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Austin Music Hall
2003-03-28 01:26:26
Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros Poster - Austin Music Hall, Austin - Factor27

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palehighwaySend palehighway a message :   random awesome! and since i'm on a different computer with a better monitor i can kind of almost see it   2007-12-06 21:37:48
Iron Canvas StudiosSend Iron Canvas Studios a message :   hmm... don't know what I think about this.   2007-10-10 13:31:06
strawberrylunaSend strawberryluna a message :   hahahahaa   2007-10-10 13:28:46
victor_howitzerSend victor_howitzer a message :   Random invisible poster.   2007-10-10 13:15:52
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   Heh...this just came up on the Randomizer® for me.   2005-07-05 14:05:04
Steve ChanksSend Steve Chanks a message :   Did Yoko Ono do this?   2005-02-10 08:21:14
Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   Not a fan of Sigur Ros, but this poster is pretty cool, is it on Vellum?   2005-02-10 07:54:55
hit and runSend hit and run a message :   NOPE!   2005-02-10 07:32:22
danieldangerSend danieldanger a message :   fits the album nicely. its a real kick in the pants when you open up the booklet and its 20 empty pages. you actually want to write in it.   2003-12-20 03:50:16
SquirtSend Squirt a message :   Now this sucks. This is not a poster. It doesn't do shit. This is art-fag poster shit. Dirty paper.   2003-12-20 03:23:22
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   I got one of these in the mail today. On one hand I really like it alot and on the other I really don't. Not sure what to make of it.   2003-12-20 03:04:22
greymatterSend greymatter a message :   invisible, mysterious holiness, have i betrayed you? do you not forgive my sins?   2003-12-20 02:59:01
bdixSend bdix a message :   Rock, the poster you're referring to is sweeeeeeet. Got a couple from Paul. Pretty sweet meeting BDK too.   2003-07-31 11:50:30
rockologistSend rockologist a message :   boy, be careful. he's trying to bait you into coming over. next thing you know, you'll be gluing tin foil to paper.   2003-07-31 11:37:57
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   Hey Bobby,
we have a handfull. not too many though.
renee Your stuff will go out this weekend.
  2003-07-31 11:36:31
bdixSend bdix a message :   Did I leave my Super Big Gulp on the Arches 88 again?
You guys have any of these left?
  2003-07-31 10:00:13
PunchgutSend Punchgut a message :   this image never loads for me....sounds purdee   2003-07-31 09:48:28
jasoncrossSend jasoncross a message :   not sure about that matric room.
its sigur ros's self created logo i think.
  2003-07-31 09:44:23
uncle charlieSend uncle charlie a message :   Vellum, the great communicator   2003-07-31 09:44:01
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   AH! 'Vellum'. OK. Looks like two ghost sausages floating in the matric weapon-room.   2003-07-31 09:43:19
jasoncrossSend jasoncross a message :   its called Vellum you old man.   2003-07-31 09:41:22
uncle charlieSend uncle charlie a message :   What in the HELL is THIS   2003-07-31 09:40:52
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   nothing,   2003-07-30 23:57:31
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   PM me yer address and I'll throw some of our crap in a trash bag for ya... :P   2003-07-08 00:27:16
piemelSend piemel a message :   he geoff, i need this one
send me a care package and give me a dollar amount and I'll paypal yo ass
  2003-07-08 00:20:39
jasoncrossSend jasoncross a message :   not to mention the jaguar xke humming with the top down.   2003-07-07 23:46:43
kozikSend kozik a message :   also..theres a really nice high system in the background, and a helicopter outside.   2003-07-07 23:30:11
kozikSend kozik a message :   white eyeshadow and lipstick. in a n A-Frame cabin near a man wearing a turtleneck.   2003-07-07 23:29:31
KJSend KJ a message :   you read my mind. dont forget the eyeliner and frosted lipstick.   2003-07-07 23:24:55
kozikSend kozik a message :   would you be wearing a skin tight fur trimmed 1960's russian model outfit and laughing with carefree abandon?   2003-07-07 23:23:23
KJSend KJ a message :   it makes me want to put on mittens and play with furry white baby seals...
