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Aesthetic Apparatus 
Irving Plaza
New York City
Aesthetic Apparatus 
2001-12-13 21:31:36
Pedro The Lion
Explosion, The
Strike Anywhere
New End Original

Pedro The Lion Poster - Irving Plaza, New York City - Aesthetic Apparatus

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THE PiNCHSend THE PiNCH a message :   Randomized®.   2012-11-06 16:11:00
standardSend standard a message :   my high school's colors were brown and gold and i could never figure out why in hell anyone would choose that combo. everything always looked awful (mostly because cheap printing would always make the "gold" a very bright yellow). as the rival sports teams used to say, "shit and piss!".
anyway, this is an excellent use of above-mentioned colors, and a great design in general. redeems the whole make-believe curse i've placed on these colors in my mind. i wish it was the cover of my yearbook. then mebbe i woulda bought one.
  2002-08-22 11:08:18
GIGARTSend GIGART a message :   I really like this poster...went to make this post and noticed like 73 other posts...dont feel like reading it..but really like the colors and shape of this...really cool.   2002-08-06 00:08:41
Nolen StralsSend Nolen Strals a message :   a high school is the perfect place for a poster show...!!! that's awesome. just curious how you hooked that up?   2002-05-06 09:19:22
backdraftSend backdraft a message :   very cool poster! do you do shows to display these?   2002-05-06 09:01:31
Mr FrumpySend Mr Frumpy a message :   For my two cents...I think its a pretty cool poster. Id flog it off the wall if I saw it n take it home. Id also notice it enough to read it... so ummm, this means its a good poster ...right??? As for type mutalation etc.... I wouldnt know... I never learnt the art of that, I just do it, and hope it works, as with most things in life.
I must admit the bitch fest is Hallarious and all... but now its kinda tired. I think if youre gonna slag someone maybe just try it when youre logged off. :roll:
  2002-05-03 16:25:45
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   How do you AA punks manage to do it? Every time someone comments on yr crap it blows up the Illo vs. designer argument. Amazing. Kraftie noticed we at factor27 Illustrate some stuff. Nice eye there Kevin. We try and utilize many styles and approaches to stay "fresh" Some are complete failures that most of you will never see but some work. Albeit we have slipped a couple on here that shouldn't have seen the light of day. I think it's very cool of Captains not to out any specific designer on this site as an example. I like to think I'm friends with many of you from different camps and I wouldn't think of singling out anyone unless the critique was solicited. I'm from the school of can't say anything good keep your mouth shut. I know the fellas at AA know I think they are aces. I've changed my design approach completely since I started seeing their badass work. Between them and Jeff K (and many more new influences from this site) I'm just trying to keep up. This is a sweet piece for sure even if I didn't get the bird :-p   2002-05-03 16:19:23
bopstSend bopst a message :   2002-05-03 13:14:19
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   bopst-i'm scared. what are you talking about?   2002-05-03 13:11:57
lureSend lure a message :   same old shit. very nice poster, apparatus. tonado, you're a prick. and jermaine, you're the voice of reason.   2002-05-03 12:50:21
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   Some of you 'illustration advocates' forget that someone like KOZIK has used clip art/found images repeatedly. Yet, I never see him on your 'hit lists' of 'clip-art' designers. Im not looking for any static here: converesely, Im offering an humble suggestion. Stop limiting yourselves.   2002-05-03 11:23:31
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   man my spelling is terrible   2002-05-03 11:17:08
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   tornado - im no here to convince you, check out some other threads, we have pointed out bad type before. If you want to PM me about it then do so but i dont think its at all appropriate to bring other artists into this... im not about that
bopst - thanks man, we arent done yet the recreation section is going up this weekend i think
  2002-05-03 11:16:09
bopstSend bopst a message :   More sidebar...... Rockologist: I touched you again and again, but still you won't put out. Is that the point?   2002-05-03 11:14:21
bopstSend bopst a message :   A side bar here folks..... Captain of Industry: That web site you have up is fucking amazing and the work never fails to please. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.....   2002-05-03 11:10:11
