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Patent Pending  
Patent Pending  
2001-12-30 13:48:07
Death Cab For Cutie
Damien Jurado

Death Cab For Cutie Poster - Graceland, Seattle - Patent Pending

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ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   cool   2006-03-23 15:00:30
Dirk FowlerSend Dirk Fowler a message :   I don't think it's metallic, but yeah sort of gold/beige. The black overprints the green and red, so they show through. This jpeg doesn't do it justice. The wacky cut is cool too.   2004-12-06 22:34:24
slaterSend slater a message :   is the hair gold or copper or something?   2004-12-06 22:11:24
ajosephbSend ajosephb a message :   I wish I was DIRK   2004-12-06 22:09:04
Dirk FowlerSend Dirk Fowler a message :   I have this one!   2004-12-06 21:59:29
ajosephbSend ajosephb a message :   agreed   2004-12-06 21:58:17
slaterSend slater a message :   this one too.   2004-12-06 21:54:20
pontuslundkvistSend pontuslundkvist a message :   oops sorry 'bout that!   2004-08-26 06:51:25
pontuslundkvistSend pontuslundkvist a message :   I really like this one. I know i've seen a very similar design on some giallo poster. Maybe I was thinking about "Anatomy of a Murder", but I really don't think so. Certainly not a rip-off anyway. See for yourselves:   2004-08-26 06:51:05
pontuslundkvistSend pontuslundkvist a message :   I really like this one. I know i've seen a very similar design on some giallo poster. Maybe I was thinking about "Anatomy of a Murder", but I really don't think so. Certainly not a rip-off anyway. See for yourselves:   2004-08-26 06:49:43
ajosephbSend ajosephb a message :   I want this too....   2004-04-30 22:34:42
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   I saw this one in AA's studio. It's purty like all get out.   2003-07-04 16:39:44
perkinsSend perkins a message :   GREATGREATGREAT!!!   2003-03-21 12:48:09
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   Hello, sweety pie.   2002-12-18 21:06:22
kozikSend kozik a message :   me likee long time.   2002-07-20 17:45:08
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   Man oh man I'd love to sell all our "inventory" even at $35 a pop we get very few takers. New vacuum table, new washout sink, think of the possibilities. Everyone wants the posters until you give them the price. They even flinch at paying $10. There's a big misconception that we are all getting rich from the promoters funding the project so why do we sell them at all, just give them away. Maybe some printers get rich but we don't. We print because we love to and if we sell a few then we consider ourselves lucky. We are just now starting to recoup expenses for ink, paper, equipment, TIME. All of you that print and design know how much time you put in. Top notch designers should be making around $100 and hour. Calculate how much time goes into designing and printing a three colour screen, even a small run of 50, and see if selling posters from a non paid run seems so bad.
Some one said after the promoter, friends, etc get copies there are few left. That's true too. One of our more popular prints was the Spiritualized "hanger" poster. Between the band and the club they took half the run. Another half of the remaining went up to poster and that left us with very few. Now we are finally organized and trying to sell and we don't have a single one to offer. On the other hand we made a large run for Mercury Rev and we can't give them away.
Like I said we never skim the calendars for shows we think we can profit on and just do the poster. We are always working with the band or promoter to get sign off on the job and sometimes even the image. That Strokes poster was comp #2. They passed on the first one so I had to come up with a second idea. If we sell out that run I think we'll break even on the time or maybe make enough to buy more ink.
That came off kinda like a rant but it's not just want people who don't have the same printing experience to know how we are operating. I don't think it's that uncommon in the rock art world.
p.s. Spacelady thanks for the compliment for our site!
  2002-04-08 22:01:32
spaceladySend spacelady a message :   i was referring to the guys in tx. in re to the strokes poster. but yeah. i think all artists should at least know. as possibly all the work etc wouldnt be worth the hassle if you could do something else noone else was doing.   2002-04-08 10:26:02
Jeff KleinsmithSend Jeff Kleinsmith a message :   Well, actually we're selling posters for $20 each, not $35. And you're right, IF we sell all of the posters we have we'll be stinking rich!
I'm just not sure how I feel about there being a bunch of different posters for the same show. That's all. I would have like to have known so I can decide whether I was willing to add my poster to the mix. I don't feel like I got ripped off or undercut. I don't think these promoters have a particular allegiance to me. Tyler and Jermaine do great work and if Graceland wants to hire them instead of me. Do it. I think they just see it as an opportunity to have as many tools as possible to promote their show. (It strikes me that this is also a mini version of Vibranium's "B(R)AND" thread. Three TOTALLY different solutions to the same problem - how close do they represent the identity of the band? And should they?).
