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Jared Connor  
La Zona Rosa
Jared Connor  
2001-08-05 13:57:09
Bardo Pond

Mogwai Poster - La Zona Rosa, Austin - Jared Connor

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JohnnyThiefSend JohnnyThief a message :   Now that Jared's married, we'll see a lot more great artwork, becase, we all know artists must suffer for their work!;)   2005-06-01 04:29:39
ajosephbSend ajosephb a message :   BAD ASS!!!!   2004-04-30 21:55:45
comptonSend compton a message :   randomized... :mrgreen:   2003-03-08 09:38:51
LeiaSend Leia a message :   Wow-- quite the drama was going on in these comments when this was first posted... I don't want to bash anyone, i just wanted to say I think this poster is rad.   2002-09-08 21:31:27
weaner_the_beanerSend weaner_the_beaner a message :   This poster describes Mogwai so well,I hope to see more posters for mogwai like this :o)   2002-09-04 10:04:28
magsidolSend magsidol a message :   I have that too. Hi Jared. :-D   2002-08-14 20:31:36
seripopSend seripop a message :   that last comment was in REALLY poor taste considering how sick mr speed is right now   2002-07-29 14:05:59
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   All Im saying is this poster ROCKS. This is my favorite Connor poster.   2002-07-29 13:36:16
BarrySend Barry a message :   Dam this is a great debate. So who is the winner?   2002-07-29 13:34:30
Dusty!Send Dusty! a message :   Speed, your ripping this guy up for using a great 15th century image. check your portfolio buddy, unless im mistaken you arent Dr. Suess. Just because you drew a nice little rendering of the Cat in the Hat doesnt mean the bumbeling feline is your intellectual property, and i think this certainly means that you lost some room to chew out this guy. Just because you blew out the contrast on some images (the race car, the rock) doesnt mean your above anyone else. I think connor used a great iamge to portray a great band (why you attacked the band i have no idea) and though im must say i dont enjoy the type treatment, i can say that it is alot better than most of the layouts on this site. Now, im fully prepared for your reply to be an attack on some of the imagery in The Captains work, go ahead, Ive got nothing to hide or to apologize for... I have no qualms with your, nor connors use of imagery, i just think you need to check be clear that you arent doing the same thing.   2002-01-15 06:44:09
drowningcreekSend drowningcreek a message :   Dear Speed,
What does calling someone on their lack of professionalism become being self righteous?
I'm not going to wade into a war of words over ethics with you. You seem to love enjoy the conflict.
Just realize that respect is earned and to earn respect you must give it in return.
Call that self righteous if you will, but it works for me.
  2002-01-15 06:17:13
SpeedSend Speed a message :   Dear drowning creek, Don't be so self-righteous, that's why I left the south in the first place. However, I have written a letter of apology to Jared, and encouraged him to keep pumping out the goods. All I want to do is push talent, but as Max says, "push, don't shove." Sorry for being a dickhead, it doesn't suit the site, your right. Apologies to anyone I offended.   2002-01-15 00:19:26
drowningcreekSend drowningcreek a message :   Speed, dude you need to chill on the personal attacks.
Giving someone a critique whether good or bad , needs to be kept about the art, and not about the person, or where they are from. That has nothing to do about the piece being critiqued. having a modest style while critiquing is a must if you wish to be taken serious.
Acting like a professional will get you farther in this business than anything else, even your design or illustration skills.
That is the most important lesson any artist has to learn and often times it's hard, very hard.
We welcome your critiques, but do them from a constructive point of view or run the risk of people discounting your views due to a lack of professionalism.
  2002-01-14 17:28:55
JGexSend JGex a message :   good grief....   2002-01-14 17:11:09
SpeedSend Speed a message :   Oh I know the photo. I had to map it out on a grid of fucking canvas. In fact, for the sake of argument, I would even call it lifted. I had to paint it (sharpie it) so I wouldn't feel dirty, but if you knew the band, gawd it was perfect. Good call though, I knew my past would sneak up on me at some least it's not an ex girlfriend at the door with a little surprise.   2002-01-14 16:29:19
BasilSend Basil a message :   And man, I dont want to get into it with you...cause youd prolly win and make me look like an ass. So, its cool. Ill take yer word that its a painting.   2002-01-14 16:23:22
BasilSend Basil a message :   Man, I may be dumb...but Im not blind. THAT is a photo. PERIOD. Im looking at the original photograph of it RIGHT now on a Kennedy image collections website.   2002-01-14 16:21:47
SpeedSend Speed a message :   Basil, wrong, but thanks for playing. While this is a famous photograph, I made a seven foot drawing of it for my friends in the corporate avenger. Only 3 of these exist, they are all over 7 feet tall, and I hand painted all three, but thanks for playing!   2002-01-14 16:20:04
lureSend lure a message :   no, it really shouldn't matter where the image comes from. as long as it's not infringing on someone else's copyright. although i find it makes a piece a little extra special if the artist really created the art. not that either way is right or wrong. and i say that as someone who almost always lifts the art.   2002-01-14 16:18:58
SpeedSend Speed a message :   ouch, I ran away from that pit 3 years ago, where are you locked down, I mean living?   2002-01-14 16:18:03
BasilSend Basil a message :   This one, dude:
This IS your work, right?