tornadoSend tornado a message :   Cap...Im not convinced. And now, I really want to see a poster by a well-known illustrator with horrible type. Ive just heard that accusation thrown SO many times before on this site, and none of you guys are ever ready to put your opinions on the line, where youll have to defend them here, publicly. Illustrative fans certainly arent afraid to do that with you guys stuff- take this thread as proof of it. Just stop insinuating and lets discuss if were going to discuss.I just dont agree with you.   2002-05-03 11:02:23
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   i dont remember what the country of origin was... sorry   2002-05-03 10:58:59
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   Cap, I think i know the book that you are talking about. a french publication right? I think i saw it on ebay yesterday, cant find it just now though.   2002-05-03 10:57:44
tornadoSend tornado a message :   Yea, Lemony...but to some folks the act of 'cutting out the hand' is so full of 'genius'.   2002-05-03 10:57:43
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   tornado-are you bored or something? because if you are, then maybe you should look at the old forums, and read the posts from all the other times this argument has popped up...   2002-05-03 10:57:07
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   welp, im not gonna drag an other artists work into this because I really dont think its appropriate to slag somebody who isnt even a part of this discussion. if you take a look around this site there are some posters with pretty nice illustrations and horrid type. horrid type faces, horrid type manipulation and horrid type treatment. That said there are some illustrations with great type as well   2002-05-03 10:55:57
nocturnSend nocturn a message :   i apologize for all of this. i should have realized it would have gone nowhere. too much testosterone in the house. i'm sorry for starting all of this, i really really am.   2002-05-03 10:55:25
tornadoSend tornado a message :   I havent sidestepped any issue Cap, because you have yet to show me an example of a poster by an accomplished illustrator poster artist with bad text. I HAVE shown you an example of what I think I poor image is...just look above. Ill comment on the issue when I see proof...because I dont know of any poster by an accomplished illustrator artist with horrible type.   2002-05-03 10:52:35
nocturnSend nocturn a message :   i just really respect this type of work and feel that it get s overshadowed by the gross illustration and design style of most contemporary artists. keep in mind, i've never been happy with the art world, as long as i've been a part of it. it always seems like everyone's trying to be an "artist" as opposed to making work that is aesthetically pleasing to them and who they want to see it. it's not baout who looks the nicest or who's got more intelligence or how old the designer is or their gender or their style, it's about getting the point across in a creative and pleasing way. just because something might be simple doesn't mean it's bad. sometimes simplicity is the best thing in life.   2002-05-03 10:51:59
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   why cant an adult designer manage to have a decent illustration on his poster? hmm ... just scanning some of the "designed" work here, i would have you take a look at factor 27's work. I believe that some of those illustrations on his pieces are not clip art.   2002-05-03 10:51:09
bopstSend bopst a message :   Dudes, can't we all just get along? :-D Debating this one is like debating why the sun comes up? It's got that slick high pro glow and picking it to death will never change the fact that it is a pretty decent, if conservative poster. In no way whatsoever does it even come close to touching the greatness of Winston Smith's agit pop, but it's loosely based in that school of graphic design theory minus the glorious justified hate. Are there Winson Smith designs on this site? I'm going to take a look............   2002-05-03 10:50:57
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   i dont claim to be an illustartor, im a designer... you side stepped the issue, i never said a 13 year old illustartor could match the work on this site.   2002-05-03 10:49:42
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   damn krafty, pretty smooth, i think thats the one, do you happen to have a book (i forget the name) printed in europe in the early '90s... may just be called typefaces or something, its about 120 pages, it had amazing faces i it, complete alphabets.. its long out of print now, sometimes it comes up on amazon but its rather expensive   2002-05-03 10:48:32
tornadoSend tornado a message :   why cant an adult designer manage to have a decent illustration on his poster?   2002-05-03 10:48:05
nocturnSend nocturn a message :   let's stand all of our egos next to each other and see who's got the biggest one. everyone's got something to prove.   2002-05-03 10:46:59
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   Old-Time Advertising Cuts And Typography: 184 Plates from the Boston Type and Stereotype Foundry Catalog (1832)"
in this book, the font is called "Fat Face," and is under various sizes.
anyhow, back to the AA poster, it's still good.
