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The Lab
St. Paul
2003-01-29 21:44:19
Big Fuckin Skull
Ten Extra Pounds
Anal Blast
Heavy Set Boulevard

Big Fuckin Skull Poster - The Lab, St. Paul - DWITT

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MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   The best part is when they leave the stage and are like flying around the pit playing. Poor drummer gets left up ther all alone. Their bass player is simply not from thsi planet. Amazing band.   2003-10-04 15:12:11
nemotronSend nemotron a message :   ive seen cephalic like 12 times live... the drummer plays some amazing shit and doesnt even break a sweat. i think ive only seen them once where i didnt smoke with them. and i agree... theyre grindcore that even old folks can enjoy   2003-10-04 13:06:36
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Cephalic Carnage are amazing live, Even if you don't like Grindcore you should try and see them. Truely amazing.   2003-10-04 12:48:46
nemotronSend nemotron a message :   i hope there was a lot of blastbeats...   2003-10-04 11:09:36
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   another funny part about this show was the size of the other bands drum kits in comparison to mine. Mine is bare bones, they all had three drums to every one of mine.   2003-10-04 10:49:55
nemotronSend nemotron a message :   that cephalic/anal blast split rules... mostly because of the cephalic carnage stuff though.   2003-10-04 10:47:20
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   Huh, whaddaya know. None of the current guys are or were in Slipknot though, right? Decker is a truly disgusting dude. According to him, he plays "Death Porn Grindcore".   2003-10-04 10:00:12
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   2 guys in Slipknot once played in Anal Blast. It's true. They kind of have a sketchy line up. The only constant member is Don Decker the singer. Whil they are compleltely offensive lyricly and as a concept they are totaly fun to see live and if you like Grindcore they are actualy pretty good. Just try not to pay attention to the lyrics. Don Decker makes El Duce look like a saint.   2003-10-04 00:56:51
nemotronSend nemotron a message :   iowa sucks   2003-10-04 00:14:46
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   No.   2003-10-03 23:59:40
nemotronSend nemotron a message :   is it true that anal blast is a couple of the dudes from slipknot??   2003-10-03 23:58:29
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   Just found out that Anal Blast will be opening for Slayer at some metal fest in Davenport, Iowa. Since my band has played (reluctantly) the same bill as those guys, that gives me a two degree seperation from playing with Slayer, right?!   2003-10-03 23:28:06
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   you have no idea...
Big Fuckin Skull are cool guys, the rest of'em ... yikes... I will never play the Lab again, and its the easiest gig we could ever play, casue it's only down ONE FLIGHT OF STAIRS! Dreadful.
  2003-09-08 23:40:57
ShadSend Shad a message :   "I only hope I never have to be in the same room as Anal Blast again."
You're not alone.
  2003-09-08 23:36:37
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   there was nothing sweet about this show.
I only hope I never have to be in the same room as Anal Blast again.
  2003-09-08 23:33:38
DeckerSend Decker a message :   Sweet merciful fate caligula!   2003-09-08 21:01:08
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   randumbized.   2003-03-17 14:49:12
needlesSend needles a message :   this rules.   2003-02-24 23:00:50
Dan ApparatusSend Dan Apparatus a message :   Damn! I didn't make it down! Sounds like I missed an event.   2003-02-11 08:39:16
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   Don ranks up there as one of the most disgusting people I've ever met, and I didn't even see his practice/living space just down the hall. Our guitarist did, and was horrified.
He does want to pay me to use this image on a shirt.
  2003-02-11 08:27:08
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Yeah, AnalBlast's lyrics would make the Mentors blush. Classic song titles like "Eat you tampons out of my pile of shit" and "suck your shit off my dick". The only thing I can really say is that I don't think they take themselves very seriously.
Dave, I have said no at least 100 times to bands that ask me for that kind of artwork. I find it to be the easiest work to turn down. That stuff is so retarded.
  2003-02-11 08:20:16
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   So, I learned something from playing this show.
One: I never knew there was a genre of music called "Porn Death Grindcore"
Two: I discovered I had standards. I was asked to do a T-shirt of this truly fucking twisted violent misogynistic design, and I said, "No".
Both lessons provided by Anal Blast. Wow.
Otherwise, a very fun show!!
  2003-02-11 08:03:05
Dan ApparatusSend Dan Apparatus a message :   I think I'm going to check out this show. With bands like Big Fuckin' Stick and Anal Blast how can you go wrong?   2003-02-10 16:10:25
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   Tonight!! With the mountain of drawing I've been trying to scribble my way out of today, I almost forgot.
I left my costume at home. Shucks.
  2003-02-10 14:25:46
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   Yeah, I have dealt with Don the singer of Anal Blast. He is heavily involved with MetalFest. Cool enough guy. He's got an interesting look thats for sure.   2003-01-31 13:21:29
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   Thanks guys. I'll be wearing iron gauntlets on my hands to protect myself.
I was tickled pink when I found out we were going to play with Anal Blast. They eat at the restaurant I work at, and are very death metally/thrash punk, as are the other bands. TENXLBS is going to be the odd ball group at this show.
  2003-01-31 12:58:41
gun shoSend gun sho a message :   awesome job!   2003-01-31 09:05:33
PlantweedSend Plantweed a message :   Looks like Bernie Wrightson's gas-huffin' kid brother drew this, good one.   2003-01-31 08:29:08
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   looks great.
let's hear it for ANAL BLAST!
  2003-01-31 07:43:50
Danny F. CriminalSend Danny F. Criminal a message :   I mean "GOOD JOB"...but god job is not bad too.   2003-01-31 02:17:33
Danny F. CriminalSend Danny F. Criminal a message :   Wow, that's amaizing. I like that primitive monster!!! God job DWITT   2003-01-31 02:16:59
MURPHYSend MURPHY a message :   He's sharing a table wit Goodtimes, I think. Richie can hold em while we bash his hands witha brick.   2003-01-31 01:36:46
MaximumFluorideSend MaximumFluoride a message :   You better not even come to Flatstock Dave. If you do I'm going to smash your hands. You draw way too good.
I always start out trying to draw stuff like this but it never turns out.
  2003-01-31 01:04:58
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