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The Way Out Club
St. Louis
Brian Cummings 
2003-08-21 09:11:12

Pitchfork Poster - The Way Out Club, St. Louis - Rokitmul

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danielpwilliamsSend danielpwilliams a message :   kicks mucho ass.   2004-10-25 04:42:19
danielpwilliamsSend danielpwilliams a message :   how many has denny had? not that he is not well deserving cause this is on fire.   2004-02-27 20:17:49
HYNESSend HYNES a message :   this must be the longest running poster of the week. 2 extra days and counting...   2003-09-02 11:38:34
porkypigstyleSend porkypigstyle a message :   I did this exact same thing for a table tent at a restaurant to sell spicy chicken wings. the funny thing is that I thought about using the same image for a poster, but then I did the one with the chicken wearing the bling bling instead.   2003-08-27 10:20:43
ShadSend Shad a message :   I design for interactive, with posters I'm just a tourist...until I learn to print. I've been looking for classes but mctc filled up and highpoint has nuthin' this fall.
  2003-08-26 21:24:56
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   and by 'stuff', I mean your drawings, not your, you know, 'stuff'.
That's a funny word... stuff.
  2003-08-26 21:16:42
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   when am I going to start seeing your stuff everywhere?   2003-08-26 21:15:43
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   It's a little disturbing sometimes... where are the other workaholic cartoonists? I know you're out there....   2003-08-26 21:11:17
ShadSend Shad a message :   Your stuff is everywhere DWITT. It's like coachroaches. (that's a compliment)   2003-08-26 21:08:55
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   Tickling of Goths it is!!   2003-08-26 21:08:41
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   Yeah, the TRock street team is dedicated. That's nice. I hear about something I did hanging somewhere I've never been,... it warms my heart.   2003-08-26 21:07:34
ShadSend Shad a message :   I tried to take a rock out of Yellowstone Park but my dad hit me and said "what if everyone took a fucking rock, there wouldn't be rocks around for people to come here for"
You guys should mount a PSA campaign. Take only photos, leave only compliments..don't disrupt the urban poster landscape.
  2003-08-26 21:07:00
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Knitting Circle? Yes. Or maybe something promoting the tickling of goths.   2003-08-26 21:05:58
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   I think the Triple Rock is pretty good about haning up the posters around town. I saw our Hyrdahead poster up at Extreme Noise, and see your stuff all the time at Cheapo here in Saint Paul.
I just finished the design for the Cursive/Blood Brothers show at the Triple Rock. I'll be printing em' and then dropping them off there tomorrow night. Hooray.
  2003-08-26 21:04:59
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   "a different cause than a rock show"
Do you mean, like, a knitting circle?
  2003-08-26 21:03:15
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   The Triple Rock tells me that mine get swiped pretty fast, too. I've seen it too, even the black and white posters. I have heard stories of poster swiping ettiquette, where the 'swiper' would wait until the day after the event to swipe it. I think that's beautiful.
As far as a massive wheatpasting campaign, the power is in our hands.
  2003-08-26 21:01:38
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   We're told they are hung up. I'm guessing it's folks such as yourself who feel the need to tear them down that make them less visable. If their only up for an hour not many people see them. Again, as the designer it's hard to complaing about people wanting your posters...but it'd be nice if people left em' up for awhile.
Wheat pasting would be fun. I'd rather do it for a different cause than a rock show though.
  2003-08-26 21:00:59
ShadSend Shad a message :   Lydia Lunch is the only AA poster I've seen hanging up and I would have torn it down if the "guy who OWNED the store" didn't stop me. I'm curious as to how many of your screened posters make it out of the clubs, there are probably employee lotteries. I hear of older days when hand screened posters were wheat pasted by the dozens outside of clubs..I'd love to see something like that.   2003-08-26 20:54:31
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   Our posters are made first and foremost to promote the show. We like to give a decent amount of lead time so that the posters are used for their intended use. And again, we're told that the posters don't last long once they are posted. I guess we should take that as a compliment.   2003-08-26 20:45:26
ShadSend Shad a message :   I get "sweaty" at the computer somtimes too. We're men.   2003-08-26 20:44:21
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   that's 'hang' with Ewing.
I got sweat in my eyes... blech.