  2002-05-03 10:46:22
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   so i ask you... if any 13 year old with a computer can do something on this level... then why cant an adult poster illustrator manage to have beautiful typography on his or her poster?   2002-05-03 10:45:25
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   no, i dont name names because at one point us "designers" got called out for picking apart every illustarted piece that showed up on the site. there are some illustartors who continually stretch type faces, pay no attention to kerning or tracking etc...   2002-05-03 10:43:18
tornadoSend tornado a message :   EXAMPLES? Come ones gonna bite you.   2002-05-03 10:41:48
tornadoSend tornado a message :   No, this aint Winston Smith by a LONG shot.   2002-05-03 10:41:16
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   sorry, i didnt mean to say "all" that would be totaly false. but there are alot of great illustrated posters that it seems the artist didnt give any attention to the type.   2002-05-03 10:41:07
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   no, shit i never looked it up, its from an big orange hard cover, i think it was printed in the 40's alot of the fonts in it are reprinted in some of the new dover books so i wouldnt be surprised if its in there.   2002-05-03 10:39:31
tornadoSend tornado a message :   You say all the typography on 'illustrrated' posters look like shit. Thats a big statement Cap, but you dont want to back it up with examples. The 'illustrated' fans have the guts to confront you guys right here on comments beneath your own posters, but none of the design guys who have this salt in the wound grudge against illustrators can never name name or cite examples of these horrible posters that are so badly done. COme on, if you want to discuss, then lets do it. You said 'all of the illustrated posters' have bad typography. Thats a huge statement. Examples? I remember when all these anti-Kozik guys were talking about him and how he fucked up the poster thing in their opinion. Then, the dude comes online here, and every one of em disappears. pathetic.   2002-05-03 10:38:33
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   thanks captian, you've articulated the message i was trying to get at!
btw, i found out where those caps came from on your pinback poster - Dover book, Boston type and Stereotype foundry Catalog?
  2002-05-03 10:37:29
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   true this type choice and color are a throw back to that style of design... just as some of the illustrations on this site are a throw back to pinup girl art etc..   2002-05-03 10:37:00
BLINDEYESend BLINDEYE a message :   >"IF I MADE POSTER OF BIG TITTIED WOMEN I COULD BE FAMOUS TOO." :roll: :roll: :roll:   2002-05-03 10:36:22
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   this is not my favorite AA poster, but i do think it is damn good.   2002-05-03 10:34:26
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   well i dont wanna get into a big fight about this, but i think this is one of the reasons that there is a huge influx of people enrolling into design programs. The idea that its easy and that anyone can do it, and its just not true. There is a true art to typography, positioning, flow of the art work, choice in color that alot of people seem to think can be done by a click of the mouse. If these things are so easy to do, and so easy to master then why does the typography on all of the "illsutrated" posters look like total shit? im not one to pick a fight so i wont name names, and god knows i cant illustrate for shit... What would you say then if i said well anybody can draw cartoons? Its just a real shame that design has now been watered down to something anyone can do on a computer instead of a respected profession. Anyone can get a mac and photoshop and call them selves designers, that doesnt mean they deserve the title   2002-05-03 10:33:57
tornadoSend tornado a message :   ARt school? GAWD.... Kraftie, half of the guys you study in art school NEVER went to art school. I personally know several 17 year olds still in high school who can do things much more complicated than this. We arent looking at the Eiffel Tower, here. And your 'natural eye' statement...yes, theres tons of kids with a 'natural eye'. Dont need school to find it. The majority of artists on this site didnt go to art school.   2002-05-03 10:33:41
bopstSend bopst a message :   Anyway you look at this, you have to admit it's done with a knowing hand and well put together. Even though it works in the well established boundaries of poster art, it's a keeper despite it's conservative approach. The hand itself is worthy of repeated viewings.   2002-05-03 10:30:41
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   > . Nowadays, this kind of thing can be done by a 13 year old with a suped-up computer and a good knowledge of Adobe software. Thats not a bad thing, dont get me wrong.
only if said 13 year old has been to art school, or just happens to have a natural eye for good design.
it's not the tools people!
