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Jack Danger  
Bottom Lounge
Jack Danger  
2004-05-13 12:26:33
Andrew W.k.
Locust, The

Andrew W.k. Poster - Bottom Lounge, Chicago - Jack Danger

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ENothingSend ENothing a message :   Daniel, there was an elementary school teacher in a an article in today's paper named Angel Danger (awesome name, real I guess). Your sis?   2004-05-18 13:29:17
loris_unshinesSend loris_unshines a message :   me likey!   2004-05-17 17:33:27
unexitSend unexit a message :   Just thought you kids would like to know... this show was the most rockinest show to ever be put on this planet. GAH!   2004-05-17 15:06:17
perkinsSend perkins a message :   This fucking rules.   2004-05-15 14:43:50
unexitSend unexit a message :   history is..... ::thinking of a witty thing to say:: history is.. history.   2004-05-14 13:02:22
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   History is dead.   2004-05-14 11:58:07
JephSend Jeph a message :   Don't forget the dinosaurs...Chantry would be pissed. 9cheap shot)...sorry Art   2004-05-14 11:42:20
steve wSend steve w a message :   Herds of wild Kozik roamed the plains.   2004-05-14 11:36:19
unexitSend unexit a message :   interesting... ::announcer voice:: "The Learning Channel Presents.." "Jacks Comment Board" ::grin::   2004-05-14 11:32:06
standardSend standard a message :   Life was simpler back in aught-one.
It was man vs. nature. Kill or be killed.
  2004-05-14 11:13:23
Bryan MoatsSend Bryan Moats a message :   weirding me out, guys.   2004-05-14 10:55:04
standardSend standard a message :   Kendra was the native guide. She taught the white man the way of the elk and the secret of the wolf.   2004-05-14 10:24:25
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   the first gigposter was printed with the blood of a grizzly bear. it said "jebediah and the wagon wheels - tonight - @the river bank - 2 racoon pelts"   2004-05-14 10:23:01
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   hey tom-you left kendra out of the legend.   2004-05-14 10:22:40
steve wSend steve w a message :   Where was Al Gore?   2004-05-14 10:21:44
standardSend standard a message :   Jebediah Danger and Clayton Hayes traveled down river in a bark canoe and settled on the lush banks of the internet. They built the original GP forum out of redwood logs.   2004-05-14 10:18:24
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   i heard tales of him hacking the program and making layers in photoshop 2.0. such a man could never exist!   2004-05-14 10:16:20
standardSend standard a message :   Actually Jebediah Danger discovered back in 2001, back before your fancy paved roads and indoor plumbing.   2004-05-14 10:14:24
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   thanks! but im the OG danger round here. best not be stepppin or i likely to pop various caps in various asses! or ill send Shakey Pete and Eddie after you.
im pretty tall though. but around here, coolness is decided almost entirely by ones post count.
  2004-05-14 10:11:51
unexitSend unexit a message :   daniel... I just checked out your site... and... your one fine artist my friend. kudos.   2004-05-14 08:58:41
unexitSend unexit a message :   Listen... Im sure that Im much taller than you so Obviously im cooler... but that aside... lets punch kids faces.. together.. the danger duo... err... yeah.   2004-05-14 08:53:06
EdGossageSend EdGossage a message :   ill join your gang danile. there can only be one mr. danger round these parts... i reckon   2004-05-14 08:32:31
standardSend standard a message :   I appreciate the scary blood-covered grizzly bear shooting hand-lasers at that submarine. Er.. building.   2004-05-14 08:16:09
JephSend Jeph a message :   I think Tom is a bully.   2004-05-14 08:12:24
unexitSend unexit a message :   ::pats your head:: there ya go.   2004-05-14 08:11:25
standardSend standard a message :   DUSTY'S AN ASS JERK   2004-05-14 08:11:07
unexitSend unexit a message :   whoa... keep the name calling to ass and jerk please.   2004-05-14 08:10:40
standardSend standard a message :   Well, then I'm a BADASS one. Graaarr!!!!   2004-05-14 08:09:37
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   you? your a pussy.   2004-05-14 08:08:52
standardSend standard a message :   WRONG I'm a TIGER!!!!   2004-05-14 08:08:10
unexitSend unexit a message :   Im gunna go with... kid-o. (covers both bases)   2004-05-14 08:07:37
standardSend standard a message :   Am I a cat or a kitten?   2004-05-14 07:59:04
unexitSend unexit a message :   Thanks cats and kittens.... more to come!   2004-05-14 07:50:36
j.w.Send j.w. a message :   The illo's sweet. The guy at the bottom RULES!   2004-05-14 01:16:01
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   No rumor, just a fact . . . Jack! :evil:   2004-05-14 00:10:19
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   when you get mad you start shaking, then well be like "DAMN, YOU GOT SHAKEY PETE MAD, HES GONNA FREAK FO SHOA"
youre rumoured to have killed a teacher at your old school.
  2004-05-14 00:09:21
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   That's cool; people will fear a nickname like "shakey." It makes me seem slightly off my rocker.
Yeah! Shakey Pete it is!
  2004-05-14 00:07:29
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   siiiigh, i GUESS. your nickname is Shakey Pete though.   2004-05-14 00:05:38
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   Deal, but can they be prescription?   2004-05-14 00:04:34
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   ok, you gotta wear the 3D glasses. youve got reddish hair right? all gangs need a redheaded dude.   2004-05-14 00:03:47
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   By the way, that was one of Norm MacDonalds greatest skits on SNL.   2004-05-14 00:02:08
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   I've got the pompador, or at least the hair to achieve a pompador . . . I'll get the leather jacket on layaway.
No prblem on the snaps neither!
  2004-05-14 00:01:32
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   if it came down to it. who would be in my 50s street gang? you gotta supply your own jacket, pompador, and you have to be able to click your fingers for when we dance into battle.
were called the dangerouslys.
  2004-05-13 23:59:04
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   Don't let him get to ya daniel! That's just what he wants!   2004-05-13 23:57:29
dennyschmickleSend dennyschmickle a message :   You must be related.
  2004-05-13 23:56:52
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   jack danger eh?
::stares you down coldly::
  2004-05-13 23:54:21
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   What a strange bill? Andrew WK with Locust?   2004-05-13 23:40:50
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