  2002-01-14 16:17:20
lureSend lure a message :   speedie: i made the "respect" comment. and, even worse, i'm in fucking florida.   2002-01-14 16:15:28
SpeedSend Speed a message :   Basil, what poster did I make with a scanned photo, refresh my memory, seriously.   2002-01-14 16:10:36
SpeedSend Speed a message :   No, I went through that same debate 3 years ago. This guy from the "old days" was all like "if you don't pull it, iit ain't art". well sometimes funds are limited and all that shit, so you got no choice but to go to yer local print shop. I'm just not a fan of of stolen art. I'd rather see real conceptual effort put forth, and from going through yer posters, all I see is a guy who wants to walk around and say "I'm a poster artist". This is a cool flyer, way cool, but it is not (let me preface this) "in my opinion" anything close to art. Now stop being so fucking defensive and allow a little free speech.   2002-01-14 16:08:50
BasilSend Basil a message :   Seriously, should it matter where the image came from? Spped, Ive seen posters youve done with scanned photos. So whats up with that?   2002-01-14 16:03:52
BasilSend Basil a message :   Things seem to be heating up.   2002-01-14 16:01:40
connor13Send connor13 a message :   like i said, no problem taking criticism from someone i respect. just cause you pull your own ink, your justified in being a prick? i'm not gonna disgrace this great site with more of this 3rd grade bullshit. comment all you want, i'm glad you dont like my stuff. it validates it somehow.   2002-01-14 16:01:34
SpeedSend Speed a message :   And about respect....well, you just stay down in Texas kiddo, I gets my respect.   2002-01-14 15:58:47
SpeedSend Speed a message :   Yes, I'm envious of a kid that steals art and makes posters for half ass bands in a half ass state at half-ass venues. Yer right, I'm nailed. How could I have been so blind.....soam I not allowed to have an opinion unless it's positive? I've made 200 posters in 3 years, I just thought I might be able to state what I thought. But as always on this site, it's bandwagon or bust.   2002-01-14 15:56:46
connor13Send connor13 a message :   no round 2, sorry basil. i think its laughable. i have no problems taking criticism, good or bad, from someone i respect...   2002-01-14 15:56:25
BasilSend Basil a message :   OK...I gotta get popcorn and beer...and call up some friends...cuz maybe...JUST maybe, ROUND 2 IS ABOUT TO BEGIIIINNNN!!!!   2002-01-14 15:51:50
connor13Send connor13 a message :   ok, i make no bones about the fact i didnt illustrate it, i admit freely its "lifted/stolen", if i knew who made it i would have put their name on the poster, before mine. i would never think of impact as a "rudimentary type face", its one of the strongest font i know, in MY OPINION, and sorry if i destroyed the integrity of it by waving it, sorry if its "lame". thats your opinion and like assholes, you know the rest. I thought it looked better waved, TO ME it looked better. i didnt go to school for art, maybe thats obvious, whatever. i just like making things that look cool TO ME, and do what they are supposed to, promote the show. again with the kinkos thing speed? the kinkos that i know of dont have indigos, maybe they do in l.a. didnt i cover this already? constructive criticism or green-eyed envy, havent i heard that before? (that doesnt apply to all comment posters)   2002-01-14 15:48:51
Mr FrumpySend Mr Frumpy a message :   For what its worth, regardless that the image may be from a stained glass circa 15 century, I think its a nice piece... Most art is derivitive from somewhere, as is most new music. You found a nice photo, added some text and voila... a piece very suitable to the band you were doing it for... what more can you ask? Nice job a.   2002-01-14 15:48:21
lureSend lure a message :   that is another discussion. copyright infringment. in this case, it may be public domain, but, maybe not.   2002-01-14 15:20:29
SpeedSend Speed a message :   Not a cold-hearted slam, I'm just wondering. It's a piece of stolen art. It's got rudimentary type faces warped in a kind of lame way, so there. It still looks cool, but whoever made it in the 15th century should probably get a little credit too. I will applaud Jared for picking one spooky ass piece of art, and I won't throw stones. When I first started making flyers, I used almost nothing but stolen or "found" art, so I'd be as guilty as Jared. But at what point is it your own art just cause you found it in a book somewhere and scanned it? I'm asking, is that art or is it theft? Not in a specific sense, it's probably a whole 'nother forum   2002-01-14 15:15:41
