:00:53
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