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Hells Kitchen
Drek Blood 
2004-01-04 16:15:02
Uphill Battle
3 Inches Of Blood

Origin Poster - Hells Kitchen, Tacoma - Deadcrow

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perkinsSend perkins a message :   Yep, there it is alright.   2008-07-14 20:33:32
fantasygoatSend fantasygoat a message :   Please sum up who the hell melia is for me. Thanks.   2007-05-24 15:37:54
standardSend standard a message :   omg melia winked at me in 2005 and i missed it   2007-05-24 15:15:54
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Oh gawd, nevermind. I just read back. Sorry.   2007-05-24 15:12:08
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   It's a bit like this one:
  2007-05-24 15:11:28
The_CynicSend The_Cynic a message :   It would be better if the arrow was pointing the other way.   2007-05-24 15:07:48
soupsandwichSend soupsandwich a message :   CLAYMORE! I see the light!   2007-05-24 01:53:14
ScrawledSend Scrawled a message :   Gives me a funny little itch down there...   2006-03-03 03:39:01
cleverkarateSend cleverkarate a message :   Thank you randomizer, you dirty little thing.   2006-03-02 16:03:24
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   Methinks you're giving this poster too much credit.   2005-02-17 19:41:00
jasoncrossSend jasoncross a message :   chantry lite...all of the effort with half the effect.   2005-02-17 19:16:51
meliaSend melia a message :   kinda spicy.
i love it when standard talks all tough. :wink:
  2005-02-17 17:08:57
goad74Send goad74 a message :   I wish I had BIGARROWBEGONE 4.0   2005-02-17 15:57:34
standardSend standard a message :   You people know nothing.   2005-02-17 15:52:31
seripopSend seripop a message :   this is a peice of crap   2005-01-01 12:05:17
nemotronSend nemotron a message :   fisher... i think that there could be subtle references that make this poster appropriate, such as "origin" and "3 inches of blood" but it definately doesnt look like a death metal poster one bit   2005-01-01 11:56:34
nemotronSend nemotron a message :   3 inches of blood... yucky   2005-01-01 11:51:34
vastaghSend vastagh a message :   is this where babys come from?   2005-01-01 11:43:44
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   I don't think I have ever seen a poster that fits a gig less than this.
And thats saying a lot.
  2004-10-07 00:23:36
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   I was gonna ask if that's Belladonna. She's...uh...quite a performer.   2004-10-06 21:06:25
bdixSend bdix a message :   aaaaaaand how.   2004-10-06 20:48:23
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   ok.
let's look at this one instead. see that big arrow? it's pointing into her butt.
  2004-10-06 19:35:23
[301STUDIOS]Send [301STUDIOS] a message :   Good ol' Belladonna...
  2004-04-03 00:16:03
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   seems like it might be a roomy club.... and there is a smaller line for the back door   2004-01-06 23:03:20
TerieyedSend Terieyed a message :   whoa overtly dirty. gets attention i guess.   2004-01-06 21:19:36
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   Words to live by, dude.   2004-01-06 21:02:41
8ballSend 8ball a message :   Never underestimate the power of pussy.   2004-01-06 20:56:59
DeadcrowSend Deadcrow a message :   Thanks Art. Was the gloryholes poster in "Some people can't..." I don't remember seeing it, but I haven't seen the book in a while.
And Yes it is a fart joke, a sex joke, a horrible blood joke, and any other kind of joke people can think of. The bands are metal bands, 3 Inches sounds like Iron Maiden, and sings about killing Orcs and witches... it called for a joke.
So Thank You Art, Plantweed, Philaarts, Modrocket, G-Lerm, and anyone I forgot.
  2004-01-06 15:26:14
philaarts.comSend a message :   is this a metal band? if so, many of you shouldnt comment. :P   2004-01-06 07:53:46
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   deadcrfow -
why are you apologizing for similarities to my gloryholes poster? i see no simularities at all (outside of a woman on the poster and an arrow. hardly a ripoff)
  2004-01-06 07:29:26
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   i still think this is a fart joke.   2004-01-06 07:27:44
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   This poster's great, don't listen to the whiners.   2004-01-06 07:08:08
DeadcrowSend Deadcrow a message :   In my haste I left out an S and a word or two. But you get the point!   2004-01-06 04:13:51
DeadcrowSend Deadcrow a message :   This proves my theory that STILL, after years of gig posters, it STILL only take a girl in a provocative position to get peoples attention. Decent and better posters, that people have put a lot of hours into, go by unnoticed and uncommented on, while this one that takes me 20 minutes max to execute the first fucking lame idea I had, STILL gets more attention. Well I guess the poster did its job. It's job being to attract people to it so the read the info about the show.
To Art, your too prolific, I had not seen your Gloryholes poster (until now). Isn't a glory in a wall? So I am sorry for the likeness.
As too who the porn-star's name is, who cares! Since when does a porn-star's name matter? I just looked for a girl in the position I needed. Think I will get sued? Maybe I should take it down.
  2004-01-06 04:11:04
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   This is for a Death Metal gig.
  2004-01-06 01:57:05
Stainboy ReinelSend Stainboy Reinel a message :   I need a foot rub   2004-01-05 22:52:32
SWAMP SLUTSend SWAMP SLUT a message :   i want my three inches of blood to show up there january 31st. there better be some hot whores there or i will sue for false advertisement.   2004-01-05 20:56:49
8ballSend 8ball a message :   This is where I usually mount my attack.   2004-01-05 13:39:25
standardSend standard a message :   this seems titilating.   2004-01-05 09:47:47
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   yet.   2004-01-05 09:32:04
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   but, keep in mind that we on gigposters are all independent rugged rebellious wankers and them rules don't apply to us. remember?   2004-01-05 09:31:35
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   whew!   2004-01-05 09:30:51
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   yes.   2004-01-05 09:30:23
RobSend Rob a message :   i think this is that pornstar that was on 20/20 a few months ago....i think belladonna is her name. do you have to get permission to put pornstars on posters or is it public domain once they are in a vid/magazine/website?   2004-01-05 09:24:09
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   the three inches of blood (band name)doesnt do much for the concept here either   2004-01-05 09:10:49
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   everybody knows im a fan of chicks on posters, but this just annoys me. im not sure why really either. it's certainly eye-catching, but at the same time i DONT like looking at it at all. that's not a very sexy shot of our beloved female. maybe that's my main problem with this. im not sure.   2004-01-05 09:09:42
G-LermSend G-Lerm a message :   I liked it. Hot girls can sell everything.   2004-01-05 05:58:02
BrainiacSend Brainiac a message :   Art's is better on every level. Don't try pulling that "homage" shite, either.   2004-01-05 03:12:06
ronvinSend ronvin a message :   And the point to this poster is?   2004-01-04 22:08:28
modrocket10Send modrocket10 a message :   "rad"   2004-01-04 20:45:07
Darren GrealishSend Darren Grealish a message :   Exactly. :wink:   2004-01-04 19:46:42
LeiaSend Leia a message :   Is the there?! oh my!   2004-01-04 19:24:04
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   this is a fart joke, right?   2004-01-04 18:33:48
withremoteSend withremote a message :   oh. :o   2004-01-04 18:30:27
EdGossageSend EdGossage a message :   this wants so badly to be similar to chantys glory hole poster. but alas it will never live up to it.   2004-01-04 17:55:29
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