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Ashleigh Talbot
The Weathered Wall
Art Chantry 
2003-03-31 16:03:30
Jim Rose Circus Sideshow

Jim Rose Circus Sideshow Poster - The Weathered Wall, Seattle - Ashleigh Talbot

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GoettingSend Goetting a message :   I bought a copy of Art's book the day it came out, and never had time to take it home. So in a night out on the town in NYC a jack & ginger got spilled ALL over it when some drunk chick knocked it over and it went straight down the bar into my book.
It must've been printed on super paper because it dried with no warp and no smell.
  2003-04-01 19:22:22
FinchSend Finch a message :   It'd be hard to imagine a big poster event in Seattle being complete WITHOUT Art in attendance!   2003-04-01 19:12:07
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   I hope to pick up the new Blue Note's both volumes in a compact size! Is any of Paul Bacon's work in the 2nd volume, or is it all post-Miles? Paul Bacon is awesome.   2003-04-01 15:38:29
standardSend standard a message :   I just counted, I have 10 Chronicle Book titles (including both o them Blue Notes and Art's book). That's pretty nutty, seeing as it's unintentional.   2003-04-01 15:31:21
godisoldSend godisold a message :   "i've got a show opening in june at PS1 (now affiliated with the museum of modern art). . . "
when is the opening Art, thats great?
  2003-04-01 15:30:11
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   I dig Chronicle Books. Their titles are on the verge of replacing porn in my life. The first volume of Blue Note covers is mesmerizing and it provided some inspiration for a drawing assignment at school. And yes, I have Art's book and I love it.   2003-04-01 15:24:58
robschwagerSend robschwager a message :   *BWAH!!!* :cry:   2003-04-01 15:04:56
kozikSend kozik a message :   I sold 3 cases at F2 and gave away a 4th and am currently out of them. I got to order some more.   2003-04-01 15:02:32
robschwagerSend robschwager a message :   where's MY books....? :o   2003-04-01 15:00:52
kozikSend kozik a message :   well...Bumbershoot gave us a great deal so it looks like Seattle in sept and then again at SXSW next March. Chicago will be fall 2004.   2003-04-01 14:56:29
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   talk to jermaine. i've already been through that today with him. i'll probably go to the chicago event.   2003-04-01 14:55:19
kozikSend kozik a message :   Hey man at least I tried.You coming to Flatstock 3?   2003-04-01 14:53:21
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   frank, i've tried your publisher. none of your big-shot connections ever return my phone calls. i quit trying, dude. and no, i don't want you to "bounce them around" for me...   2003-04-01 14:51:11
kozikSend kozik a message :   well now you should layout your oWN book and publish it through Feral House or Last Gasp and make like 3 bucks per book.
  2003-04-01 14:49:45
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   i was much more interested in a big name publisher for this first volume of my work. it's a small overview anyway (the enormity of the volume of my crap would even amaze you, frank). i wanted a name publisher with a track record in pop culture and art/design world credibility so i would get mainstream attention and reviews and be taken seriously. it worked fine. i got reviewed in ca, graphis, print, id, eye, artforum, punk planet, your flesh and maximum rock and roll (among others). all were rave reviews, and now i've finally got design/art/music world respect. it was a plan, ya know. now i can relax and make money. i've done my time...
i've got a show opening in june at PS1 (now affiliated with the museum of modern art). no way would i have gotten that without my stupid chronicle book.
  2003-04-01 14:48:19
brian kroekerSend brian kroeker a message :   art: nothing groundbreaking: day-job related work (it's a coffee table book on quaint homes in Nantucket). I've also done a cookbook for them (which a friend saw being peddled on the home shopping network, bundled with a mixer. woo hoo)   2003-04-01 14:47:23
standardSend standard a message :   It's true. Chronicle books show up at used book stores around here when they are still relatively "new". Whatever the book equivalent of a cutout is. Chronicle is the Rykodisc of the book world.
That said, I really like their choices for design-oriented material, and own a crapload of em.
  2003-04-01 14:46:02
kozikSend kozik a message :   Chronicle? no wonder.
They have ZERO follow thru-reamindered in 3 months. Chronicle is a 'mill'.
next time go with a smaller publisher that keeps the crap in distro. My first book is still in print and still sells every month and it came out in 97.