  2003-08-26 20:39:09
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   I see a lot of posters out there that AREN'T on this site, and I have no idea who did them. I know Amy Jo gets her stuff everywhere. Her poster for Song of Zarathustra I snagged from a Cheapo in Fridley! What the hell was she putting up posters in FRIDLEY for?! (of course, i was doing the same thing) I know what you're saying, but I think the poster folk that i know do a good job of distributing and getting the work done with enough time to realistically promote. I've never met you, and don't know your crowd, but I do know you used to have with Ewing, so you're not to be trusted. :wink: I never leave home without my portfolio, and in it I have copies of posters for whatever shows are upcoming, and i leave a trail.
I think Squad19 will be doing some guerrilla style tactics in the future. That Nate is a mischevious one.
  2003-08-26 20:38:02
ShadSend Shad a message :   You're the real deal Dave, but you know what I'm talking about right? There are lots of posters on here that are behind glass display cases at best. I don't think it's bad to do "art prints", in the current funk attitude of's just about the only way to make some money. I was just pointing out what I noticed, not making judgment calls. and the like make it so that I never find out about a show from a poster anyway :)   2003-08-26 20:21:41
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   I also want to have the poster done at LEAST a week and a half before the show, so the weekend before the actual event, when people are out and about, they'll see it.   2003-08-26 20:14:52
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   That wasn't me. I've never made a bunch of money. I've seen AA posters in record store windows. I've seen my stuff in record store windows, and I didn't even ask to put it up there. I general flood the bulletin boards of coffee shops, bars, record stores, and practice spaces for bands.   2003-08-26 20:13:33
ShadSend Shad a message :   I've even know of a designer in Minneapolis who designed and printed a poster the morning before a show and sold it at the show that night with the band's permission. He made a bunch of money from that.   2003-08-26 20:06:55
ShadSend Shad a message :   In Minneapolis, there are almost NO color posters hanging up around town, not even in record store windows. First Avenue posters are run off on 11X17 photocopy machines, many of the first ave color posters you see on this site never went up. Most of the silk screen jobs you see on designers websites weren't hung, they're art prints. There will be black and white photocopies on the walls and phone polls but color ones at a table for sale inside the club. I have NEVER seen a color poster hanging on an outside surface. It's just the way it is.   2003-08-26 20:00:05
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   or if it hasnt actually served its original purpose, is it then just an art print?! i suppose im putting too much onus on some ficticious lazy arsed venue hand   2003-08-26 19:08:14
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   maybe the peeps responsible for hanging them have the same time limitations as urselves..what if they do in fact, only get round to hanging just the one inside or outside the venue, lets just say they were slack enough to do this, does that make it a poster or just something nice to look at when u go and see the band? i suppose a "poster" thats had a print run, and is the actual poster for a gig, is still a poster even if it doesnt get hung and is sold as an art print. :-?   2003-08-26 19:03:00
Michael ApparatusSend Michael Apparatus a message :   I'm really happy when I see one of our posters up around town. It doesn't happen that often and it's a bit frustrating. I don't know if it's because they're too big, or if they're being stolen, or if they're just not circulated enough by the venue. We'd hang them ourselves but we're already doing the actual design + printing for little to no $$$ and they is only so much time in a day.   2003-08-26 18:50:58
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   i agree with you   2003-08-26 18:36:53
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   ok, here's a question - how is a poster different from an art print?
i would argue the difference is function. art is a product, a poster is a service. art is an object of muse, a poster is an object of commerce. art has only yourself as a client, a poster has a collaborator as a client.
i think a poster that is done with none of the above denoted restrictions is an art print. and art print that does not have the lack of restrictions listed above is a poster.
i'm not sure whether this is a poster or not. it might be a piece of art that looks like a poster.
crazy talk.
  2003-08-26 18:32:16
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   okay i admit that i hadnt read all of the comments, so i wasnt aware of the story..if its indeed true..but i do like it, however the argument about certain posters not being a "proper" poster is a fair one. and i'm guilty of such crimes myself, not all of mine are posted in the street cos i do the infamous "commemerative" stuff; but that doesnt mean that i'm not a poster artist cos some of em ARE posted in the street, not all jobs are the same and not all posters have the same background or intention..some of em are used as art pieces posing as a functional object :!: and yea, of course its cooler if the poster is POSTed, but i wouldnt knock this one cause it wasnt, it doesnt really bug me too much that it got potw, not at all in fact, but maybe thats my ignorance.. at least its well done and mr cummings has shown that he can do a decent job, which is better than something totally shite gettin potw, even if it was POSTed all over the fuckin place!   2003-08-26 18:16:27
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   well, you know.
doesn't it bug you when some bigtime ad agency or design culture guy knocks out a little color gizmo from the office computer and then posts stuff here and gets big praise?
doesn't that sort of make all of your hard work look kinda wasted?
