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Burlesque of North America  
7th St Entry
2005-01-06 20:58:26
Dj Nikoless
Masta I
Brother Ali
Bk One
King Otto
Dames, The
Swiss Army
Los Nativos
Cardinal Sin, The
Dillinger Four
I-self Devine
Crescent Moon
One Be Lo
Vox Vermillion
Buck Kac
Psalm One
Dj Spontaneous
Dj Espada

Atmosphere Poster - 7th St Entry, Minneapolis - Burlesque of North America

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VonDadaSend VonDada a message :   This is pretty great.   2010-03-20 11:16:15
Beto RamirezSend Beto Ramirez a message :   OMG!   2010-03-12 11:28:36
adamturmanSend adamturman a message :   My fave poster of all time.   2010-03-12 11:19:30
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   This is my fave WezzBurlesque poster. Classic.   2010-03-11 13:11:12
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   Ah, an ol' fave.   2007-05-06 19:52:15
bdixSend bdix a message :   Letta, I see this pretty lady every day. On top of my "to be framed" pile.   2005-06-15 08:48:53
JohnnyThiefSend JohnnyThief a message :   Burleque is like the new superhero in town,... just sent out the Fantomas poster for framing,... incredible work, brothers!   2005-06-15 06:55:40
lettawrenSend lettawren a message :   haven't seen this pretty lady lately! wes really took it to the bridge on this one.   2005-06-15 06:39:55
oahu_surfaSend oahu_surfa a message :   unreal.   2005-06-15 06:10:31
thenailmcSend thenailmc a message :   My alltime favorite poster   2005-06-14 23:43:57
donkeySend donkey a message :   :o
another great poster from burlesque...who knew
  2005-04-29 23:28:26
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   im so incredibly not surprised this poster is sold out.
its that fuckin good.
  2005-03-27 14:37:17
slaterSend slater a message :   they are amazing artists for sure.
you guys might wanna think about doing a subscription of sorts cause I think you'd have quite a few buyers from GP alone.
  2005-03-27 13:46:11
EdGossageSend EdGossage a message :   i wanted to get one of these in austin, or at least some burlesque stuff.... but i was so intimidated by wes that i couldnt bring myself to go over there and try and trade one of my shitty ass prints for one of these things of absolute beauty.
keep on keepin all yall burlesque folks.
  2005-03-27 12:17:29
John ASend John A a message :   Lure is correct, this is sick.   2005-03-27 11:58:00
lureSend lure a message :   this looks great here, but in person it's unbelievable! it was great to see Burlesque's stuff in person at flatstock.   2005-03-27 11:21:30
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   utterly absurd.   2005-02-14 21:17:34
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   its ridiculous.   2005-02-14 21:13:57
kpelletSend kpellet a message :   I'm very sad that I didn't buy this. I can't begin to imagine how nice it really looks.   2005-02-14 21:05:14
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   this came in the mail today. its officially my valentine.   2005-02-14 20:29:47
ShadSend Shad a message :   Can Burlesque do wrong?   2005-02-05 13:40:40
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   mee too. it arrived last week, soooo amazing in person.   2005-02-05 13:25:23
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   i bought this so fast.   2005-02-05 13:24:12
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   still rules. so placing an order this week. unreal.   2005-01-18 10:49:16
standardSend standard a message :   I am tempted.   2005-01-13 10:34:30
bwhitlaSend bwhitla a message :   just received this in the mail. holy crap is the printing amazing in person. keep up the good work.   2005-01-13 10:00:33
TenebriniSend Tenebrini a message :   This is soooo nice in person. If I hadn't just bought one of those Horkey prints I'd have bought this...   2005-01-11 12:31:40
Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   hi I want this, thanks.   2005-01-11 12:27:22
paganSend pagan a message :   Excellent poster!   2005-01-11 12:17:03
vaqueroSend vaquero a message :   your work blows my mind.   2005-01-09 09:51:13
steve wSend steve w a message :   I was gonna say "horrid B.O." but went with "massive hangover" instead.   2005-01-08 17:41:09
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   Surprisingly, I'm not hung over.
