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Jermaine Rogers 
Engine Room
2002-10-15 00:21:04
Fu Manchu
Speed Dealer
Brand New Sin

Fu Manchu Poster - Engine Room - Jermaine Rogers

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swampvikingSend swampviking a message :   WTF? OMG!   2006-11-07 13:37:12
grfxmonkey(dave)Send grfxmonkey(dave) a message :   randmized goodness   2006-01-30 08:20:52
JoltedJoelSend JoltedJoel a message :   oooo... can't wait! I've started my Fu Manchu poster as well. They should inspire a nice crop of stuff on here for this tour.   2004-08-26 13:37:01
JermaineSend Jermaine a message :   FuManchu is coming in October. Im going to do part 2 to this poster...   2004-08-26 11:04:59
ajosephbSend ajosephb a message :   Stop picking on me. I'm fragile.   2004-07-06 20:28:09
Cody PomeroySend Cody Pomeroy a message :   indeed, did you grow up in a cave?   2004-07-06 19:47:56
ajosephbSend ajosephb a message :   I've never seen this one before..
What is wrong with me..
  2004-07-06 19:36:38
RobSend Rob a message :   no, F U!!!   2004-04-20 15:46:55
thinkmuleSend thinkmule a message :   FU!!!!!   2004-04-20 15:45:57
UnitusSend Unitus a message :   radomized for the third night in a row.
i don't mind, because it's cool.
  2003-06-30 19:11:21
stinkbaitSend stinkbait a message :   How did I miss this? This rules! totally skewed. Much like you would feel if you were "prepping" for a Fu Manchu show. Awesome!   2003-02-26 11:49:49
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   i would think they're like animations done from outer space that consist of millions of picture frames taken at a set time difference from the last one, combine that with a poster and you might get poster of the week if ur very lucky.   2002-12-03 21:36:07
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   uh... don't know... like I said earlier.. bad curry taking over... ugh   2002-12-03 21:33:20
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   okay i havent done the time lapse space thingy yet, whats one o them?;)   2002-12-03 21:31:14
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   how do u know they aren't? okay i'm being a pedant, i push myself tho, speaking personally, i agree with you, we all should push ourselves into the 5th dimension, and me, i like to push my limits as far as i can every time to get the best out of me, and why not?(well almost every time)   2002-12-03 21:30:22
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   I want to get to the point where I can draw a poster with one brush stroke. Zen style.
Then I'll get hyper technical like Geoff Darrow, get crazy small and clean.
Then I'll make posters by riding bicycles, covered in glow in the dark paint and do time lapse photographs from space...
  2002-12-03 21:30:16
SashSend Sash a message :   heh, no doubt. but the more proficient an artist is technically, the more they should push themselves or challenge themselves.   2002-12-03 21:24:18
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   dude,thats cos we make it look easy;)   2002-12-03 21:22:35
SashSend Sash a message :   to me this drawing is expressive and that's what i tend to prize in art. i usually am bored by artists who are very slick draftsmen, there's no sense of struggle.   2002-12-03 21:15:23
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   never mind... bad curry taking over....   2002-12-03 20:39:12
kozikSend kozik a message :   huh?   2002-12-03 20:37:11
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   but can you switch hands and gain a stroke?   2002-12-03 20:34:26
kozikSend kozik a message :   I have no idea if I draw well or noe but I can draw the same left or right handed.   2002-12-03 20:32:04
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   That's true. But knowing intent is always tricky. He could say something and be lying, or not telling the whole story.
I'll take it as is. It's not a bad drawing, just looser. Thumbs up.
  2002-12-03 20:27:02
DeckerSend Decker a message :   Sure you or Jermaine himself can say that this less than staller drawing was the intent but by knowing his prior work I'd like to know what he was thinking with this. If his intent was to not look like Jermaine he succeeded. It wouldn't have been my choice of misdirection but I'm not Jermaine.   2002-12-03 20:23:31
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   seriously. If you can draw, you can do it left handed, just not with the same dexterity. You still have all the understanding of placement and how to create it, but the execution just isn't there. I like doing it once in awhile, keeps things loose.
I like this one, but I would like it more if it had a border of some kind. or if it had a different format, like an actual photograph. Horizontal.
  2002-12-03 20:23:02
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   i like the way words can make a good argument:)   2002-12-03 20:16:27
kozikSend kozik a message :   I like baggy the boys room to breathe.   2002-12-03 20:15:23
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   don't even go there with the drawing ability argument, i've been down that road brother and all u get is "well it has passion and soul" or "its meant to be like that, can't u see?" or "i prefer bad drawing to good drawing anyday".   2002-12-03 20:14:13
DWITTSend DWITT a message :   I bet he drew it in illustrator with his other hand.
This looks like my left handed drawings.
  2002-12-03 20:08:14
DeckerSend Decker a message :   If this were someone else I'd be ok with it but I know this is Jermaine and know his drawing skills. Maybe I shouldn't compare.   2002-12-03 20:07:33
kozikSend kozik a message :   I bet he drew it in illustrator.
I kinda like the drawing. colors need work.
  2002-12-03 20:04:08
DeckerSend Decker a message :   Really? This is just a thing with me but I don't think I would ever have the balls to change my style so dramatically to something that would cause the viewer to question me drawing ablity.   2002-12-03 20:03:06
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   i prefer this approach to the paintings, theres room for expansion and progress definitely, i just think its nice to see someone experimenting a bit and not allowing themselves to get pidgeon holed too much.   2002-12-03 19:59:13
DeckerSend Decker a message :   Nope, not digging it. Diggin the paintings but not this one man. Kinda looks like you drew it with your wrong hand. It's very cool that you're expirimenting but this one missed the mark for me.   2002-12-03 19:57:28
Steve HSend Steve H a message :   this is cool, its good to see someone branching off from what they're best known for, i'm sure its all been said and done by now but there u go.   2002-12-03 19:52:19
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Ask him about his Color Ways. It's hysterical. He's all serious and shit like it's all sophisticated and our minds are too small to understand. Yup. Illustrator default pallette. Then he gets all mad and pulls out the look how many posters I've done argument. It's great. Try it Trucker.   2002-10-17 11:11:07
robschwagerSend robschwager a message :   coloring in Illustrator, right? Looks like it.   2002-10-17 10:54:45
RichieGoodtimesSend RichieGoodtimes a message :   Really? This is totally a Jermaine color job. See how he comes off as colorblind. Totally Jermaine from a mile away.   2002-10-17 10:42:11
El Negro Magnifico!Send El Negro Magnifico! a message :   I never would've guessed this was his. He's full of suprises!   2002-10-17 10:24:59
JephSend Jeph a message :   Right on. Nice one Jermaine. Definately a bit of a departure for you. Very nice. A cool "loose" feel.   2002-10-17 08:26:15
JGexSend JGex a message :   Wow.... I like the new direction these posters are taking, Jermaine. The colors are light and airy and have a certain "freedom" to them!   2002-10-16 14:07:54
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