  2003-04-01 14:40:35
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   brian - talk to alan rapp. he was my editor. what kind of book you doing?   2003-04-01 14:37:34
brian kroekerSend brian kroeker a message :   art: chronicle published your book? i'm doing another book for them right now, so maybe i'll call my rep there and see if i can score one. sorry, didn't mean to sound like i was hasslin' ya...   2003-04-01 14:36:09
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   plantweed - she self-published most of her own work - very little of it was published by starhead or anybody. she still sells some books (early editions of some of her books had metal covers with locks on them.) through her website at, i believe.   2003-04-01 14:31:55
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   brian - book companies are a lot like record companies (they are both publishing, ya know). i dunno why you can't find one. i have no idea. chronicle books has no idea. the author has no idea. distributors has no idea. nobody has any idea at all.
do i care anymore? no.
  2003-04-01 14:28:58
brian kroekerSend brian kroeker a message :   art: well, then how come i can't find a copy to save my life? there should be 5000 of those suckers out there. as for the amount of sales... you have to admit, it's a pretty marginal subject matter. Don't get me wrong: I think that everyone should be aware of your work... it's just that the majority of humans out there dont really give a fuck about what we do (IMHO)   2003-04-01 14:19:54
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   I'm gonna look for that. Self-published? Or maybe Cathead or someone put it out? Didn't you guys hook up for a while? Romantic relationships are seldom documented, but should be sometimes.   2003-04-01 14:19:29
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   plantwed -
she published it in her book "rapture".
  2003-04-01 14:15:06
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   Art, you know where that was published? I might have it. I have a pretty huge '70s-'90s underground comix collection.   2003-04-01 14:11:52
FinchSend Finch a message :   I account for two of those copies (bought one myself and a friend bought another copy to give to me as a birthday present).
Oh yeah as far as me getting burned on the freelance job, I just found an e-mail that says in no uncertain terms "I'll pay you for your time". :o Wish me luck...
  2003-04-01 13:58:34
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   plantweed - ashleigh did a comix story about me once. yeah, i think she's amazing.   2003-04-01 13:57:27
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   brian -
here's the breakdown on my book sales - as of the moment (2 years after initital release), my book has sold not quite 5000 copies. there were 10000 copies in the initial run. sales have been very slow, but steady (and after two years, tapering off). since i didn't write the book, i'm not entitled to royalties. however, the author has verbally promised to split any royalties she recieves. we have to sell out the first printing and most of a second printing in order to recoup expenses (including th publsiher's overhead and printing costs, etc.) before any royalties will ever be seen.
5000 copies out of a potential world market of 4 billion ain't exactly what i would consider a runaway best-seller.
  2003-04-01 13:54:18
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   I've always like Ashleigh's comix work. Keep those stories coming Art, it's a small world.   2003-04-01 12:55:06
brian kroekerSend brian kroeker a message :   art said: "hardly anybody bought the first one"
that's not true... i've been trying to find a copy for a while now and no luck. I keep getting told that it needs a re-print. maybe distro sucked up here?
  2003-04-01 12:49:16
standardSend standard a message :   re: the cheaply done world-famous logos:
same deal with the 3-arrow "recycle" symbol. It was the winner of an art contest in the 70's, no cash award offered.
  2003-04-01 12:37:49
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   nobody cares about that shit. they'd rather iamgine their own stories about you. really, that's true. people have all kinds of crazy stories about me, and i swear i wasn't even there!   2003-04-01 12:12:25
philaarts.comSend a message :   throw in your warhol story and shit like that...