I just have a few air guitar dancing injuries.
  2005-01-08 17:37:30
steve wSend steve w a message :   having just spent 5 hours in a room with Dwitt, this poster can attest to his massive hangover   2005-01-08 17:18:10
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   having just spent 5 hours in a room with this poster while gallery sitting, I can attest to its brilliance.   2005-01-08 17:05:31
n vaughtSend n vaught a message :   bad-ass!!!! i love the wings...   2005-01-08 12:55:24
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   came back too look again...unreal. unfuckingreal. whew. damn. so good.   2005-01-08 09:34:05
tim goughSend tim gough a message :   :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:   2005-01-08 09:12:52
largemammalSend largemammal a message :   Absolutely one of the best posters I've ever seen. EVER.   2005-01-07 20:43:32
pinoretreadSend pinoretread a message :   POSTER OF THE WEEK. Maybe even the early new year. :clap:   2005-01-07 15:39:14
killingcupidSend killingcupid a message :   Holy shit! Fucking great poster!   2005-01-07 14:32:37
CARLONSend CARLON a message :   Yeah, I got one of these at the Weds show. The texture is great. Beautiful stuff.   2005-01-07 13:37:52
kickatruckxSend kickatruckx a message :   i picked this up last night, it is amazing in person. incredible detail.   2005-01-07 11:29:30
wezzburlesqueSend wezzburlesque a message :   here's some in progress images-   2005-01-07 11:21:01
meliaSend melia a message :   daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. :o   2005-01-07 10:34:00
bdixSend bdix a message :   Dope. A technical printing masterpiece.   2005-01-07 10:24:36
ferg2001Send ferg2001 a message :   geeezuz   2005-01-07 10:19:40
lettawrenSend lettawren a message :   it's three colors for the love of god! cream/off-white/whatever, bright green, cyan. it's like wes' acid mothers' temple poster where you get all confused trying to count them.   2005-01-07 10:12:45
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Damn. Stunning.   2005-01-07 09:55:26
Johnny CrapSend Johnny Crap a message :   This is really well done. Is it really 3 colors? I keep counting 4.   2005-01-07 09:53:19
vastaghSend vastagh a message :   pretty.   2005-01-07 09:43:22
slaterSend slater a message :   jesus, amazing. It's good how you go the defined light source.   2005-01-07 08:20:06
jasoncrossSend jasoncross a message :   yep. sick.   2005-01-07 08:19:13
standardSend standard a message :   holy effing christ   2005-01-07 08:19:01
lettawrenSend lettawren a message :   it really is only three colors... wezz is a wizard that way. the cyan is really glossed-up, too, so these look rad.   2005-01-07 08:18:50
EdGossageSend EdGossage a message :   you blow my mind.   2005-01-07 08:12:14
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   good grief that's a ton of bands to list, well done. beautiful image. i love the light.   2005-01-07 07:41:26
hit and runSend hit and run a message :   I'm counting 4 colors, are there only 3? Either wya, it is fucking incredible. EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!!!!!   2005-01-07 07:33:23
adamturmanSend adamturman a message :   I gotta say it again, this is so awesome. There is so much text on it, and delt with so beautifully. Wow Wezz.   2005-01-07 07:29:13
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   BEST ATMOSPHERE POSTER EVER!!! :o   2005-01-07 07:22:12
adamturmanSend adamturman a message :   Oh my God Wezz, I might be needing one of these. Beautiful. Just fucking beautiful.   2005-01-07 07:19:20
ZELIGSend ZELIG a message :   This is fucking nice. That glow draws your eye right to the list.   2005-01-07 07:18:12
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   that's a lot of posters, man.
this turned out great.
  2005-01-07 07:10:36
edSend ed a message :   god damn :o   2005-01-07 04:07:47
nemotronSend nemotron a message :   awesome wes... just friggin awesome   2005-01-07 02:50:39
wezzburlesqueSend wezzburlesque a message :   3 color. 25" X 19 ". edition of 400- 300 on black, 100 on chocolate brown.   2005-01-07 02:41:45
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