  2003-08-26 17:25:32
vastaghSend vastagh a message :   :o go art.   2003-08-26 17:23:42
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   i still think this is an 11x17 color copy printed out in 1 or 2 copies at the big design firm he works for. it's a portfolio piece to show everybody what a hip dude he his.
is that still a gigposter?
even if one single copy is hung in the club, is it still a gigposter?
sometimes, i wonder.
  2003-08-26 17:15:02
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   i like it, so are we going to see any choking chickens in the near future?   2003-08-26 07:14:14
HYNESSend HYNES a message :   The flaming chicken is good, I like the contrast between gritty chicken & clean flames. I don't like the repeated type block though - doesnt make any sense and kind of separates the type from the image too much. Cut this in 2 and it could be 2 posters. The mini chicken is an added unnecessary too.   2003-08-25 11:38:57
B-DROIDSend B-DROID a message :   Very cool and i didnt even notice the other chicken at the bottom until i read the posts...nice touch. "Help, my cock is on fire!"   2003-08-24 22:37:48
PlaidmanSend Plaidman a message :   MMMMmmmmmmm....extra crispy.
Love the flames contrast with the B/W chicken. Hotwings.
  2003-08-24 22:34:27
greymatterSend greymatter a message :   sorry. that was unkind, perhaps, to a specific race. just ate at hunan lion a couple of hours ago. no offense.   2003-08-24 22:20:36
greymatterSend greymatter a message :   kung pao chicken, vay good, by da way, vay spicey.   2003-08-24 22:19:29
greymatterSend greymatter a message :   austin's 5 year old or so city ordinance doesn't allow for free-will POSTing, but people still POST stuff wherever they can with permision. (record stores, shops, restaurants) kozik killed it for everyone. :|   2003-08-24 22:18:36
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   This is great! More chickens in posters! And squirrels. :D   2003-08-24 17:33:15
GrzecaSend Grzeca a message :   This would be a nice one to encounter when walking down the street. I usually poster the stuff I do for the free jazz shows here - anything to get a couple more warm bodies in the crowd. Even if theyre recently deceased.   2003-08-24 09:42:24
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   st. louis has some great fried chicken (heh.)   2003-08-24 08:44:06
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   The latest Squad poster for Speeddealer and Countach is EVERYWHERE!!! The band Countach commisioned it, and they went bonkers posting around town.
I forgot about the dept. store window.
  2003-08-24 08:42:57
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   yeah, it's got some pretty dented humor in it. i just wish it was actually hung around town - it would do this community a shitload of good.   2003-08-24 08:42:22
TenebriniSend Tenebrini a message :   I also POSTer as well but usually let the band and venues handle it as DWITT mentioned. I see our stuff all over the place. Even in department store window displays :mrgreen:
This poster makes me smile BTW.
  2003-08-24 08:41:15
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   dwitt -
i have to admit, it does my heart good to hear that.
  2003-08-24 08:38:04
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   I post my shit all over town. The Triple Rock does it too. First Ave does it with the Squad19 posters, too. Sometimes they get printed in one of the local papers. (The Pulse)
There is no blanket answer for everyone. But in my case, yes, I still POSTer.
  2003-08-24 08:37:19
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   the way out club is less than three blocks from my home. yet, i've never seen this poster. i never see ANY posters of interest in st. louis. are these things for real, or are they just done by budding young designers to flesh out their portfolio? are these even for sale? does this thing exist outside of the designer's mind?
does anybody out there reay post POSTers anymore? are these things really still POSTers?
i don't know if there is an answer to that question.
  2003-08-24 08:26:40
Dirk FowlerSend Dirk Fowler a message :   Well deserving of POW. Very nice. Go chickens!   2003-08-23 22:13:07
maynardSend maynard a message :   Man, that is very well done... pun intended.
Is that screenprinted?
  2003-08-23 06:48:36
DaniVachonSend DaniVachon a message :   I love flaming things. I don't know why everyone has a beef with clean and dirty on the same poster. This looks great.   2003-08-22 14:02:01
vastaghSend vastagh a message :   mighty good. i'd like to see the little chicken replaced w/ a feather for kicks.   2003-08-22 08:22:42
Bob CaruthersSend Bob Caruthers a message :   This is an outstanding poster. The little chicken at the bottom is the kicker. The type is nice, too, but the bottom line of type might have been the same width as the block...   2003-08-22 06:26:57
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