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Civic Center
San Francisco
Worthless Fuckstick  
2002-10-18 00:31:39
Flying Other Brothers
G.E. Smith

Flying Other Brothers Poster - Civic Center, San Francisco - Firehouse

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kozikSend kozik a message :   I did a Love albom cover for a tribute once...about 10 years ago. i met Arthur lee once. He was VERY sleazy...looking for cocaine and young girls.   2002-10-21 14:55:03
philaarts.comSend a message :   love eats it
*in my opinion*
and i like hippie music too... but keep buyin the merch please!
  2002-10-21 14:53:00
moxiegustoSend moxiegusto a message :   Really Chloe, this group is the exception to the rule. It's only the original lead singer with three hot new guys who play balls out rock and roll. They had me screaming with joy! The juice is still there and it ain't no "cash in on the old days" show, it's as fresh and pumping as you can imagine. Really, I wouldn't lie to you of all people. Too bad about Arthur's record. His conviction was overturned. BTW. It IS worth a six hour drive. I waited the last 35 years to see this band and they didn't let me down one bit. I'm stepping down off of the soapbox now. Take your hands off the radio and say "Hallelujah."   2002-10-21 14:38:06
kozikSend kozik a message :   I asked Alice about all of this and she told me to check my head.
  2002-10-21 14:33:05
kozikSend kozik a message :   bunghole of time.   2002-10-21 14:32:02
standardSend standard a message :   Should the text at the top read "portal in time", or is there some nautical pun I'm missing?   2002-10-21 14:28:49
seripopSend seripop a message :   love can't play in canada due to lee's criminal record. i almost went to see em in boston but it was expensive and i didn'tthink it would be work the 6 hour drive. i may be wrong though.... usually though, seeing bands that are past thier prime depresses the fuclk outta me. it's like they haven't had the creative juice in years but are going tru the motions to cash in ..   2002-10-21 14:28:35
kozikSend kozik a message :   either that or he's on hell of a ventreloqiust
spellcheck sam I am NOT
  2002-10-21 14:28:31
moxiegustoSend moxiegusto a message :   Gotcha Richie. Each to their own. I loved it.   2002-10-21 14:27:23
standardSend standard a message :   Holy cow! that came out of his ass?   2002-10-21 14:26:21
moxiegustoSend moxiegusto a message :   And Chloe if you miss seeing love you are doing yourself a real disservice. I never saw them until this past July and yesterday and they are truly amazing. No compromise. It's as good as you ever heard it on the first three albums. DO NOT MISS THEM IF THEY PLAY ANYWHERE NEAR YOU. If you don't believe me ask Darren Grealish.   2002-10-21 14:26:01
kozikSend kozik a message :   I saw Richie outside the Mission Street shelter on all fours with his naked ass in the air screaming
I need a miracle! over and over and over.
  2002-10-21 14:24:00
MURPHYSend MURPHY a message :   Mmmm...brown acid... For what it's worth I don't think Richie is hip at all!   2002-10-21 14:22:50
moxiegustoSend moxiegusto a message :   I didn't see any indication that there were any jam bands OR acid there yesterday, or methamphetimine either.   2002-10-21 14:22:22
kozikSend kozik a message :   Richie is Wavy Gravies lover/child. why do you think it's called the hog farm?   2002-10-21 14:20:51
seripopSend seripop a message :   love are one of my fave bands but i don't really wanna see em 35 years after they wrote their good songs..
and i'm SUPER hip (that's a joke. i'm ugly and wear shitty clothes and only listen to classic rock and shitty hardcore)
  2002-10-21 14:20:13
MURPHYSend MURPHY a message :   Damn Richie, I did'nt know you were'terminally hip'. Do they have a cure for that?   2002-10-21 14:17:48
moxiegustoSend moxiegusto a message :   Too bad you are such snide know it alls. If you had been there yesterday you might have changed your tunes, There was an abundance of great hard rock and roll going on but for the terminally hip like you Richie it's better you stayed away and kept your head firmly rammed up your smug ass. Love blew away most of the stuff you seem to love and drool over these days. There nothing so pathetic as someone who writes off something that they know absolutely nothing about just because they are so cool they can't see outside their own little boxes.   2002-10-21 14:15:33
MURPHYSend MURPHY a message :   Hitler sells speed to hippies in SF?! Wow   2002-10-21 14:00:47
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   maybe if he had a nice scarf and bobble hat it would've been better:)   2002-10-21 13:56:22
seripopSend seripop a message :   is oct 20th still summer down there? fuck it's WINTER up here   2002-10-21 13:48:20
moxiegustoSend moxiegusto a message :   Turns out this poster was designed for the Other Brothers as some well received swag for the gig. Chris Shaw is listed as the designer. The band were very generously giving these out to one and all, as well as t-shirting all the staff, crew and many band members. They actually put on a very good set along with G.E. Smith of TV fame. Thes guys did know how to work the promotion/swag machine. The "official" poster was done by Stanley Mouse which I here posted here today and you all should see here as soon as Clay approves it. The show was great and Love with Arthur Lee stole the show as well as closed it. A great day for all concerned. If you missed it I'm sorry for you.   2002-10-21 13:39:45
BlueJellyBeanSend BlueJellyBean a message :   ..where is the rest of the lineup for this show?
Beau Brummels..Great Society..Country Joe..Big Brother & Holding Company..etc
The original San Francisco sound..Are they relegated to supporting FOB in a "Summer of Love" festival? Strange trip indeed...
  2002-10-19 06:14:53
rockstarclubSend rockstarclub a message :   i'm having an acid flashback!! aaahhh... great visuals!   2002-10-18 16:23:12
BlueJellyBeanSend BlueJellyBean a message :   Details at
Follow the Poster Art link for Mouse's poster..
  2002-10-18 12:11:03
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   sounds like a rich hippie is one o'them oxymorons. Flakey.   2002-10-18 11:25:40
ZombieRattleSend ZombieRattle a message :   This rocks! I really dig the elephant.   2002-10-18 11:11:51
moxiegustoSend moxiegusto a message :   Interesting. I know some of the folks who are supposed to be putting on this show. Last I heard it was in jeopardy. Mouse was asked to do poster, now I see this. I have not heard of these two bands playing. Mostly older bands from the day. What's up with this? First I heard of it was an e-mail from Love with Arthur Lee saying they'd be there, then the jeopardy story. anyone goat any facts out there?   2002-10-18 11:07:44
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