  2002-05-03 10:29:29
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   > . Nowadays, this kind of thing can be done by a 13 year old with a suped-up computer and a good knowledge of Adobe software. Thats not a bad thing, dont get me wrong.
only if said 13 year old has been to art school, or just happens to have a natural eye for good design.
it's not the tools people!
  2002-05-03 10:29:07
tornadoSend tornado a message :   Lemony, good point. CAP, it was coming because its true. When Chantry did this type of thing way back in the 80s, he was doing much of it by hand. I do think it took loads of talent and skill. Nowadays, this kind of thing can be done by a 13 year old with a suped-up computer and a good knowledge of Adobe software. Thats not a bad thing, dont get me wrong. Its still viable poster art/design...whatever. Just please dont try and sell us on the fact that this is so 'genius' and requires so much skill and saavy, because these days, it doesnt.   2002-05-03 10:25:55
nocturnSend nocturn a message :   i give up.   2002-05-03 10:24:04
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   lemony - i knew that one was comin   2002-05-03 10:22:16
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   late 80's / early '90s? your really gonna need to gimme an example on that please. I think your way off base with that, the colors, choice and choice of font are very contemporary (im not saying its a new font but these slab serif/clarendon style faces are very popular right now)....   2002-05-03 10:20:30
nocturnSend nocturn a message :   but it's actual design and artwork, regardless if they found those images or not. nothing is original anymore, it's all in how you use the world around you. to some those colors might be drab, but maybe that was the artist's point, to use colors that aren't normally used and to create a completely different feeling than the majority of other owkr you might see on this site.   2002-05-03 10:18:27
nocturnSend nocturn a message :   "mainstream corporate ad design"?!?! i sure as hell don't follow that. i mean, a picture of some silly drawn naked chick with a damn robot sodomizing her is original? we're in a culture based on gender roles and itemizing women, and something like that is viewed as "original" on this site by most people?!? i just don't understand. it's like artwork is ignored on this site. and yes, it is all about opinion and i never said anything about right or wrong, but for christ's skae, where do all these poeple come from? if i made poster of big tittied women and harsh digital colors i could famous too! i give up."ain't no one gonna listen if they want to remain ignorant"   2002-05-03 10:16:22
skinSend skin a message :   Kraftie, Im not sayin that to that extreme. I think there should be balance too. I just think people dont want to see muted colors and copy.clip art/found images, whatever you want to call it. If naked girls with mosters coming out of their butts is one end of the spectrum then this kind of stuff is the other end. Its trying to be so smart that its boring.   2002-05-03 10:15:35
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   really? what corporarations?   2002-05-03 10:14:04
freddySend freddy a message :   Yea, the word for me is 'bland', too. I have nothing against this style and I wish these guys success. But this stuff doesnt really generate anything in me close to a feeling for or against this band, going to the show, or whatever. A lot of these types of posters look like mainstream corporate ad design from the late 80s/early 90s. I guess that's not a bad thing. I guess. Just my opinion   2002-05-03 10:11:54
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   right, and a lot of people here would rather see naked chick with big tits with monsters coming out of their asses ... personally, i find that shit to be rather offensive, but there sure is a plethora of that type of crap here, so i'll keep my mouth shut.   2002-05-03 10:09:52
kevin jonesSend kevin jones a message :   right, and a lot of people here would rather see naked chick with big tits with monsters coming out of their asses ... personally, i find that shit to be rather offensive, but there sure is a plethora of that type of crap here, so i'll keep my mouth shut.   2002-05-03 10:09:34
skinSend skin a message :   its all about opinion NOCTURN. A lot of folks dont see this kind of stuff as 'incredible'. To some of use its a pretty bland image/layout/.color scheme. But theres no right and wrong, just opinion.   2002-05-03 10:04:10
nocturnSend nocturn a message :   i just want to know why no one ever comments on the really nice posters that are on this website. i mean, if we're here to look at design content and style, then is it that the truly original and artisic pieces are never discussed? it seems that poeple get more hung up on the bands themselves or what i would call poor design style and artistry than the good stuff that's posted on this site. take this piece for example. it's incredible.   2002-05-03 09:58:02
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   cool,gold and brown always go well together,i like the composition too, a simple but classy poster   2002-01-07 18:05:39
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