  2002-04-08 10:01:11
spaceladySend spacelady a message :   but you sell the posters for 35 each on your website (cool website btw). seems like a sweet deal. even if only sell say 30@35 bux=1050 better than being paid.   2002-04-08 09:24:16
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   We've worked directly with the promoters or bands on every poster we've done. We contact them and work out what ever compensation (if any) applies to specific jobs. We are rarely the only people doing posters for a single show however. Clubs have contacted us and said "just so you know there are other people doing posters for free but we didn't ask." I thought that was cool of them to make the call.
Emo's here in Austin gets people coming out of the woodwork for all their shows. they will only pick one artist to get paid though. That doesn't stop the rest from cranking out a flyer. Jermaine and I did a poster for the same Strokes show. I was dealing with Ryan, their manager, have no idea who Jermaine talked to. Knowing their relationship it was prolly Ryan too. That one wasn't a money deal but we got a few friends in to a sold out show and we have had no trouble selling that print. Got to see the new process Jermaine was screening with up close too. It's tight and looks great.
Bottom line is we will always work with the promoter or band on our jobs. It's seems a little fake just to skim the upcoming concerts and design away with no contact with the promoter.
  2002-04-08 09:16:25
smileSend smile a message :   i think if an artist gets PAID for a show specifically. prehaps the promoter has a responsibilty to sorta coordinate. i mean. it looks like the b/w tabliod guy in the end loses out. as he is contricted by the clubs payment. has to compete with 2 silkscreens. doesnt seem right. kinda wierd. wasnt there talk about this being a movement. if so wouldnt uniting be better than survival of the fittest? these are hypotheticals. because i like all these posters. all great!   2002-04-08 04:15:58
BLTSend BLT a message :   I think the Promoters should have let Jeff and Jermaine know that each of them were doing a poster for the same show. I think what the promoters were thinking was "FUCK YEAH, we're getting two screenprinted posters for the same show and were not paying a dime for'em" I don't think it's weird that Tylers poster was made, in most cases when we do a screenprint for a bigger show there is almost always a B/W xerox poster (usually by a different artist) that they can copy larger numbers of posters and flyer in more places with and use the screenprints for the club and key locations.
But what do I know? I just print.
  2002-04-07 17:42:32
kolfacekillaSend kolfacekilla a message :   jeff, my first impulse is to laugh, how many other death cab posters for this show are there? my second impulse is to wonder why they asked me to do a poster? on the one hand more art generated by an event, well, how can that be bad? it gives artists a chance to practice their craft. but if one was attempting to establish any sort of brand identity, well, you'd have three different looks that most people would think 'gee, this must be for a different death cab show.' it generates more work for all involved, yet fragments the actual events look, so in the end the posters just all stand on their own.
if the artists had known there were others working on posters for the same show, they would have been able to perhaps use somesort of unifying graphic, even the way Graceland was written or something. to tie it together as a series. as it is, they are not similar thru no fault of any of the artists.
i do blame the promoters, though in this case i know em and i know they didn't mean any harm. great shows like this don't come along all the time, and they probably figured if people want to do posters for them, go ahead. but its all just my opinion. :-)
  2002-04-07 16:35:51
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   It does seem a bit strange that three posters were made for the same show,i suppose it can work two ways 1)three posters for one gig water each other down and lessen the impact of the 3 individual posters or 2)improves the chances of people attending the gig cause they've seen an unusual idea in practice and that maybe the act must be pretty damn good to warrant 3 posters from 3 artists.It is though,definitely the promotors responsibility to let each artist know theres gonna be more than one poster,if they don't tell you and you see other peoples posters advertising the same show,if it happened to me anyway i'd be kinda cheesed off about it.   2002-04-07 16:30:55
Jeff KleinsmithSend Jeff Kleinsmith a message :   Since we're on the subject, I thought I'd throw this one into the mix. This is the one I did for the Death Cab show. How'd it come to pass that three artists (only one of which lives in Seattle) did a poster for the same Seattle show?
It was screen printed by BLT. Hung in Seattle before the show, and was commissioned but no design fee was paid.
This discussion now splinters into a number of potential conversations... 1. Is it lame that one show gets three (or more) different posters from different artists? Is it the promotor's ethical responsibility to tell the other artists that other folks are doing posters for the same show? If I knew that two other posters were being made for this show I would have backed out.
  2002-04-07 16:15:30
lureSend lure a message :   love this one.   2002-01-10 14:34:54
Nolen StralsSend Nolen Strals a message :   Ah man, I was gonna make the saul bass-y comment. The color choice on this is really nice, and the shaped paper too.   2001-12-31 05:56:50
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   This IS really good! It's influenced by Bass' "Anatomy of a Murder", but doesn't directly rip it off. I dig the odd shape too.   2001-12-30 15:56:13
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