  2003-04-01 12:10:27
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   hardly anybody bought the first one.   2003-04-01 12:08:39
philaarts.comSend a message :   thats ok, they can file in in fiction then...
do a book art... i mean, do ANOTHER book :P
  2003-04-01 12:07:08
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   no memoires. they are better held privately and shared in conversation. nobody would believe half of it anyway...   2003-04-01 12:04:57
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   the naked city was an old tv show in the fifties. that's the way every episode started out. every city has a thousand stories.   2003-04-01 12:04:07
brian kroekerSend brian kroeker a message :   art, you are the man! are you writing your memoirs yet?   2003-04-01 12:02:51
philaarts.comSend a message :   why is it called the naked city?   2003-04-01 12:02:36
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   slug (his nickname because he ate bugs) had ashleigh design his tattoo. it was another 'goodwill' freebie thing. she was going to tattoo him with her design (she was also a tattoo artist) and worked on him from the soul of his feet upward (yes his dick is tattooed. he came when she did it). when they got to the waist, he decided to buy his own tattoo equipment and have his new girlfriend finish it up and (in the process) learn how to tattoo. of course, ashleigh (who had worn out here equipment and had asked slug to buy her a new gun coincidentally) was left in a lurch. to top it all off, the new girlfriend did really awful work and the stuff rom his waist up is 'patchy' and the puzzle pices don't meet evenly (hard to do, ya know) and generally looks like shit.
needless to say, she's disowned the project.
a thousand stories in the naked city...
  2003-04-01 12:00:20
Brute666Send Brute666 a message :   We're definitely all on the same page but it's good for those people starting out to hear these horror stories so, hopefully, they won't have to go through the painful "learning" process. I do little things for bands occasionally and I always have that thought in the back of my head "What if these guys get really big?" but I usually end up just doing it anyways. I still enjoy this for the love of it and not the money. It would be nice to make money but most of these bands are up against terrible odds to make something of themselves that will support the band much less the guy who did the logo.   2003-04-01 11:54:07
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   there's a thousand stories in the naked city.... this is one of them....   2003-04-01 11:53:10
ENothingSend ENothing a message :   I saw the puzzle guy in a grocery store one day.   2003-04-01 11:52:30
brian kroekerSend brian kroeker a message :   Art: similar thing happened with the nike 'swoosh' logo, as I'm sure you know... I think the woman who designed the original was actually in school at the time and got paid like $25. yikes.   2003-04-01 11:50:59
FinchSend Finch a message :   I just got burnt for the first time on a freelance project. It really sucks...I'll definitely have a paper trail from now on. :cry:   2003-04-01 11:46:36
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   i tend to agree. you really need to be fair to everybody (especially yourself) and charge up front. she did this stuff waaaaay early, and it began as a banner, then was re-drawn and applied to the poster. she thought her agreement was (as we always do) 'i help you now, you help me later', community goodwill, let's put on a show and rubes will make us all rich sorta thing. it never works that way. there's too many horror stories out there. she felt betrayed (and maybe she was) and wanted to be treated fairly. he thought he owned it and could do what he wanted (as per 'free"). that's why you need written agreements, that way =these problems cn be addressed early and (most of all) there are NO SURPRISES. that's the whole point of a contratc.
did you know that the guy who drew the rolling stones' logo (the lips thing) - bob pasche was his name - got fifty bucks for his work? how many millions in merch has been reaped from that logo?
  2003-04-01 11:43:54
Brute666Send Brute666 a message :   I can understand wanting some reward for hard work but you gotta expect nothing if you give it away. I try to not "work" with friends if I can help it. Some lessons can be learned the easy way... by observation.   2003-04-01 11:37:16
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   she did all of the jim rose stuff totally for free. later on, when he was applying it to everything and making real merch money, she requested some additional money come her way (she and jim were old pals). he got pissed, she got pissed, war ensued and they don't talk to each other to this day.
working with friends is dangerous, especially when money enters the picture.
  2003-04-01 11:30:21
Brute666Send Brute666 a message :   I'm actaully wearing the shirt with some of this artwork on it today. Coincidence or bullshit? :o   2003-04-01 11:27:28
art chantrySend art chantry a message :   ashleigh is one of the most amazing and talented artists i've ever known. she hasn't done many gigposters, and i'll post what i can find. she's a strong-willed totally self-taught, self-directed visionary. amazing.
one reason she has that circus style down is that she lived the circus life for a time - in a sideshow, no less. that, and the fact that she INVENTED most of this contemporary sideshow stuff.
  2003-04-01 11:06:20
brian kroekerSend brian kroeker a message :   they used this artwork for years, didn't they? i seem to remember them using this when they came up here (canada).   2003-04-01 11:05:44
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