(i can keep going)... :mrgreen:
  2003-07-07 23:18:20
kozikSend kozik a message :   f27 is unequaled.
  2003-07-07 23:14:09
KJSend KJ a message :   i can assure you this rules in person! i've got it framed with backlighting... even though i'm not nuts about sigur ros, this poster is RAD... frosty... makes me want vodka.... and go skiing or something...   2003-07-07 23:13:30
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Hopefuly it's much more readable in person. The design does indeed look nice based on what I can see of it.   2003-07-07 19:52:04
jasoncrossSend jasoncross a message :   its hard to show a transparenbt depends on your monitor...geoff should edit it so the transparency is grey so you can see it because the finished product is sweet. and it fits sigur ros well i think.   2003-07-07 19:46:07
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Great a poster nobody can read. Bound get the people lined up for miles for this gig.
  2003-07-07 19:44:12
Platinum RichSend Platinum Rich a message :   this one seems a bit washed out.   2003-05-29 21:57:14
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   " have you guys ever thought about making a 2 layer poster?"
this one is. black top layer is on clear plastic, colour is on paper and they are attached at the top.
  2003-03-31 12:27:07
KJSend KJ a message :   i'm going to get one of these.. i like the tree sillhouettes- i bet this looks so good in person. have you guys ever thought about making a 2 layer poster? i'm not sure if you can print on mylar, but it would be cool if the white part was like printed on the back of mylar or something with the negative space acting sort of like a window, revealing the tree graphic in the back. uhhh anyway, blah blah blah- this poster is a beauty just the way it is. very nice!   2003-03-31 12:06:43
FinchSend Finch a message :   This is more like the anti-Ad Reinhardt (yeah, yeah, yeah...I know he didn't JUST do "Black" paintings)! :D   2003-03-31 11:45:41
GrzecaSend Grzeca a message :   Its like if Ad Reinhardt did a poster. Bet this looks pretty good in person.   2003-03-31 11:07:11
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   Hey Nocturnal, Jason took one of these when he was here this weekend. If he hasn't sent you the BDK poster I'll get him to stick it in with them.
jerks :P
  2003-03-31 10:53:23
nocturnSend nocturn a message :   jerks. sigur ros would be a great show to do something for...   2003-03-31 09:48:23
PediniSend Pedini a message :   Y'know what they say about men who design with white on white, don't ya?
Neither do I... :|
  2003-03-31 08:07:25
Brendan JordanSend Brendan Jordan a message :   Yeah, it doesn't show up at all on my monitor.   2003-03-30 13:17:05
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   you guys are crazy!!!
keep it up. :D
  2003-03-30 11:25:11
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   Nah didn't do the cover. these elements came from it though. The translucent paper we had left seemed like too good of a fit to not use their designs and the paper. It really looks different in person. It's pretty impossible to recreate a translucent poster in a jpeg.   2003-03-30 11:22:37
goad74Send goad74 a message :   So did you guys design the cover art too? I can't tell as the book to it has no writing in it at all......   2003-03-30 10:12:50
NicotineSend Nicotine a message :   same here...looks blank until ya tilt the screen.. weird.   2003-03-30 10:04:34
vastaghSend vastagh a message :   this does'nt show up on my LCD screen until i tilt it a weird way, kinda cool   2003-03-30 09:27:36
seripopSend seripop a message :   :-?   2003-03-30 08:59:07
philaarts.comSend a message :   shit i need one :o   2003-03-30 07:55:01
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   Yep Casey it is for sigur ros. The only info is in very fine text under the image and it says "sigur ros 04.01.03 austin music hall" that's it. It's all printed on the back side of the velum so when you look at it to read right everything is frosted.   2003-03-29 17:41:30
jasoncrossSend jasoncross a message :   We need to post a more visible image for it...this doesn't do the poster justice. Its white trapping grey on velum.
Its really nice in person.
Our velum stock is gone.
  2003-03-29 17:25:25
Casey BurnsSend Casey Burns a message :   something about sigur ros, i assume.   2003-03-29 17:23:44
Bread8Send Bread8 a message :   anyone in the f27 crew care to tell me what this says?   2003-03-29 17:04:27
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