lureSend lure a message :   now weren't we just talking about respecting each other, speed?   2002-01-14 15:09:00
lureSend lure a message :   i'm not crazy about the type. but it does create a "wavy" mental vibe that fits bardo pond; don't know mogwai. i do love that art!   2002-01-14 15:08:00
SpeedSend Speed a message :   So, and don't hate on me here, but you basically stole a piece of existing art, did some fairly lame type warping ala microsoft word 1984, and got it printed at Kinkos. You must be rich by now Jared. You could kick 50 of these pieces of "art" out everyday I bet!!   2002-01-14 15:07:43
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   This is my favorite Jared Connor print, period. Id hang this up next to my bookshelf. Jared, Ive sent you a private message: check it out...   2002-01-14 14:52:29
connor13Send connor13 a message :   i print (my digitals) at Regent Digital here in austin. they have other locations in other cities, i'm not exactly sure where. i didnt take the picture, i'm not sure if i should say where i found it. maybe in an email.   2002-01-14 14:45:38
Nolen StralsSend Nolen Strals a message :   where can you get indigo prints made? Also, did you take the picture that you used for this? If not just curious where you got's beautiful and does fit the atmosphere of this band.   2002-01-14 09:41:10
connor13Send connor13 a message :   yeah bjb, the beauty of printing on an indigo is that what you see on the screen is exactly what the prints look like, so the transparency on the text shows on the actual poster.   2002-01-13 18:56:54
connor13Send connor13 a message :   they get pretty heavy, but not quite as speedy as slayer. its a 3 guitar assault, their new single is described as "2 parts beautiful serenity, 1 part death metal", and its 20 minutes long.   2002-01-13 14:25:57
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   It reminds me of a Slayer album cover for some reason? Which is good considering Slayer is my favorite band.
I doubt Mogwai sounds like Slayer? or do they?
  2002-01-13 12:44:03
BlueJellyBeanSend BlueJellyBean a message :   Stained glass effect is totally full on..looks like it is being lit up from behind by hell's kitchen..what would go on behind a window like that? In the flesh, can you see traces of the glass under the letterin'?..that effect would give it a neat vandalised feel..a sticker placed on the glass! Perhaps I would have liked to see more of the glass imagery with those red/orange tones but no doubting the comes Mogwai to a venue near you soon!Don't you dare miss it!   2002-01-13 07:29:54
connor13Send connor13 a message :   doug scharin(sp?). yes he is truly a bad ass. got to meet them in 98?99? when they played here at emo's. they all signed a jay ryan tour poster for me. very cool guys.   2002-01-13 06:35:33
lureSend lure a message :   thanks. LOVE june of 44!! one ofmy all-time favorites. that drummer (can't remember his name) good god, he's amazing. saw him play once in codiene. great show.   2002-01-13 06:30:51
connor13Send connor13 a message :   lure, just checked out your site, very nice. really dig that june of 44 poster, they're old stuff is still on my top ten.   2002-01-13 06:26:06
lureSend lure a message :   i'm sure it was; on both counts.   2002-01-13 06:23:14
connor13Send connor13 a message :   thanks, once i saw it i knew it would be the one. the bands said it was better than anything the label had had done for them. thats nice to hear   2002-01-13 06:11:34
lureSend lure a message :   i was wondering if it was for real. wow, what a great find. so fucking creepy. nice job.   2002-01-13 06:03:56
connor13Send connor13 a message :   being a big fan of the band, i thougt the image suited them well. i wish i could say that i illustrated it,but i cant. it actually is a stained glass piece from fairford, england, from the 15th century, entitled "Satan".   2002-01-13 05:57:49
lureSend lure a message :   again, i'm not familiar with the band, but i thought this leaded glass illustration was awesome. how was it created?   2002-01-12 16:57:31
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