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Lonny Unitus  
Kukutxa, Rock Club, El Sol, Ricoamor
Bilbao, Ourense, Madrid, Castellon
2003-05-13 19:22:00
Hard Feelings, The

Hard Feelings Poster - Kukutxa, Rock Club, El Sol, Ricoamor, Bilbao, Ourense, Madrid, Castellon - Lonny Unitus

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palehighwaySend palehighway a message :   random awesome   2008-07-19 17:03:48
ricv64Send ricv64 a message :   like this one too   2006-03-13 16:51:57
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   ahh... but not everyone know Eddies 3rd testicle is located in his right armpit..
keep that on the QT there lonny
  2005-04-15 14:09:10
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   i thought everyone knew gossage's secret.
  2005-04-15 14:04:35
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   i think i have some. but they look a little different than this. pm me, and i'll pm you back a photo. 11x17 on kraft, 2 color spraypaint stencil with xerox...   2005-04-15 14:04:04
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   Lonny, I've got a pocket full of gold fillings I'd be willing to part with.. plus, I'll throw in a few Gigposter SECRETS as an added bonus..
here's a taster: Ed Gossage... 3 testicles, 1 nipple
  2005-04-15 14:03:36
bdixSend bdix a message :   Lonny, I will pay you in US dollars.   2005-04-15 13:30:25
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   I match babbys price, plus I'll throw in some nilla wafers   2005-04-15 13:26:25
bdixSend bdix a message :   Lonny, if you have any of these left, I'd love to buy one.   2005-04-15 13:18:05
Mr FrumpySend Mr Frumpy a message :   FUCK THIS IS KICKING!!!! Cant fault it, its perfect! Unitus, did you screen any, Id be keen on one. PM me   2004-06-16 02:28:57
ShadSend Shad a message :   I think of Unitus as a "drawer" but he's got such a kick ass range of stuff.   2004-06-16 00:37:11
whiteyhoustonSend whiteyhouston a message :   hard feelings in mine pants   2004-05-10 18:26:38
bdixSend bdix a message :   Still muy bad ass. :bang:   2004-05-10 17:49:42
bdixSend bdix a message :   Muy bad ass.   2004-02-12 08:46:33
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   i guess she was used for the big LA Shakedown poster last year too. i'm trying to ween myself off of "found" images.
the printing of this ended up being a disaster. (bilbur brought me some back from Spain) the promoter decided to go b&w on cheap gloss stock and he "changed" a few things too (text on the bottom)... when i saw the final, nightmare.
i think i'm gonna screen a few of these just to have...
  2003-12-02 00:42:26
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Yeah. but this one is really, really good Lon.
You win.
  2003-12-02 00:39:11
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   doh.   2003-12-02 00:32:51
raindog138Send raindog138 a message :   god damn this is good.   2003-12-01 23:23:21
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   i'm still hoping Hard Feelings will bring me back some of these prints from spain...   2003-05-29 21:43:25
JephSend Jeph a message :   and this one, my favorite of Lon's   2003-05-29 21:36:52
el neutronSend el neutron a message :   this is GREAT!   2003-05-15 17:44:46
LeiaSend Leia a message :   awesome   2003-05-15 12:46:52
JephSend Jeph a message :   Sexy, sexy,   2003-05-15 11:53:06
bilburSend bilbur a message :   You got it. I hope to bring back a ton o stuff. Last year I think we got 200 posters or more to bring back with us. All of the people we hung out with were VERY generous with the extras they had laying around. We in return have put up a lot of Europeans on their travels thru Texas last year. I can't wait to go back......   2003-05-14 18:35:36
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   Cool.
Scored the gig from Sal from Electric Frankenstein. If you see any of these lying around, snag me some. :)
  2003-05-14 18:26:13
bilburSend bilbur a message :   I do merch for these guys whenever they go on the road I go too. How did you get the gig? that's cool.   2003-05-14 18:23:29
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   Nope. I'm in Biloxi, Mississippi. Won't make it to Spain. Have fun.
What band are you in bilbur?
  2003-05-14 18:20:35
bilburSend bilbur a message :   fuck yesssssss!!!!!! this rules!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going with these guys, and was hoping to see some cool posters! We are especialy excited about Spain. I was in Chicago this weekend with them at "The Blackout "and heard nothing but awesome stuff about Spain from Alberto Casamar!!!! (Wows!ville Records) muy bien Unitus are you gonna go to the show's?   2003-05-14 18:16:27
multiballSend multiball a message :   it is Hell's Belles.
Meet the Debutante in a Leather Skirt
Too Young...Too Tough ...Too Itching for Action to Look for it... She'll make it Where she is!
  2003-05-14 15:07:27
harpuas420Send harpuas420 a message :   isn't this the faster pussycat kill kill kill poster?   2003-05-14 14:16:34
COCHAMBRESend COCHAMBRE a message :   LA BOOOOOMBA :eyecrazy:   2003-05-14 14:10:47
allenboeSend allenboe a message :   Not sure yet.... something. A friend of mine is putting a online design experimentation site together, and he's looking for people to conrtribute...maybe that.   2003-05-14 13:26:28
sockMONKEYSend sockMONKEY a message :   very very nice----like this alot   2003-05-14 12:22:00
thinkmuleSend thinkmule a message :   Holy cow.....I really like the color combo...nice job.   2003-05-14 11:10:19
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   7 years at a video store will get you loads of worthless knowledge. this is a cool poster.   2003-05-14 09:39:19
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   *ding ding*
rockologist gets a prize.
  2003-05-14 09:33:26
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   i thought it was from 'hells belles'. i like the aged paper look. and her boots.   2003-05-14 09:31:34
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   I believe the biker mama and scooter images were taken from the ad mats for THE HARD RIDE. Love the switchblade. Anyone here collect knives?   2003-05-14 09:30:06
DeliciousSend Delicious a message :   this is really nice. Very authentic   2003-05-14 08:48:00
jasoncrossSend jasoncross a message :   nice work, of Print Mafia quality. kicks ass!   2003-05-14 08:35:01
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   Loving this, dude! The "Hard Feelings" type is awesome.   2003-05-14 08:32:37
perkinsSend perkins a message :   Colors, design, type...everything is fucking perfect on this. Dude, you need to find some thick old "Wanted poster" type paper to print this on.   2003-05-14 08:06:11
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   Thanks.
Sadly, this will not be screen printed. It will be offset, so the paper is 'fake'. But, it still adds that visual 'something' i wanted.
collaberation allenboe? What you thinking?
  2003-05-14 07:39:48
allenboeSend allenboe a message :   Really really like this one, I'd like to collaborate with this guy on something.   2003-05-14 07:10:05
supereightsnateSend supereightsnate a message :   whoa. this cool   2003-05-14 06:53:59
GrzecaSend Grzeca a message :   pulled this look off perfectly. Makes me wanna put on my Davie Allen and the Arrows records.   2003-05-14 06:21:43
JoltedJoelSend JoltedJoel a message :   This is a terrific tour poster! I'd def go check out a band with this much taste.   2003-05-14 03:51:38
maynardSend maynard a message :   Mi gusta. The paper looks nice with that texture and the text is solid. Nice job.   2003-05-14 02:52:51
dspringSend dspring a message :   very cool, love that yellow   2003-05-14 02:49:52
karramarroSend karramarro a message :   Acojonante! :mrgreen:   2003-05-14 02:26:19
Hand Carved GraphicsSend Hand Carved Graphics a message :   i like this one   2003-05-14 02:05:50
Tobias MunkSend Tobias Munk a message :   badass   2003-05-14 01:59:02
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